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An Anglican Ordinariate for Ex-Catholics?

From the Church of England's "Church Times":

AN “Ordinariate of Postulants” has been set up by the diocese of Peru in the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone to host a growing number of Roman Catholic priests who are keen to join the Anglican Church.

In contrast to the situa­tion in England, where three former bishops recently joined the Ordinariate for former Anglicans established by Rome, clerics are making the reverse journey in South America.

The Bishop of Peru, the Rt Revd William God­frey, said that, so far, about ten RC priests had joined the new group to explore the possibility of switching denominations. Some may bring con­gregations with them.

About half of them are from churches that have become indepen­dent from the RC Church, often because the priests have got married.

Bishop Godfrey said that he had also received requests from RC clergy in Uruguay, Ecuador, and Ar­gentina, to join the Anglican Church.

He said that it was not entirely new for Roman Catholics to make this journey, as “the Anglican Church in Latin America would not exist if it wasn’t for ex-Roman Catholics”, but priests were now leaving on a larger scale.

He said that many of these priests were looking for stability in their ministry, and that the Postulate was “some sort of body where these people can draw close to the An­glican Church and experience its liturgical and pastoral tradition and theology, before taking the final step of being received. It provides a buffer zone in which we can prepare to receive them.”

Bishop Godfrey believes that some priests may have been en­couraged by Pope Benedict XVI’s positive words about Anglicanism when setting up the Or­dinar­iate, when he was “extra­ordinarily pos­itive” about the An­glican tradition.

He said that the new body was not meant to be “provocative” towards Roman Catholicism; there was in fact “a lot of respect towards the Pope” in the region. There is no financial motivation for clerics to move to the An­glican Church, as there is no guarantee of a stipend when they join the diocese of Peru.

The diocese currently has 35 clerics, an increase from just four in the late 1990s. It has two seminaries in Lima and Arequipa. RC orders are recog­nised by Anglicans.

The diocese is currently working out how it will deal with bishops from indepen­dent RC churches who wish to become Anglicans.


David Werling said...

I know of at least one Catholic bishop in England who ought to consider taking advantage of this!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is some way to convince Catholic liberals to get on board with this idea. Benedict XVI has been removing liberals but even superman could not move fast enough on this.

Notice how, after reading this, it turns out that it is NOT a parallel to the ordinariates because the new structure does not intend to preserve the Novus Ordo 'patrimony'. Imagine that: Catholic priests wanting to join the Anglican Church but only on condition that they can keep their insipid guitar music and their bathrobe chasubles. A special Anglican jurisdiction for those former Catholic priests who just can't live without "Blessed are You [sic] Lord God of all creation" and the handshake at the Pax.

Now should the United Church want to create a structure for Novus Ordo priests, nothing need be done, since the Novus Ordo and the United Church service are intistinguisable except to real experts.


Anonymous said...

Let the heretical Priests in the Catholic Church join the Anglican sect, and let the Anglican's who accept the true faith join the Catholic Church. How is this a bad thing? I would encourage any Priest within the Catholic Church who knowlingly rejects a teaching of the Church to please leave and stop leading Catholic astray. Obviously, it would be best for the heretical Priests to accept what the Church teaches so that they would at least have a chance of saving their immortal soul; but if they knowlingly reject the teachings of the Church, and refuse to accept them, tehn please leave and join the Anglican sect. That is exactly where you belong. In the Anglical sect, you are free to believe or reject almost anything. After all, "Archbishop" Rowan, the leader of the Anglican sect, is a Druid!

Anonymous said...

All these crazies don't know squat about the Catholic faith!!

Jack said...

If they want to go, let 'em go.

As it says about a similar issue in one of the Epistles, "They left us because they were never part of us."

M. A. said...

RC orders are recog­nised by Anglicans.

Why, that's down right charitable of them.

Mornac said...

We rob them of their faithful and in return they relieve us of our malcontents – guaranteeing that the heresy will continue to self-destruct at a rapid pace. Can anyone ask for a better deal than this?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Mornac! This is a double-blessing from the Holy Father's initiative. The perfect swap.

Anonymous said...

Ah but they fail to grasp the Church of England is just that. A national Church for the English. It does not exist for wogs,wops,dagos and asians. It allows them to join but only as part of the colonial family in which they are junior members. It is our Church in which we feel better in being English and spreading our religious confusion worldwide. That is the white man's burden and God is English!

Anonymous said...

It's a hostage exchange!

Anonymous said...

LOL- This is too rich!

Oliver said...

Those of an English disposition fleeing conciliarism may find a sound traditional refuge inside a part of the Anglo-Catholic movement that has not gone modern. I can see a need for this within the UK and more so when traditionalist Catholicism fails there.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic church is not a denomination.

Anonymous said...

I remember a cousin of mine who, for several Sundays, assisted to an Anglican "church"'s services thinking it was a Catholic church! (yes, he is not that practicing, but believe it or not, teaches "catechism" in his parish).

Jordanes551 said...

Once, a few years ago, one of my friends was traveling, and he sought out what he thought was a nearby Catholic Church to go to Mass. It was a truly lovely building. He found a place in a pew and began to pray in preparation for Mass. He saw several liturgical ministers and altar boys in fine vestments and cassocks moving about the sanctuary, getting all in order for the liturgy about to begin.

Then a woman dressed in priest's clothing walked up to the ambo and greeted the assembly, identifying herself as the pastor(ette). Only then did my friend realise he was in an Episcopalian church.

He very quietly and inobtrusively slipped out of the pew and left.

Ben Vallejo said...

This news bit says many of the RC priests are considering the "Roman Ordinariate" due to their marital status. It says nothing about other reasons.

The Peruvian Anglican Diocese is under the Southern Cone province, which is on the more orthodox side of Anglicanism. This province does not ordain women as priests.

What the Roman Church has to do is to find out the real cause for the priests departure. It is most unfortunate too for the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone if Catholics move over just on the issue of celibacy. Anglicans moved over to Catholicism not on the issue of women priests alone but on more substantial issues.

Church Supplies said...

I agree with a comment made upthread.. I wonder if it is possible to convince Catholic liberals to support this idea. I feel like a lot of things said in this is incredibly extremist. I wish there had been something of a more.. neutral tone..?

Jack said...

One thing about Anglicans in South America and Africa.

They are much more conservative than their confreres in more northerly latitudes.

Anonymous said...

Ben is right. The Southern Cone province is one of the most actively conservative provinces of the Anglican Communion. This province has provided pastoral and episcopal oversight for many Episcopal parishes that have broken from the Episcopal Church over its liberal trends.

The modern Anglican/Episcopal parish has a lot of ex-Catholics in it. A similar reverse move of priests and parishes from Catholicism to Anglicanism seems unlikely, because it can already happen without much fanfare – there are not whole parishes that want to escape from the Catholic Church over its traditional trends because the parish has a defined theology that is inconsistent with that trend. It’s just a different situation in the Anglican Communion.

Anonymous said...

The Diocese of Peru is actually very conservative and is very much in sync with much of Roman Catholic teachings. That is why they disassociated themselves from the Episcopal Church in the USA. I should think Rome would love having these folks on board.