Rorate Caeli

Let us pray

For those in affected areas in Canterbury (New Zealand), hit by the second intense earthquake in six months. We hope all our readers in the South Island and their families are safe.

(Image: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch - other heartbreaking images provided by the Transalpine Redemptorists.)


Anonymous said...

This is poignant to see such a beautiful cathedral badly damaged.
We can only pray that only the facade has been hit by the earthquake and that the body of the cathedral remains intact. The magnificent dome seems preserved.

Attende said...

This is very sad. The Catholic cathedral in Christchurch is widely agreed to be one of the most significant architectural buildings in NZ. It was designed by FW Petre a descendant of an English recusant family who were early settlers in New Zealand. Rorate readers will be interested that it is the only cathedral in New Zealand that has had the tridentine Mass available not only on Sundays but on a daily basis.

sjgmore said...

Let's pray they don't decide to reconstruct in some horrendous modernistic mish-mash style, which is what I mostly expect to happen, given the way these things often turn out.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is extensively damaged and we have heard that it will be pulled down. We pray that if that is so it will be able to be re-built to its former glory. Thank you for your prayers

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00.49, that would indeed be terrible! I've just trawled through some Flikr pictures of the interior and it looks very fine and solemn. Let us hope and pray that it will be restored.