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UPDATED: yes, but not really.
Relevant development - Tornielli: new Motu Proprio
preparing the CDW for the Reform of the Reform

UPDATE (regarding this matter, 1300 GMT): In a response to jounalists, the director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr. Federico Lombardi, stated the following:
"It is true that a motu proprio has long been under study to lay down the transferral of a technical legal competence - as, for instance, that of the dispensation for the 'ratum sed non consummatum' matrimony from the Congregation for Divine Worship to the tribunal of the Sacred [Roman] Rota. But there are no grounds nor reason to see in this an intent to promote a control, of a 'restrictive' kind, by the Congregation, of the fostering of the liturgical renewal willed by the Second Vatican Council."

The vaticanist for Italian daily Il Giornale, Andrea Tornielli, reports the following today in his blog and in an article for his paper:

A document of Benedict XVI that reorganizes the competences of the Congregation for Divine Worship - granting it the goal of promoting a liturgy that is more faithful to the original intentions of the Second Vatican Council, with less space for arbitrary changes, and for the recovery of a dimension of greater sacrality - is to be published in the next few weeks.

The document, which will be published as a motu proprio, is the result of a long development - it has been reviewed by the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts and by the offices of the Secretariat of State - and is mainly motivated by the transferral of competences on matrimonial matters to the Roman Rota. ... Foregoing this [competence], which will be passed on to the Rota, the Congregation for Divine Worship will not occupy itself, in fact, with the sacraments, and will keep solely its competence in liturgical matters.

According to some authoritative rumors, a passage of the motu proprio of Benedict XVI could expressly mention that "new liturgical movement" of which Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera has spoken in recent times, when intervening in last November's consistory.  ...
The Congregation for Divine Worship - which some would wish to rechristen as "of the Sacred Liturgy" or "of the Divine Liturgy" - will henceforth busy itself with this new liturgical movement, including the creation of a new section of the dicastery dedicated to sacred art and music.


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Just one question: Where is the Instruction for the Implementation of SP?

  2. Steve8:23 AM

    Laus tibi Christe!

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Nothing will happen. Almost a certainty.

    Pope Benedict's record for following thru with more initiatives for sake of tradition is abyssmal.

    But he has done alot for the liberals to be cheering lately in appointments, agenda, and Assisi III etc.

  4. Doctrine, doctrine, doctrine! Everything flows from sound doctrine! This is where Pope Benedict XVI should concentrate his attention.

  5. Tacitus1:55 PM

    The Holy See's Press Office responded with uncharacteristic swiftness and clarity in this case.

  6. True, much faster than when it involved contraception or abortion.

    Let no one disturb the successful liturgical renewal, not even for a few hours... First things first, right?

  7. It's a non-denial denial.

  8. The Mass the Councils wanted: - the liberal modernists got the liturgy they excavated from the pre-, proto- and post-conciliar periods. Anyone reading the documents and other writings of the times and studying the outcomes has to conclude that The Mass in Latin was heading for the scrapyard although no one expected this at the time.
    Now, the pope favours a hybrid version - this is not what real traditionalists want. Interestingly, talking with an Indult priest the other week his & his confreres' intention is to restore the liturgical "norm" to what it was befoe the so-called restoration movement got underway with its meddling, such as the "dialogue Mass". Indeed, that fits well with my prayer intentions, liturgically speaking. Let us reform the interior life of the Mass-goer and leave The Holy Mass alone. It is the person who needs reform not the Traditional liturgy.

    As for the NO - 50 years following seveal translations and other mutilations with countless abuses and abominations, it is most certainly not the norm and needs to be abolished as soon as possible.

  9. Hope Springs Eternal4:04 PM

    Why reinvent the wheel?? We have The Mass of All Times already.

    Many have lost their faith, so we need to focus now on catechizing the clergy and laity (not forgetting the power of prayer in the meantime).

  10. Br. Anthony,

    The great Pius XI said as much!

  11. "Why reinvent the wheel?? We have The Mass of All Times already."

    Hope Springs Eternal,

    I agree, but most Catholics do not have reasonable access to a TLM of any sort. And I would like the Holy Father to mandate for a TLM in every parish, but I do not think he will,
    So to get the NO Ad Orientem or communion on the tongue mandated, is better than the way the majority of Catholics have it now.

  12. Anonymous7:02 PM

    The "Reform of the Reform" is coming and when that has been accomplished, the 1962 transitional Missal will be obsolete.

  13. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Laudable intent, but I can't escape the impression that Pope Benedict's successors will dedicate less energies to try to fix what was wrong from birth and more to restore what has been right from the start.


  14. "The "Reform of the Reform" is coming and when that has been accomplished, the 1962 transitional Missal will be obsolete."

    I echo New Catholics incredulaity,


    Than I wonder what will happen to the FSSPX, FSSP, ICRS, IBP, FSJV
    Will they all cease to exist and become obsolete too?

  15. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Fr. Lombardi - always sounding as if he's trying to placate someone at the expense of accuracy and truth.

    Given the past, I'll take his words with a grain of salt

  16. Anonymous8:27 PM

    How fortunate Traditional Roman Catholics are in the certainty of our faith and actions by simply following the liturgy before the reforms of Bugnini. One might ask, why is that? We have the Mass of the Ages, which was codified the Council of Trent, to be unchanged for all time. We have the latin language, which can never be abbreviated or expanded. We have Gregorian chant, meticulously recorded in the Liber Usualis. We have the Liturgical Calendar with Saints and Martyrs to guide us through the year. We have the Sacraments, handed down to us by the Apostles. And we have the doctors of the Church, who have written volumes on each of these topics for anyone interested in studying more.

    Isn't it ironic then, graced with nearly 2000 years of tradition and scripture, that the modernists of Vatican II threw it all away. It's almost like they wanted the same confusion and uncertainty of all other religions. Well, they have what they wished for. Reform, reform of reform, or just plain improvisation, Novus Ordo Catholics ended up with nothing better and a whole lot worse.

    These quacks in Rome and their fiddling bishops around the world will never get it right. They will someday simply admit it was a grave mistake and throw out everything to do with reform. It won't be the first time that the bishops were wrong, and it probably won't be the last.

  17. Anonymous8:31 PM

    The mere idea that they would propose a "reform of the reform" tells you something about their lack of intellect -- and their lack of respect for thoughtful and faithful Catholics.

  18. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Since the "Reform of the Reform" is going to be a hybrid version of the Ordinary/Extraordinary ("two usages of the one Roman rite") the 1962 Missal will have to become obsolete. We'll be left only with the hybrid or claim back our Traditional Roman Rite (pre Bugnini Missal)by virtue of our rights as baptized Catholics.

  19. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Blogger Cruise the Groove. said...

    Than I wonder what will happen to the FSSPX, FSSP, ICRS, IBP, FSJV
    Will they all cease to exist and become obsolete too?

    No, they simply will have to follow the "Reform of the Reform" or go back to the Immemorial Traditions (pre Bugnini) and claim them as their right as Catholics.

  20. Anonymous9:55 PM

    This is a reform of the reform: it is about to begin in earnest. But it will not be sold as that. The diplomatic line is this:

    Changes are being considered in order to continue the work of Saint Paul VI and Archsaint John Paul the Great to implement the directives of the Council Fathers in the Sacred Liturgy. Much spiritual benefit has accrued from the work of these holy popes and their admirable brotherlove, um, I mean brother prelates in Christ. While fewer faithful attend Mass now, the spiritual depth of those who do appear is far greater than it was before. NewChurchers can see Christ in a bunny rabbit and our Lady in a cute little squirrel scurrying along a fence. Now it is time to turn to the next stage in this august work. Some changes were necessary at the time but now need to be replaced with different approaches. Indeed, in some cases, previous forms need to be restored now that faithful have abandoned the erroneous meanings that had been been attached to them.

    We can see, dear cousins in Christ, that there should be a merging of Missals, a mutual enrichment that brings together the best in both. This will mean that most of those using both Missals will find that, by a series of steps, their Missals will be replaced.

    Owing to a need to maintain unity, the followers of the S.S.P.X will be allowed to retain their current usages in a structure that is recognised by Rome. Meanwhile, in the merged Missal, which is to be used by the F.S.S.P. and other traditionalist societies, as well as by all the territorial parishes, there will be certain options. Vatican II introduced the idea of making prayers optional even in the Common, and this can be made useful to good purpose now. One priest will use a reformed Penitential Rite No. 1 with the old Confiteor and Indulgentiam restored; another will use No. 2 or No. 3. One priest will face east at the Altar; another will face the people; another will face the secret liquor cabinet in the sacristy.

    The old Offertory will become Offertory I but the new one will stay as Offertory II. Press a button and a glorious Baroque Altar with a splendid reredos will rotate into the sacristry, to be replaced by a Modernist travesty Supper Table chosen by Cardinal Baloney. Press the button again and the Baroque masterpiece returns and the Baloney travesty rotates into the sacristy.

    Press another button and the solid oak pews descend into receptables in the nave floor, and the floor becomes available to be sat on in the lotus position for Mass or as a dance floor for bee-bop Mass music. Press another button, and the statues rotate 180 degrees into niche receptacles, to be replaced by potted plants. Press another, and the stained glass windows descend into slots under them, revealing plain glass. Press another and the doors open into the new Baptistery swimming pool, while the old Baptismal font descends beneath the nave floor.

    If we can't hammer those square pegs into those round holes, we'll try to hammer some round pegs into square holes.



    Say it is so, Joe!

    Our beloved Bendict delivering those
    left hooks to the modernists is a
    joy to my heart.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg, FL

  22. Anonymous12:37 AM

    The Jesuit Father Lombardi is always there to remind us the Benedict XVI Curia is not very different from the Wojtylan Curia.

    The watchdogs of the Litnik lobby are always as powerful as they have always been.

    We'll have Assisi III (and maybe more) but the only button Fr Lombardi and others will always hit is this one : "delete any effort for a serious liturgical reform".


  23. Hope Springs Eternal2:38 AM

    Cruise the Groove: The reform of the reform is just another distraction. If Papal directives were followed, Tridentine Masses would be popping up everywhere.

    P.K.T.P: Sounds like another Springtime!

  24. It was only ten years ago, but tonight it
    seems to be far away:
    crproc/DOMUSDEIANDREAL/index.html - Domus Dei and the Real
    Presence fought Voskospeak tooth
    and nail. The book titled The Renovation
    Manipulation was of great assistance and the writings of
    Cardinal Ratzinger justified our cause.
    Many of us thank God for this
    Ratzinger moment. Pope Benedict
    can bring reverance and
    beauty to the Ordinary Mass from Rubrics to appropiate language. Most Catholics must have the venacular as a choice. That will never change. However the Extraordinary Mass will blossom as well. The Holy
    Spirit has chosen to move in His own time, and in our time.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg FL

  25. Anonymous8:30 AM

    For Benedict XVI to be credible, he needs to regularize the Tridentine Mass, and order all the Bishops of the world to set the example by encouraging all the priests in their dioceses to learn the Mass of Always, the Latin Mass, the True Mass.
    The Tridentine Mass.

    Our Lady of Lourdes
    Pray for us!

  26. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I thought the reform of the reform was already there with Summorum Pontificum.

    Three and a half years later, certainly not enough is being done and certainly not enough is being enforced from Rome.

    One can't escape the impression that Pope Benedict is very happy with writing, much less with acting, least of all with punishing.

    Make no mistake, he is a massive improvement on his koran-kissing, rock-concert-visiting predecessor. But he is not the reformer because - albeit a rather conservative one - he is still **a man of V II**. The latest Assisi III initiative is further proof of his sitting in the middle of the fence whilst trying to keep a very orthodox posture.

    The real reform will come when the generation of V II have died and Pope Benedict's successors are able to look with an unbiased eye at the immense devastation V II has produced.



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