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European Court of Human Rights:
Crucifixes in State schools do not violate human rights

For background, see earlier post.

Crucifixes in Italian State-school classrooms: the Court finds
no violation

In today’s Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Lautsi and Others v. Italy (application no. 30814/06), which is final, the European Court of Human Rights held, by a majority (15 votes to two), that there had been:

No violation of Article 2 of Protocol No. 1 (right to education) to the European Convention on Human Rights.

The case concerned the presence of crucifixes in State-school classrooms in Italy, which, according to the applicants, was incompatible with the obligation on the State, in the exercise of the functions which it assumed in relation to education and to teaching, to respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in accordance with their own religious and philosophical convictions.


Anonymous said...

V. Double writes:

Thanks be to God! I really, really thought and feared that the court would order the crucifixes off the walls. Too many Catholics do not share in the same spirit of courage to defy as did the past generation in similiar and worst circumtances and laws. Let us continue to pray for the "Catholic" countries of Europe.

benedictambrose said...

Laus Deo.

I most especially commend to readers the appended opinion of the Maltese judge, Giovanni Bonello (p. 38 of the full judgement pdf).

Do give yourself a treat by reading it - balm for world-weary and cynical minds.

Mike B. said...

Thank-you for the link to the Judgment. I was pleasantly surprised at the finding by the Courts that Christianity was inherent in European history and formation, while it respects the authority of Italian parents (through the State) to maintain the crucifix in the classroom. Pope Benedict must have been pleased and hopeful with this protection. Some of the judge's findings reflect that they probably read Pope Benedict's input on this subject.

Michael F Brennan
St Petersburg Florida

Tom the Milkman said...

It's almost a miracle, you know!

God be praised in the home of His Church.

James C. said...

Would that we had the European Court of Human Rights rather than the US Supreme Court!

In contrast to SCOTUS, the ECHR does not consider:

1. having an abortion
2. not being exposed to Christian religious symbols in public places

as human rights.

Anonymous said...

Ringrazie Dio!

crusader88 said...

I am wholly, wholly surprised! I never thought the EUSSR court would throw us this bone!

Anonymous said...

James c
on the contrary :the European Court of Human Rights
considers having an abortion a Human Right.