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Events: Going to Rio 2013?

Well, we will not tell you not to go. But, in a little over two months, traditional-minded Catholics in South America (and elsewhere) can have a very Catholic experience by going to the first Christ the Redeemer Youth Pilgrimage, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The event will take place on the last Sunday in October, that is, the Feast of Christ the King (Oct. 30, 2011). We are told that the intention of those responsible for it is that it may become a yearly event; we have not been told the exact physical effort that will be necessary, but it can probably be called a "crash-pilgrimage" - even though there are alternative, easier, paths, some physical exertion will certainly be necessary at least in part of the way to the 2,329-foot (710 m) summit where the famous image of Our Lord is located (it is a pilgrimage, after all).

Spiritual direction will be provided and only the Traditional Mass will be celebrated (by a diocesan priest) - for other information, please contact the e-mail adress provided below
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VirgoPotens said...

Oh, there's nothing subtle about putting this on the Feast of Christ the King....the *traditional* Feast of Christ the King. The feast is, of course, moved in the Novus Ordo.

Gratias said...

Seems like a good warm-up for the next World Youth week. The Christ Redemptor is high above the Rio skyline. Once went there by cable car. It probably is a vigorous hike. The lanes wind through a state park called Foresta de Tijuca with tropical trees with monkeys in them.

It is so good to see the forma extraordinaria Mass advancing in Latin America, where the main numbers of Catholics are. Brazil was big on Liberation Theology in the seventies, so this is great progress.

Heilige Vater, vielen Dank fur Summorum Pontificum.

Allan Lopes dos Santos said...

Thanks for publication!

Allan Lopes