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A reader asks us if there is any Traditional Mass in the beautiful Republic of Costa Rica. WikiMissa does not mention any... Yet, if any of our readers has any positive response, it may be included in the comment box or, if discretion is advised for some reason, may be sent to newcatholic AT gmail DOT com.


Aemilius said...

As a Nicaraguan-American eager to see the Extraordinary Form restored in some capacity to our beautiful colonial churches in Central America, I sympathize with this person who posed the question. The Extraordinary Form would fall on fertile soil in Central America. I have said for many years now that it is a great shame that the larger institutes and communities dedicated to the EF have not fixed their gaze on Central America yet. In my native 500 year old Diocese of León, Nicaragua, there are a handful of gorgeous colonial churches that find themselves neglected and in disrepair due to the lack of resources that exist.. which could potentially be given to groups like the FSSP or the ICKSP to be restored both materially and especially spiritually.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question directly: no, there are none. Shortly after Sumorum Pontificum, I myself made some inquiries with the hierarchy and they responded, and I mean the Secretary of the Archbishop, and he responded bluntly: that mass is obsolete (mind you!!). I also personally made some atttempts to find a group of people among the faithful that could be interested, by distributing leaflets among the people leaving or entering at mass, and received no response. Finally I contacted various people by e-mail, and only received a response of a U.S. citizen of French origin, who happened to be vacationing in C.R. together with his wife, and who answered in the affirmative since he is devoted to this Mass in the U.S. So, we organized a Tridentine Latin Mass that was officiated by an elder Dominican Priest who of course remembered it well, and I provided the Spanish text of the Mass with the Latin on version on the left side, and he celebrated the first Mass in Costa Rica since 1965 of the Tridentine Mass. It was attended by a group of relatives of this guy's wife who is a Costa Rican, and among them was Glenda Umaña (the CNN anchor in Spanish).
Subsequently, I spoke to a Franciscan old priest (in his 80's) about the possibility of celebrating it, but he said that the friars at the convent did not know it, and they would have to be instructed.
So much for Costa Rica at the moment, and I hope that some effort is made by the SSPX or some other movement, to make an effort to penetrate our bishops and clergy and try to convince them.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

One of the Toronto Oratorians is a native of Costa Rica--he might be a resource to be drawn upon.

M. A. said...

Aemilius, cm,

May God grant you the desire of your hearts. I'll add your intentions to my prayers.

Jason said...

My wife is originally from Costa Rica, so finding the EF of the Mass in Costa Rica was a goal of mine - there are none to report. I've written priests there, sending them information about the EF and the motu proprio. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an interest. The Ecclesia Dei commission said the areas of the world with the least desire for the EF are Africa and Latin America. Having been to masses in Costa Rica, they have your typical folk mass kind of feel, with a choir made up of a handful of singers with guitars, drums, and tambourines. There is a huge following of Charismatic Catholicism, as well. My mother-in-law recently attended her first Latin Mass on a visit her to the US (I have been blessed by being an altar server) and she thought it was beautiful, but didn't care for it. Don't forget Costa Rica in your prayers. The FSSP has made some inroads in Mexico and Colombia, while the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest has been able to gain a foothold in Ecuador and Chile, but nothing in Costa Rica just yet.

Maricruz said...

Hello, I am costarican and we have a group who has found 4 priests willing to prepare themselves to celebrate the mass at the extraordinary form.

It has taken us more than two years but finally at june 4th we expect to have the first mass that will be public if we find the temple but if not it will be private.

In Nuevo Arenal at Tilarán there are monks that are celebrating it too. I am in touch with them so this is how I knew about it.

We are expecting too one priest who is in Rome studying to arrive at the end or june o first weeks of july because he promised us his parrish.

To this anonymous person who asked about the mass in Costa Rica I invite him or she to contact me at facebook.
You can find me by my name:
Maricruz Tasies-Riba

This anonymous person is right when he says that many priests and authorities most of the time rejects the idea of the mass at the extraordinary form.

We hope that little by little our small group along wiht this few brave priests and the help of Gog will help change things.