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60 Masses for the 60th anniversary of the Pope's priestly ordination

A great initiative of the organizers of the Pentecost Paris-Chartres pilgrimage (Notre-Dame de Chrétienté):

Notre Dame de Chrétienté has decided to ask for the celebration of 60 Masses for the intentions of the Holy Father. These Masses will be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form and will be entrusted to the friendly communities and priests who accompany us in our Pilgrimage.
On Wednesday, June 29, we invite all our pilgrim friends to pray for the Pope, making an effort to go to Mass (or, at least, to [spiritually] join its intentions), by reciting the regular prayer for the Supreme Pontiff. [For the prayer, just click on the Pope's permanent image in the sidebar.]

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Gratias said...

Wonderful recognition for our Holy Father. Let us all pray the prayer displayed by pressing on Benedict's image nearby on Wednesday June 29.

We havevsuch luck to have Benedict XVI, defender of the true Faith, that we should all pray for his longevity every day. I do.