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Corpus Christi with the Redemptoristine Nuns

Lovely pictures, posted by the Papa Stronsay blog of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, of the Corpus Christi Mass and procession held in the only currently-existing Redemptoristine Monastery with nuns solely dedicated to the Traditional Mass, under the authority of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, Brazil (the monastery is located at São Fidélis, near Campos).

The Sons explain this rare procession inside the Enclosure:

The Redemptoristine nuns take a fourth vow. It is the vow of Enclosure. Their enclosure is such that on every day of the year, except today, they do not easily or clearly see Our Lord because of their enclosing lattice; the plate pierced with small holes. Enclosed souls feel this deprivation keenly. They offer this austerity as a sacrifice to obtain the conversion of sinners and the salvation of the most abandoned souls.
This is how these nuns view the Holy Sacrifice:

The Sons explain:
This is a typical Redemptoristine view of Mass. The nuns have a strict grill which St. Alphonsus gave them consisting in a plate that is pierced with holes. The nuns may draw near the grill and peep through. This photo is somewhat blurred at the edge of a hole in the lattice.

The celebrating priest is Father Everaldo Bon Robert, of the Apostolic Administration.

Note: a happy Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor to all Sons and Daughters of St. A.M.Liguori!


  1. What a beautiful sacrifice, inspired by love for Our Lord and for souls.

    When the Eucharistic veils are put aside, may these sisters enjoy Our Lord's presence forever!

  2. Anonymous6:43 PM

    If I am not mistaken, the Thursday feast of Corpus Christi is still a national holiday in Brazil.

  3. Steve7:29 PM

    Keep yesterday's banner photo. No need to change it IMHO.

  4. Ha!... There is a reason for it...

  5. Prof. Basto1:19 AM

    That's correct. Corpus Christi, celebrated on its proper day (a Thursday), is still National Holiday in Brazil.

    That date, the feast of Our Lady of the (Immaculate) Conception "Aparecida", Patroness of Brazil (October 12), and the Commemoration of the Departed (November 2) are the only remaining exclusively Catholic national holidays.

    Christian National holidays shared with other denominations are: Christmas and Good Friday. January 1st is a National Holiday but not because of its religious character, although the holiday facilitates religious commemoration of the Mother of God/Octave of Christmas/Circumcision of the Lord.

    Other major Catholic feasts, such as St. Peter and St. Paul; and the Ascension, not being National Holidays, have their precept and their external solemnity transferred to the next Sunday.

    Curiously, although those are not currenly National Holidays, the 1966 law on the organization of Federal Courts, still in force as amended, retains a clause that establishes August 15 and December 8 as judicial holidays. The law does not explicitly state the religious connection, but, although December 8 has recently been declared "Justice Day", the judicial holidays are intended to commemorate, and to facilitate the commemoration of, the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception.

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Oh poor Brazil. Are you seeing the grate in the window? The prison is outside.

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM

    ...solely dedicated to the Traditional Mass...

    My eye! Since when is it permitted to have females take the place of male altar servers? Notice the nun acting as a thurifer!

    Please be honest and don't call things what they are not.

  8. This is so idiotic, ridiculous, and pathetic that I had to delete a similar comment yesterday. But since the same kind of stupid comment resurfaced today, let me explain: as one can see, there are only male servers at Mass. After Mass, the ONLY man allowed to enter the enclosed space, the PRIEST, came in with Our Lord in the monstrance. The nun is NOT a thurifer (she may be in the etymological sense, but she is not in any kind of liturgical function, she merely carries the thurible inside the enclosure since it would be quite hard for the priest both to carry Our Lord safely with both hands and carry the thurible at the same time); this has always been done in such enclosed environments.

    I despise stupid trads. They are the worst kind of Catholics, for they make all of us, Traditional Catholics, look insane.



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