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Timeo Ambrosianos et dona ferentes

What a great gift Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture and born in the Archdiocese of Milan, is giving the Pope for the 60th anniversary of his priestly ordination (to be celebrated on the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul): an exhibit of contemporary religious "art".

Perhaps this is a fusion-art of the Tiara and Keys and of the Skull and Crossbones. Is it subconscious art? It reminds us of the quip one prelate is said to have made to Pope Saint Pius X on the difference between a Cardinal and a Pope - the Pope being "a Cardinal who no longer longs for the death of the Pope".

The exhibit includes the works of some amazing artists (a collection of whose previous works was gathered, for illustrative purposes, by Francesco Colafemmina of Italian blog Fides et Forma - which we do not link here because some of the works gathered by him are scandalous and absolutely inappropriate for a great number of people). Just to make it clear: naturally, it is not the scandalous works that will be displayed, just the ugly ones. The artists include sculptor Oliviero Rainaldi (who is now famous because of his refrigerator-shaped statue of John Paul II near the Termini railway station in Rome, the Papa-Frigo) and Sidival Sila, author of the below-displayed "Cosmic Christ" (a Teilhardian art experience):

An Ordinary work of art! (We were about to call it extraordinary, but that word is now reserved only for truly good things.) Is this the Cardinal's revenge because he was not included in the terna for the succession of the Archbishop of Milan?

When we have examples of the assuredly beautiful works of art of the exhibit, we will post them here: stay tuned!


Kathleen said...

The "background" behind the curvy "cross" appears to be a vision of hell.

Rainaldi's portrayal of JPII would fit well in a Dante inspired vision as well. Come to think of it the Tiara and Keys poster could as well.

Visions of hell in what should be clearly inappropriate and theoretically "unintentional" elements of various works of "art" seems to be a reoccurring theme in modern "Catholic" "art."

There also seems to be a pattern that the "artist" doesn't seem to see it.


Modern "Roman Catholic" "art" -- Lord have mercy on us -- either "unintended," entirely inappropriate visions of hell or hippy degradation of Eastern iconography.

LeonG said...

The poster is actually called:

"Papacy? What Papacy? A Fading Memory"

LeonG said...

The second one here is called:

"Total Chaos - 50 years!"

[Thanks go to Fr Paul Marx OSB (RIP)].

LeonG said...

The second one here is called:

"Total Chaos - 50 years!"

Originally they wanted to name it

"Bending The Truth"

but this was censured.

Woody said...

As Radaelli says, if this is not rupture, what is it?

Auricularis said...

What a load of rubbish art. Should be consign to scrap heap.

Mar said...

How extraordinarily symbolic the first picture is! Where is the clarity in the Holy Father's coat of arms? It has been deliberately smudged and made fuzzy. Indeed a
picture tells a thousand words: for Verita and Carita no Chiarita is necessary. And notice that there is no Bonta there either.

LeonG said...

Most art today, including ecclesiastical symbolises lost hope and moral amnesia.

Gratias said...

At the foot of our bed we have a reproduction of e Annunziation by Beato Angelico (purchased at the Prado museum in Madrid). It is the first thing I see every morning, and it pretty much summarizes our faith. Bring the primitives or baroque artists back, please.

I sometimes have to attend a NO mass with tambourine music so I am not a purist, but a real religious painter could make a fortune.

Anonymous said...

All this hellish images and sculptures that are display at the Vatican and in many Catholic Churches around the world is because the Popes of the pasts few decades with bishops, and priests have allow the devil in God's house as Father Malachi Martin said.

The beauty that elevates one's soul into the heavens is gone.

May God have mercy on us!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Ravasi in Milan than Bruno Forte in Venice!

New Catholic said...

I'd rather have both spend the rest of their lives in Mount Athos.

Very ecumenical, too...

Anonymous said...

At first they should demolish this monstrosity of the "Aula Paolo VI". There is no other building which symbolizes more the modernist nightmare.

Anonymous said...

New Catholic wrote:

"I'd rather have both spend the rest of their lives in Mount Athos.

Very ecumenical, too..."

I concur completely!

Anon 19.08 wrote:

"At first they should demolish this monstrosity of the "Aula Paolo VI". There is no other building which symbolizes more the modernist nightmare."

I agree.

Do you mean that most dreadfully ugly sculpture?

I hate it when artists deform the humanity of Our Lord like that - it is not true, good nor beautiful. Real art even when depicting the horrors of the Cruxifixion of Our Blessed Lord, does not deform His sacred humanity.


Anonymous said...

My dear brothers and sisters not too long ago I myself was thinking about that hideous evil looking sculpture in the so called Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.

All this evil art and artists the Vatican has allow in it, should be destroy and burn.

How can they relish at such evil looking art seemingly depicting holy images when it is obvious at least to some of us that beauty inspired by Our Lord is NOT THERE ???

I can only conclude that the evil one has inspired the members of the curia who allow it and the so called artists that produced such garbage.

Lord Jesus we await your second coming so you can set everything right again.

LeonG said...

The JP frigo monument is symbolic of the one who did not have the stomach for disciplining his recalcitrant bishops and presbyters.