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Plenary Indulgence Reminders for the first week in November

There are several plenary indulgences available for the first week in November. They are the following:

For the faithful departed 
§ 1. A plenary indulgence, applied exclusively to the souls in Purgatory, is granted to the Christian faithful who:

1° on each single day, from the first to the eighth day in November, devoutly visit a cemetery and, even if only mentally, pray for the faithful departed; [Note: one plenary indulgence for each day, if the usual conditions are met]

2° on the day of Commemoration of All Faithful Departed [November 2] (or, according to the Ordinary, on the preceding or subsequent Sunday, or on the day of the solemnity of All Saints) piously visit a church or oratory and there recite the Pater and the Credo

(Reference: Enchiridion Indulgentiarum, 4th edition, al. concessiones.)


  1. "...on the day of the solemnity of All Saints)"


    On All Hallow's Eve
    Doth blow the leave
    Bare branches
    Bend down to the ground.

    Children believe
    And simply conceive
    There's evil
    And it's all around.

    So pumpkins all lit
    Trick or treat just a bit
    All costumed they
    Go through the town.

    They face with much wit
    Tell jokes that do fit
    For fun
    It's really quite sound.

    And then it's November
    Until cold December
    Times black
    That we all must pass.

    But Catholics remember
    All Saints' Day each member
    Dark's contrast...
    Gold Light of the Mass!

    Happy All Hallow's Eve!
    (Help! I can't stay out of the halloween candy!!)

  2. Alphonsus9:33 PM

    From the 1st to the 8th, or the 1st through the 8th?

  3. On any of the days between Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 - a plenary indulgence may be gained on each single day.

  4. Alphonsus10:46 PM

    Whew! Thanks.

  5. Now seems the perfct time to throw in the question,

    Does anyone have any idea what it means by attachment to sin which is one of the pre-requisite for plenary indulgence?

    Once I've google for hours trying find a satisfactory explanation on it. Since then, and until now, I couldn't find one

  6. Fr Z had a post yesterday that seems to answer quite excellently the question about the freedom from attachment even to venial sin, that is necessary to gain a plenary indulgence. Makes it clear that yes it is possible.


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