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Honesty and ecumenical dialogue

 Two articles worth reading:

1) Regarding the futility of Anglican-Catholic dialogue: And now, ARCIC III: isn’t it time to bring this ecumenical farce to an end? (H/t The Anglo-Catholic)


gabriel said...

Regarding ARCIC, we should do all we can to advance the cause of unity; and that means both the Ordinariates and ARCIC; even if full unity cannot be seen we need to act upon the prayer of Christ that we "all be one". It is impossible for us to anticipate how God will extend his grace to achieve the unity of all Christians, but we need to continue to work even in the darkening night.

Anil Wang said...

WRT ARCIC, remember that Anglican Use came out of Anglican-Catholic dialogs. But Anglican Use has built on sand (if the priest left of a hostile bishop arrived, it was over). Further discussions resulted in the Ordinariate, which would effectively make Anglican Use a Sub Rite within the Latin Church. This was enough to bring many more Anglicans into the Church. Is there more to be done? I have no idea, but the discussions (if done by honest people and not people who will agree to anything to keep up appearances).

WRT, Archbishop Hilarion's remarks, no-one is under any illusions that unity will be achieved within the next 30 years. But there's tremendous room for growing together. For instance, Orthodox could be invited to be impartial 3rd party witnesses at apostolic visitations.

Similarly, many of the post-VII parishes have their statues and kneelers ripped out, and there's no room for either any. Orthodox bishops could be called on to help bring icons into these parishes and the GIRM could state that if there are no room for kneelers, the Orthodox pratice of standing for the how mass and making prostrations could be replaced:-)

LeonG said...

Ecumenism - the enemy of the Immaculata (St Maximillen Kolbe).

Ben Vallejo said...

About ARCIC. Let's look at this as another of the Roman Church's endless efforts at listening. It is only the Roman Church which has largely continued communion level talks with the Anglicans. The Orthodox has stopped doing so.

But then again, we can't expect much from a disintegrating Anglican Communion. The Roman Church and the Pope's gambit is to keep whatever is left of the Anglican Communion together. And you cannot count of Rowan Cantuar to do it. After all Benedict has come to Rowan's rescue so many times!

Anonymous said...

But alas, why speak of a unity as something to happen in an unknown future?

True Christians are already united, and have been "one in Christ" for 2000 years. They are identified as members of the one and only true Church of Jesus Christ under the Vicar of Christ in Rome.

Anybody else wanting to join this unity can see a good Catholic priest and arrange to enter into the bosom of the Catholic Church.

Anyone else needs to question their sincerity with regards to Christ's prayer.

Sincerely, Neophyte