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June: time for the "Vienna Western Mass"


Originally posted on June 14, 2011 at 09:48 AM (GMT):

This seems like a lost cause - as everything related to the Cardinal of Vienna -, but, since we were sent it, we cannot deny our support:
Please help us to defeat a sacrilegious Western Mass.

This annual event will be celebrated on coming June 26th, by the rector of Vienna cathedral, Fr Anton Faber, for the fourth time.

Most of the participants at this Mass are sitting at beer benches. While Fr Faber offers the sacrifice of Calvary, they are smoking, drinking and eating. From the beer benches they proceed to receive Holy Communion.

This video shows you the Western Mass of last year:

This year, Austria has contacted the archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, through both, his spokesman and his secretary. We have urged the Cardinal to stop these liturgical abuses and to replace the Western Mass with a prayer service with no distribution of Holy Communion.

Help us, to make this appeal known. Here the appeal’s website:

Emails can be written directly to cardinal Schönborn:


Igumen Gregory said...

Mother of God! Are these people all idiots? and the rector! he should be sent packing to Siberia, and never be heard from again. Sounds like the Cardinal isn't doing his job as bishop==overseeing his flock and admonishing and correcting them.

jonh303 said...

Could you please post the address of the Cardinal? Letters are sure to be read, emails tend to be ignored.

Alex said...

Unbelievable! I have seldom seen so many abuses and sacrileges in only one place at once... Is not there any Roman Congregation or Dicastery in charge of surveilling such "happenings"? - to whom we could write or send the same appeal? Can Gloria TV get the emailing address of the Papal Nuncio in Austria?

Eva Doppelbauer said...

Adress of the cardinal:
(you can write in any langugae)

Erzdiözese Wien
z.H. Kardinal Christoph Schönborn
Wollzeile 2
1010 Wien

Anonymous said...

Protest to Cardinal Schönborn? Good luck with that! Sorry, but I have little faith in the man, that he would do the right thing according to what Holy Mother Church has always held, taught and professed to be true from apostolic times.

LtCol Paul E. Haley, USAF(Ret)

Anonymous said...

And what's with the Confederate flag? Or the US flag for that matter?

beng said...

Why is that video resurface again? It brought horror to my mind!!

Eva Doppelbauer said...

Contact data of the Papal Nuncio in Austria

(the secretaries there are real catholics - one is FSSP)

Theresianumgasse 31
1040 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 505 13 27
Fax: +43 1 505 61 40

W.C. Hoag said...

Western Mass?!

Let's put issues of the Faith aside and just look at the historical ones:

1) Catholics in the American Old West tended to be...well...Mexicans rather than Americans.

2) The so-called Western clothing looks like the wardrobe for the old Hee-Haw television show rather than the attire of the 1870s and 80s.

3) Union and Confederate flags (and persons) did not mix in the 1870s and 80s.

4) The food was definitely NOT American cuisine of the 1870s and 80s, but reflected a definite post-WW II barbeque style brought back to the USA by troops who fought in the Pacific theater.

New Catholic said...

Dear Mr. Hoag,

You are being too "exact" about these things. Don't you realize that this is a perfect example of active participation? It is as active as it gets.


Anonymous said...

They need to STOP! and smell the incense!

New Catholic said...

Great, isn't it?

We must hope beyond hope when it involves Our Lord.

Congratulations to GloriaTV, Eva Doppelbauer, and all others involved in the petition!


Ld. Schmidt said...

Thank you once again for your absolute clarity New Catholic, and to the rest of who are optimistic for true Catholic outcome's.

Timothy Mulligan said...

It's good to know that the crowning with thorns will not be repeated.

Anonymous said...

They could all just keep the event but leave out the Mass part. Nobody would realise that there had been a change. What you get is a low-class event for low-class Austrian slobs, and they get to wear low-class American cowboy hats. The Cardinal won't be there, of course. He's a count. Counts don't smoke at picnic tables and drink cheap beer from mugs.


Anonymous said...

Liturgy is a permanent workshop. I have a new idea. It was inspired by a recent hockey game in Vancouver. It's called the riot Mass and it's a riot! You get a bunch of hooligans to rough one another up in this large stadium. Up on a plinth, on a platform protected by a line of cops (who dress like hooligans themselves nowadays--but that's another story), under a huge picture of Hans Kung, you have a priest dressed in a hockey uniform saying a Mass. During the Mass, the rioters are kicking and punching one another, but they all stop and shake hands at the Sign of Peace. Then they go back to rioting.

Instead of a chalice, the priest uses a trophy cup, and the paten is a hockey puck. Outrageous? Not really. No worse than the average Nous Ordo Mass as celebrated in my City. On my way to the T.L.M. last Sunday, I caught the tail end of the N.O. The 'soft rock' music was so disgusting it made me want to retch over and over and over again. That's why I find it hard to go to a New Mass. I don't want to feel like vomiting all the time. It leaves a bad taste in the back of one's throat.

As long as 'soft rock' tunes are allowed anywhere near the New mass, I shall have no objection to the Western Mass. The Western Mass is no more offensive than the noise being produced by the 'band' at most New Masses.


Gratias said...

Well,well, it seems that the Internet as a means of publicly shaming Cardinals works. That atrocious video of smoking and drinking during mass last year worked its magic through Rorate Caeli and the Austrian websites. Next time Cardinal Schoenborn might choose to offer a pontifical Mass himself. His previous try with the western mass was awful.

What we faithful can do is to attend extraordinary mass as frequently as possible. With so few of us, each time we are there makes a real difference to our Church.

Anonymous said...

In Quebec, one company makes delicious little biscuits which look exactly like communion hosts. As a 'joke', people buy them and munch them while watching television. They could distribute these biscuits at the Western Mass, leave out the priest, and call it the Western Roman Protestant Service.



According to Gloria TV: This Abomination of Abominations has been cancelled!


Anonymous said...

Once I was in the pub and fogetting the (tridentine) mass (weekday). I remebered and went there: no beer, not drunk myself. A half drunk friend went with me, because he did not want to be alone in the pub. He wasn't catholic (he was agnostic). He converted, baptized and is still drinking beer with me.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Bufoons.

Mickey said...

Why make an appeal to the Archbishop? Why not go straight to the Holy See? The video in itself is undeniable evidence. This could be met with a quicker response and remedy.

Knight of Malta said...

Ivan, a Medjugorje "seer" likes to take smoke breaks during mass, but I've never heard of smoking and eating kielbasa during the consecration.

Like the poster, supra, said, good luck writing to "Cardinal" Schonborn. He's known to like chasing balloons during mass, and apparently approved of this event! What a guy!!

New Catholic said...

He IS a Cardinal, as much as we may not like it, so no need for that.

Malta said...

New Catholic, you're probably right. But there is the possibility, as unlikely as it is, that through fault of intent or form he may not be a Cardinal. He certainly acts more like a heretic than a Cardinal (though, I guess one can be a heretical Cardinal)....

Malta said...

Schonborn, schonborn
Good you're not unborn
As you seem to care more
About you're public face
And potential public disgrace
Than babies being aborted
Their DNAs commercially sorted.