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Pontifical Mass in Brussels

A reader sends us the following significant announcement:
A Pontifical Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop André-Joseph Leonard, Primate of Belgium.
The Mass will take place on the 30th of January at 6:30 p.m. at the Church of Minimes (Minimenstraat 62, 1000 Brussels). In November, he erected in this church a new FSSP mission in Brussels. This will be a unique occasion in Belgium as it will be the first Tridentine Mass celebrated by a Primate of Belgium over 40 years.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the first in over 40 years.

Cardinal Daneels of course, (a John Paul II appointee), would never foster, participate, or celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass.

He and his army of like minded priests would rather cover up, protect, and hide pedophile priests!

Ager Flandriae said...

Deo Gratias!

Aemilius said...

@Anonymous... you take a pot shot at a future Blessed of the Church, yet the current Primate of Belgium was himself a "John Paul II appointee" in Namur in 1991.

... AND, ahem, in the Roman Curia alone (I could being to list all the JPII appointments around the world who either celebrated the EF themselves or were very friendly toward it).

They include...The Reigning Roman Pontiff, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Castrillón, Cardinal Medina Estévez, Cardinal Stickler, Cardinal Ruini, Cardinal Mayer...

Cardinal Pell of Sydney and Cardinal George come to mind in the English speaking world... anyone else care to chime in?

Anonymous said...

Deo gratias, indeed!!
That fellow in the background isn't a bad a chap at all, either (my former pastor).


Knight of Malta said...

I have no doubt as to Ven. John Paul II's personal sanctity. And he did appoint some good prelates. But, also, some terrible ones. There is a systemic problem in the Church right now, which is not abating, despite promising signs. Rather than quibble about this or that appointee, I think it is better to acknowledge the problem, and try to get at the root of it. The root of it is, and I mean this quite sincerely, the modernist mentality that was percolating a few decades before Vatican II, and found its expression even in some of Vatican II's own documents (as even the renown Msgr. Gherardin has acknowledged).

I think its more fruitful to look at the problem straight in the face, and then try to stamp it out. The problem lies in a stampede of liberalism in the west since the 1960's, which, in a sense, even defoliated the Church, in many places. Benedict XVI is making concrete steps to stymie the onslaugh and foul deluge; but, we have a long way to go. The Prelate in Brussells is, in-line with the Successor of Peter, doing good things in inviting FSSP into that spiritually impoverished country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God! I live close to Brussels, and can't wait for this! God bless Mons. Léonard!

Stéphane said...

In Archbishop Léonard's mind, this is no more than a concession to a particular group. He said so time and again in several interviews but some people chose to (mis)take him for a trad instead.
Just one more example: Bishop Léonard is generally credited with reviving the Namur seminary when he was the local ordinary. The truth is that no action in favour of the TLM was ever undertaken at Namur seminary, neither before nor after Summorum Pontificum. Recently, the seminary's rector, Abbé Rochette, said that he vaguely knew about the missal shuttling between one side of the altar and the other in the TLM. This is all that the rector of the seminary knows about the TLM. Now, just imagine what the seminarians must know about it...
Let's face facts: Bishop Léonard has never been interested in the traditional liturgy.