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Liberation: like the Allies in Rome

OK, not exactly:

Libya's transitional leader has declared liberation of the country ... . Mustafa Abdul-Jalil also told thousands of supporters at a ceremony on Sunday that Islamic Sharia law would be the "basic source" of legislation in the country, and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified. [CBS News and several sources.]

[The Telegraph adds:] Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi's era that he said was in conflict with Sharia - that banning polygamy.

Rome, by the way, is slightly closer to Tripoli, the capital of Italy's former colony in North Africa, than it is to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, or Athens. Let us pray for Christians in nations with Muslim majorities!

Well, at least, "we'll always have Paris" - and Assisi!
["Meeting of the religions for peace", promoted by the Catholic Church in Paris on the same day as the Assisi pilgrimage. Image source: Sant'Egidio]


Ferraiuolo said...

This is the beginning of a religious war. Call on the rosaries. Our Lady never fails on those who call to battle in Her protection!

Anonymous said...

Next month, I'll be traveling to Mali, which, hopefully, should include a visit to that country's Catholic seminary in Samaya. I don't think there are many Catholic seminaries in Muslim-majority countries like this one.

shane said...

That didn't take long! Another Islamic theocracy is born.

And just as there are no Catholic states left. 'Dignitatis Humanae' seems a bit silly now.

bedwere said...

Many thanks to the Western governments that have been working very hard the past decade to ensure that no Christian is left in North Africa and the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

This Assisi thing is a total mistake. As is so much that has happened in the Church over the last 50 years.

Can anyone tell me, because maybe I'm abit dense (but definitly not stupid).... since all the Assisi stuff and alot more of the same type initiatives came from him, why does John Paul II deserve to be made a Saint of the Catholic Church???

Anonymous said...

Obviously, as represented on this poster, all religions are equal as all the buildings are the religious same height..oh except that big, giant, freemasonic Tour Eiffel.

Gratias said...

The clean sweep of Islamic Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East is a political and religious game changer. Terrible for Christians that will be slaughtered or exiled. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have released the Furies. It is not just that assassinating your opponents is poor form. We backed the wrong guys. Libya used to be two kingdoms, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica. The tribes of Cyrenaica, capital Benghazi, were the best suppliers of manpower to al-Qaeda in Irak. Now Algeria, Tunis, Libya and Egypt bring all of northern Africa under Sharia Law.

While Freemasons and Marxists continue relentlessly to de-Christianize Europe, the Arab Spring is applauded. This os madness. The very first fruit is reinstatement of Muslim Polygamy. The Catholic Church will become once again the last bastion of Western Civilization.

What a bad timing, then, to celebrate Assisi. It equates Muslims with Christians. Benedict XVI opened a can of worms with this prayer meeting. It does not matter much what He does in Assissi. Cardinal 23 and the French will say and celebrate whatever their agenda is. Probably discussing the 50th anniversary of Vatican II will similarly be exploited by the Modernists within.

I think our dear Pope got it right in the Regensburg Address. He also got it right when he protested the massacre at last New Years' Mass at a Catholic Coptic Church in Egypt. What was the response? Egypt felt
offended and withdrew their ambassador at the Holy See. A war with Islam that is 1300 years old will flare up again. Obama's unseemly unilateral declaration of defeat in Irak will not help at all. The small true Catholic Remnant will be one of our few hopes for survival. It is a good thing for Rorate Celi to discuss this in the framework of Assisi.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, I just noticed the minaret is taller than the other religious buildings. With the islamization of France these days I guess they had better make their minaret taller.

Anonymous said...

I said from the beginning of all this hoopla that the Western countries (or, at least, their people) had no idea who these rebels were. Consider how valid it might be to begin a rebellion simply because others began one in a nearby country (viz. Tunisia) and you figure you can get away with it.

Of course KhGQadaffi Duck was as mad as a hatter but what exactly is replacing him. Democracy? With Sharia law? They should bring back their royal family.


P.S. Similarly, who, exactly, has replaced Mubarak in Egypt?

Anonymous said...

As late as 2000, one of the most unIslamic places on the planet earth (as must as South Island, New Zealand), was Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Not any more. In just the last five years, the women with the head-blankets have arrived and in very large numbers. They are omnipresent now in downtown and throughout the City of Victoria. Where did they come from? All they need now are their camels.

These people mean to take over, and the Christians here refuse to face what is happening. Just don't think about it and concentrate on buying that oversized pick-up truck with the huge wheels. Who cares if Western civilisation is finished? Relax, man. Have a toke, um, I mean, a coke; cocaine, that is.


Jack said...

Robert Spencer (a Melkite, btw) warned on his website that sharia would gain ascendancy in Libya--aided, oddly enough, by Barack Obama.

\\why does John Paul II deserve to be made a Saint of the Catholic Church???\\

If the Holy Spirit makes it clear to those who lead the Church that Bl. John Paul deserves to be numbered among the saints invoked on earth, that is reason enough.

Most holy Theotokos, save us!

Anonymous said...

"why does John Paul II deserve to be made a Saint of the Catholic Church???\\

If the Holy Spirit makes it clear to those who lead the Church that Bl. John Paul deserves to be numbered among the saints invoked on earth, that is reason enough."

I was being mildly sarcastic whenI wrote this about John Paul II.
All this Assisi business was/is his fault. The idea now fostered that all religions are basically the same, the inter=religious dialog, the hosting of pan-religioous prayer services was all the doing of John Paul II. It is terrible for the Catholic Church, and the event itself is always a circus. That's why I asked my question. Faithful and rational Catholics who see the wreckage of the Church he left behind frequently ask this question. His advancement toward the altar is shere emotionalism and an agenda by the liberals. Enshrine John paul II as a saint, and tis Assisi type garbage will go on forever.

It may have made other religions, especially Islam, feel great, because they were being recognized as real religions by the Vatican of John Paul II.
But it did severe and long lasting damage to our our Roman Catholic Faith. Never mind worrying about Protestants. In Europe their brand of Christianity is dead as can be. Catholics should never worry about the plight of non-Catholic Christians. Protestants would cheer when we suffer.
For all the years of false ecumenism with Protestants, they still hate Roman Catholics as much as they ever did. Just remember the totally sick remarks coming from the Baptist pastor Jeffers two weeks ago (a supporter of Rick Perry), when speaking of Mitt Romney and Mormons. What wasn't really reported was his also sick and malicious comments towards Catholics! So don't worry about any Protestant Christians persecuted by Islam!

Libya may revert to becoming a religiously observant country under the Sharia laws, but they are also discussing bringing back the monarchy (which was overthrown by Quadafi), which would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:11,

It doesn't appear that you're dense at all. The hard fact is that Pope John Paul II, presumably based on the time-honored norms of the traditional Church's view of sainthood, probably should not be canonized.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing less than a new Tower of Babel .. where man will try to unite the religions and ignore GOD's Sovereignty in why the religions are seperated in the first place.. There is one and Absolutely ONLY.. ONE True Religion .. These Catholics who are promoting this farce are endangering their immortal Souls for all eternity.. St. Michael
the Archangel Defend US .. Amen..

Lee Lovelock-Jemmott said...

Do I hear Tower of Babel, AMEN if ye agree !

Bernonensis said...

Poster art can be quite revealing. Not only is the mosque the tallest of the religious buildings (first place goes to M. Eiffel's carnival attraction, of course), as Anonymous 3:44 pointed out, but unlike the crescent and the Magen David, the crosses are not attached to buildings. In the France of today, land of les droits de l'homme, the Cross of Christ truly has no home.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01.

Thank you! When I said "Maybe I'm just dense", I was thinking possibly, "am I almost alone in thinking this Assisi junk begun by JP II is a bad thing, and since the results are bad, he shouldn't be considered for Sainthood?" Glad to know reading this column that I'm not alone.

I think a movement should be started to block JP II from sainthood. Simple admiration for a man who (let's face it), was a decent, good and well-meaning Catholic doesn't make him a Saint. That he continued to work despite crippling illness and a terrible attempt on his life and aftermath was outstanding...but was it supreme holiness like the Saints practiced? I don't think so.
John Paul II as Pope loosened up the Sainthood process, whereby the intense scrutiny candidates got before was watered down. Some accused him of doing this so that his own personal favorites could be pushed along for Sainthood. If that is so, then the simple word "corrupt" doesn't cover anything. It's way more.

I never hated John Paul II like some traditionalist Catholics. I don't think he was genuinely from the "dark side", as I do Paul VI. And so do many others. But I do thiunk his priorities and agenda was seriously misplaced. The sate he left the Catholic Church in, the scandals and crises isn't the work of a Saint.

The Assisi meetings are tremendously damaging to the Catholic Faith. So was much of JP II's agenda. For that reason, regardless of his personal holiness, He should never be made a saint.

John Nolan said...

JP II was an accomplished actor as a young man and was always too fond of grandstanding. However, he took over a Church in 1978 that was in freefall and rescued it. His election also set in motion the events which led to the end of Soviet hegemony in central and eastern Europe and eventually the collapse of Soviet communism itself. He was without a doubt the greatest man of the second half of the 20th century and therefore of my lifetime; like all great men he had flaws, but it is unfair to his memory to dwell on these.

Fred said...

As to all the debate about JPII's beatification: Don't any of you know that he was no more beatified for the success or failure of his Papal policies than Bl. Jacinta was beatified because the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her at Fatima?

Still confused? I'll try to make it clearer yet: being raised to the honors of the altar is all about the exemplification of your personal life of grace and virtue. And on that score, lads, JPII was a great example as priest and bishop, and in his life as a layman.

Anonymous said...

This big post endorsed by cardinal Vingt-Trois (Paris) is showing what Assisi 2011 will be in the media and for the worldwide public opinion.
Horizontalism at its worst
Reduction of all religions, including the "unique Church of Christ", to a mere social organisation with secular aims
Domination of secularism with the Eiffel Tower topping every religious symbol.
Total obliteration of the doctrine of "Dominus Iesus"

Maybe Assisi IV will be worse than Assisi I and in 2002 ? who knows ?

With this kind of signals, it seems more and more unlikely that the expected agreement between SSPX and Rome could take place especially if Bp Müller is replacing cardinal Levada at the helm of CDF.
If we're heading to a new big scandal in Assisi, how will Bp Fellay be able to "sell" the Preamble to his clerics and faithful ?
Pope Benedict XVI was expected in 2005 to put an end to the Assisi scandals if we keep in mind what Joseph Ratzinger said and wrote. He was expected to teach "Dominus Iesus" for real and it is crystal clear that this Ratzinger Declaration has been put under the rug so far.


scotju said...

Meet the new boss, he'll be worst than the old one, especially for the Christians!

Anonymous said...

John Nolan,

Just the opposite in fact. The "collapse" of Soviet Communism was actually the unleashing and infusion of Soviet Communism into the West where it has just about gained dominance AND it will get worse as Our Lady at Fatima and LaSalette said it would. JP2 never made the consecration of Russia as our Lady specifically requested. And here we see years later the KG B master about to assume the presidency of Russia again. Don't look now, but here comes your refueled, repackaged, and refinanced communism.

Jack said...

\\I think a movement should be started to block JP II from sainthood.\\

Such a movement is not necessary. If it is in God's will that he not be glorified among those numbered on earth those who are among the saints, then the movement to do so will peter out.

**I was being mildly sarcastic whenI wrote this about John Paul II.**

I wasn't. The action of the Holy Spirit on earth in revealing who is glorified in heaven as being among the saints is NOT something to be sarcastic about.

**Catholics should never worry about the plight of non-Catholic Christians.**

His Holiness Benedict XVI disagrees with you by drawing our attention to the plight of Christians suffering under mahometanism.

Jack said...

\\ The priest is usually no longer segregated from the people by his distance from them or by the altar rails; he no longer celebrates facing the tabernacle, and often not even near the tabernacle;\\

This was frequently the case in the EF before V2 when mass was celebrated at a side altar, especially in monasteries. There were no always tabernacles at such altars, nor were there always rails. Yet mass would be celebrated at them.

Most holy Theotokos, save us.

Anonymous said...

"While Freemasons and Marxists continue relentlessly to de-Christianize Europe, the Arab Spring is applauded. This is madness. The very first fruit is reinstatement of Muslim Polygamy. The Catholic Church will become once again the last bastion of Western Civilization."


The freemasons and marxists will assume they have won total victory but they are actually sowing the seeds of their total defeat. Dozens and Dozens of Catholic saints tell us about a Great Catholic Monarch and a Holy Pontiff who will restore everything. These aren't fairy tales, these saints could not lie.

The times these prophecies speak of are NOW and the immediate future. If our Lord favors us to live through the chastisements ahead we shall see IN OUR LIFETIMES, the triumph of the Church.

Deo Gratias!

Jack said...

\\oh except that big, giant, freemasonic Tour Eiffel.\\

What is essentially masonic about the Eiffel Tower?

Most holy Theotokos, save us!

Long-Skirts said...

My favorite part is the two profiles of faces talking/dialoging. One profile is directly under the Eiffel Tower and the profile facing that and "dialoging" is under the cross on the right. Hysterical! And they look like men...gasp...where are the women represented? I protest! Whoops - maybe it's mean to be "gender-neutral", my bad.

Peterman said...


I thought nobody would ask.

Gustav Eifel was a raging Freemason and he built the steel infrastructure of the Freemasonic Goddess of Liberty better known as the Statue of Liberty. "Liberty and freedome" of course has always been the freemasonic obsession as it was their father's

The Eiffel tower is a modern day tower of Babel. When built, the highest point in the City was Notre Dame Cathedral.

Another freemasonic structure is of course the Washington Monument. During the recent earthquake it's interesting to note the two buildings which suffered the most damage were the Washington Monument and Protestant National Cathedral. The Washington Monument still has not reopened to the public.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information Peterman....I will try to read more about these monuments....