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You Report: Votive TLM for Blessed Karl of Austria

From our friends at the Knights Of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161 Traditional Latin Mass Guild comes this report (photos via the talented 17-year-old Katherine Wilson of Pittsburgh, Pa.):

On Friday, October 21st, 2011, a Solemn High Mass was offered by Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP (pictured above), at St. Mary Mother of God Church in Washington, D.C., for the Feast of Blessed Emperor Karl of the House of Austria.

In attendance were His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Christian of Austria (pictured above at a discussion after Mass) and his wife, Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria, along with members of the Knightly Orders of Malta, St. George, and the Holy Sepulchre, as well as over 300 faithful and members of the local Knights of Columbus council. After Mass, the faithful were able to venerate a relic of Blessed Karl.

Afterward, there was a talk and reception in the church hall. Archduke Christian spoke about his grandfather, Bl. Karl, and related several stories told to him by his grandmother, Servant of God Empress Zita of Austria, whose cause, he informed his audience, is to publicly commence soon. The date chosen for Blessed Karl's feast day was the date of his marriage to Empress Zita and this year's commemoration marked the 100th anniversary of their wedding.

Also present at the reception was Brother Nathan Cochran, OSB, Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Blessed Karl and North American director of the Emperor Karl League of Prayers for Peace Among Nations, who had literature about Bl. Karl available for distribution.


  1. Not Roman Catholic... or generally a fan of the Hapsburgs. But I make an exception for Karl I(IV). He was indeed a saintly man and the only leader of one of the belligerent states who tried to bring an end to the insanity of the Great War.

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I had the honor to attend and it was a remarkable event that I hope is repeated every October. Blessed Karl pray for us.

  3. I visited the amazing church of St John Cantius in Chicago with a parish pilgrimage group recently (my first visit there) and Fr Phillips the pastor showed us in a back room (formerly a storage room, that opens off the main church) an altar with a remarkable carved painted and gilded wood altarpiece replicating one in Poland, and also a more modest altar featuring hand painted icons of Bl Karl of Austria, as well as Empress Zita and a holy priest who if I understood correctly is also a Habsburg family member and I think a Servant of God or potentially so (I cannot find via web search who this might be). Fr Phillips said that members of the Hapsburg family had attended SJC.

  4. Gratias4:11 AM

    This must have been a wonderful event. The more Solemn Masses (three priests) we can have in America the more priests that will be available to offer the TLM. Iwas glad to hear that a Father from FSSP officiated.

    The FSSP is making a great difference in America. Today we had an FSSP priest drive up from San Diego to offer high Mass at our northern Los Angeles parish. These are vigorous young men, from whom we can expect thousands of Latin Masses in their lifetime. Supporting the FSSP Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary is a very worthy cause.

    America is making a great difference to the revival of the forma extraordinaria Mass. We still have a nurturing surrounding in which religion and attending church on Sunday is still respected by society. Once one has tasted the Latin Mass there is no turning back.

  5. Anonymous7:18 AM

    In February 2010 when Blessed Karl's grandson, Austrian Archduke Rudolph, was a guest for the Vancouver Winter Olympics with his wife, Archduchess Marie Helene, and one of his sons, Archduke Karl-Ludwig, he was eager to see the window showing his grandfather alongside St. Philip Neri, Saint Margaret of Cortona, Saint Maria Goretti, and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. These wonderful shining examples of holiness are located at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  6. This KofC council is doing great work for the honor and glory og God! I am not active, at this time, due to no close council. I would consider moving my membership to support this council. JMJ


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