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A Pontifical Mass has just been celebrated by the Ordinary of Toulouse, Archbishop Robert Le Gall, at the main church for Traditional activities in Madrid, the parish church of Saint Francis de Sales (San Francisco de Sales). The setting was Byrd's Mass for four voices.

The Juventutem Twitter feed continues as the first item in our sidebar (refresh page for updates).

Remember: wherever you are in the world, pray for the young men and women in Juventutem activities: partial indulgences can be gained for prayers for the young faithful in Madrid from yesterday until next Sunday, "if, at least with a contrite spirit, [the faithful around the world] will raise their prayer to God the Holy Spirit, so that young people are drawn to charity and given the strength to proclaim the Gospel with their life." 


À nos amis francophones: une Messe Pontificale chantée (Messe pour quatre voix, de William Byrd) vient d'être célébrée par Mgr. Le Gall (Toulouse) dans l'église paroissiale de Saint François de Sales de Madrid pour les jeunes de Juventutem.

N'oubliez pas les indulgences partielles pour ceux qui ne sont pas à Madrid: décret de la Pénitencerie apostolique (en français).

Note: les discours et homélies du Saint-Père à la JMJ de Madrid sont disponibilisés ici.


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I'm very pleasantly surprised to read this. I had my Bishop down for a bit of a lefty, even though he's Benedictine from Solesmes.

    I can feel a Te Deum coming on....

  2. Alors... miracles do happen. Abp. Le Gall was openly and publicly hostile to the prospect of Summorum Pontificum, a position which is, unfortunately, not unrelated to the "Post-Conciliar Solesmes" heritage. Maybe he is becoming a Fontgombault man?...

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Perhaps he's mellowing a bit... I'll check out the word on the street.

    Given that we have rather sparse provision of the EF in the arch-diocese (2 Sunday EF Masses, excl. SSPX). I wonder where he managed to practice? (maybe Fontgombault, as you say)

    Where did you get the photo from? Would there be a video available?

  4. It is from Juventutem USA's Twitter feed - it is the first item in our sidebar. I believe videos will soon be available.



  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Why are there seven candles lit on the altar?


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