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A question for our readers on "Ave Jesu, Pastor Fidelium"

I'm reading an English-language prayerbook published c. 1939 in Belgium by the excellent Henri Proost & Co. Publishers, and it notes that after every stanza of Adoro Te Devote, the following is usually sung: "Ave, Jesu, Pastor fidelium / Adauge fidem omnium in te credentium." (This is translated in the prayerbook as: "Jesu, eternal Shepherd! hear our cry / Increase the faith of all whose souls on Thee rely.")

Are there places where this couplet is still included during the singing of the Adoro Te Devote? Or has it completely disappeared?


  1. It doesn't seem to fit the traditional chant melody, which is easy and well-known, so it could be some local usage.

  2. I've never encountered this practice in any of the communities I've been in: OF, EF, or Anglican Use.

  3. The "Processionale" (antiphons and hymns for the "Statio," entry into the choir, etc.) of the Praemonstratensians--printed in Belgium, by the way--contains this version of the "Adoro Te," i.e. with the refrain. The melody differs from that ordinarily heard.

  4. Fr Hugh, O.Praem.4:27 PM

    You can hear this version of the "Adoro te devote" once in a while at St Michael's Abbey in California. It's n.2 in the appendix "In Honorem Ssmi Sacramenti" to the Processionale Praemonstratense, right after n.1 which gives the familiar version without a refrain. No attribution is given there, but I suppose it is a French or Belgian composition, written in chant notation, but not actually Gregorian chant. I have never heard it outside our abbey or Roman house.
    Fr Hugh Barbour, O.Praem.

  5. FWIW, I've never heard it in or around Milwaukee--whether EF or OF.

    Given the comments, it may be limited to O. Praem. churches/abbeys.


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