Rorate Caeli

Remember Syria

In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, please, be mindful of Christians in Syria - the land that gave us so many conversions, saints, martyrs and confessors, since the earliest days of our Church, the land that gave us, through its ancient Petrine See of Antioch (now located in southern Turkey), some of the major rites of the East, including that of Constantinople.

"Remember in your prayers the Church in Syria, which now has God for its shepherd, instead of me." 
(Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Epistle to the Romans)


Gratias said...

Great dangers ahead for Christians in Syria as we effect regime change. Think about what happened in Algeria, where the Bishop of Hippo, Saint Augustine, completed the first and most famous autobiography, the Confessions, in 401 A. D. Algeria has been exclusively Muslim for centuries. Christian Churches survived in Syria and Irak for 2000 years. Christians have been almost completely chased off Irak by the new Muslimization through the bombing of our Churches. The Muslim Brotherhood is likely taking over Egypt and Libya shortly. Syria is next in line. Europe and America are now secularized and entirely unaware that Christendom brought us to the pinnacle where we are.

Pray that Pope Benedict XVI has a long life.

Ignatio said...

Well said Gratias. It's so frustrating to see Western governments back regime change, yet seem totally ignorant of the jihadist threats that are likely to take over. They appear to pay absolutely no heed to what the Church in these countries is saying.

J. G. Ratkaj said...

Numerous catholic and orthodox hierarchs with good reason have wisely backed, certainly ignored by the western nomenklatura, the government of Dr. Bashar Assad. Given the conceivable subversion of Muammar al-Gaddafi the media will fully concentrate on Syria and propagandistically prepare public opinion for a "human intervention" in Syria to benefit the "pro-democracy, freedom movement" (=sunni mohammedan extremists.

JI said...

I agree with all the comments above. There are clear signs of external interference in Syria in order to bring down the current regime. I urge people to think of the consequences that regime change could have in the wake of what happened in Iraq. Christians in Syria live in relative peace, but that could all change if the current regime goes. Considering Syria's long Christian heritage, it would be tragedy if the country turns toward Islamic fundamentalism. Peace loving Muslims would also suffer.