Rorate Caeli

Quick Update on Catholic-Orthodox Concelebration Story

Various Romanian blogs and websites are reporting that Fr. Daniel Crecan -- the Romanian Orthodox priest who concelebrated with a Roman Catholic priest in May of this year, as reported on Rorate -- has been defrocked by his bishop for this act. (See this, this and this, among the many reports from Romania.)

UPDATE (Nov. 16, 2010) : New information just received by Rorate from Romania clarifies that Fr. Crecan has been suspended from the priesthood, but not yet deposed, and that he has appealed his suspension by his bishop to the latter's superior, the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of Banat, Met. Nicolae Corneanu. Met. Nicolae is known for his great friendliness to Catholics; he even received communion at a Greek Catholic Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in 2008 (an action for which he was later forced to seek forgiveness from the Romanian Orthodox Holy Synod).