Rorate Caeli

Our new discreet search engine is right here

It is the very first item in our sidebar, and you can now easily search all our past posts.


Knight of Malta said...

Cool! Like it! Just because we are Traditional doesn't mean we shun progress and change, just the wrong progress and change! I'm no luddite, but when it comes to religion, and the timeless, unchangeable God, the Church was plainly stupid to usher-in a Revolution; a Revolution which we now see is tearing her apart.

That said, I really admire this new, subtle, beautiful, brilliant blog design!

dcs said...

I would recommend at least putting a label on it, and a button as well (it's not always clear that one can submit a form by pressing Enter). It might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it will make things easier for users.

Terry Rosario said...

Hello, I'm sorry, but I can't figure out how to use your search engine?

Where do you type in the search words?

Also, I was advised that you posted a story on a Coprus Christi procession in St. Petersburg, Russia, but it looks like the link was blocked?

It appears someone doesn't want this story to get into the press.

Please re-post it if possible.