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Cleaning the stables

A regular bishop (that is, an "extremist conservative" and "hateful fundamentalist" for the "Progressives") is named as Auxiliary in a Dutch diocese; one year later, he is named by the titular bishop to help run a problematic parish, whose governing board is dominated by those same Progressives.

The Auxiliary Bishop is Robertus Mutsaerts, of 's Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch, in the Netherlands); the Parish Church is that of San Salvator, in the city itself; the date for the beginning of the bishop's administration of the Parish is November 1, All Saints' Day; and the open revolt by the Liberal board began as soon as the measure was announced, about one month ago. The board, in order to force the Bishop to back down, threatened to have the community leave the church buildings and create a lay-run independent foundation. The diocesan spokesman's answer to the threat? "All are free to profess their faith". Ouch!

Now official: San Salvator no longer Catholic 

It is exceedingly rare that a community of faithful breaks away from the Catholic Church, certainly when compared to the Protestant churches. But yesterday morning it happened. The parish council, fired earlier last week, of the San Salvator parish in Den Bosch, took many faithful with them in their misguided break away from the Diocese of ‘s Hertogenbosch. They will be continuing their services in a community centre around the corner from the church which they had used for the past years.

It is now up to Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, who has been appointed as temporary parish priest, to install a new parish council and return the sacraments and the faith of the world Church back to the people of the surrounding neighbourhoods. Stating that the faithful have every right to defect, he says: “This no longer fits under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church, but apart from that I wish them all the best.”

Considering the stubborn attitude of the San Salvator council in discussions with the diocese, and their hostile attitude to Church teachings personified, for them, in Bishop Mutsaerts, this was something of an inevitable consequence. But it is a great loss. For the people of the parish, who are deprived from the sacraments and the salvation Christ offers through them, and also from the communion with the rest of the diocese. In essence they have become a lone island whose actions are dictated by hollow feelings and empty words.

Schism is, by itself, a terrible thing, and we pray that these separated brothers and sisters will return to communion with the Apostolic See and with the faith she has always professed soon enough. But such incidents allow the Church to purify herself of those (a large number of people) who have remained within her as spiritual parasites, holding only to the name "Catholic", but to nothing else. A purer, poorer, smaller Church is not necessarily a worse Church.


  1. porys5:11 PM

    For all leaving The Catholic Church:
    Have a nice time in the hell!

  2. All we can say is that "De Hel" is much, much worse than "Den Bosch".

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    They have tolerated these phony Catholics for soo many years , their spiritually mentally ill. This will be a bigger loss to them in eternity than to the Catholic Church.

  4. Concerning another case, last year I already reported to Rome the general problem. Let we hope and pray that the Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop will show strong backbones in this case and all future cases.
    I reported (

    Recently, the whole world witnessed of the scandalous profanation of the H. Mass by the so called “Orange Football-Mass” by Father V. in Obdam, diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam. .... It is very sad to see the relatively large number of faithful from all over The Netherlands supporting this priest against the bishop, especially listening to the arguments because these arguments are so far away from the Church teachings, it shows the effects of a lack of school teaching of the Catechism for more then 50 years as well as misleading teachings in Catholic schools and by priests in combination with a great silence by the bishops in The Netherlands.

    .... Father V. is also a member of the diocesan priest board, elected by other priests in that diocese. In fact, this case is only one example of the numerous cases all over The Netherlands of many modernist infected priests who maintain their positions by keeping the faithful in ignorance.

    Because in The Netherlands the Church is financially independent of the government with no Church-tax and no financing of the Church-buildings as a part of the cultural heritage, the Church's income is only a subject of gifts from faithful on parish level and the dioceses are fully dependent on the parish payments. That makes even the well willing bishops tied, and subject to blackmail by unwilling parish boards and/or priests. So a number of parish boards and priests threaten their bishops by blocking the parish payments as well as going into a schism, taking the parish faithful into a kind of hostage.
    In fact the bishops have to do here with a large group of priests and faithful, like members of the parish boards, sacristans and pastoral co-workers who are well organized by an underground network, well known as the former 8-May movement network, comparable to “Die Kirche von Unten”, which is extremely intolerant to all orthodox and traditional priests and faithful. In a certain way you can say that these modernist groups have hi-jacked the faithful, keeping them in ignorance of the Church teachings, by which they can blackmail the Church.
    Moreover on the one hand, due to the restricted number of priests available it is not possible to suspend them all. On the other hand that would also be very difficult because a lot of these priests, like in this case Father V., are members of the diocese boards having a large influence on the official diocese policy. Therefore the bishops are not only tied, in fact they are more or less taken into custody.

    This case also shows the other side of the problem in the Dutch Church: on the one hand bishops without a strong backbone, without personality, without a strong leadership and without vision and on the other hand a lot of bad-educated priests, infected by modernist theories, without discipline, without any feeling for the sacrality of the Holy Mass, keeping faithful in ignorance of the Faith and terrorizing also good-willing and conservative priests, especially in case of clustered parishes, in which these priests have to co-operate together.
    In practice you can find modernist parish boards obstructing conservative priests as well as conservative boards, which are obstructed and blackmailed by modernist priests. Pray for the bishops, that their chains will be unlocked.

  5. Well, if they don't want to obey the diocesan bishop, let them leave.

    As St. Ignatius of Antioch said, "All who belong to God and Christ Jesus are with the Bishop."

    Echoing this, Lumen gentium said, "The Bishops have by divine institution taken the place of the Apostles as Pastors of the Church, and whoever listens to them is listening to Christ and whoever despises them despises Christ and Him Who sent Christ." Luke 10:16

    Most holy Theotokos, save us!

  6. In Other Words...

    Don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out!

  7. Given the way in which the modern Church has up till now tolerated heresy, this group of liberals probably got the shock of their lives when the diocese did not cave in to their threats.

  8. JamesG10:25 PM

    Dear,dear. What happened to the spirit of Charity, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Should we not be praying for them, that God, in His Mercy,will cause them to come to their senses as the prodigal son did, and will bring them back into His Sheepfold, the Church. "It is Mercy that I desire, not sacrifice," says the Lord.

  9. We unfortunatly have JP II and his lack of oversight over every aspect of Catholic life in the Church for this mess, and for so many others.
    He much prefered his 5-6x per year foreign jaunts, ecumenical gatherings, and circus like Masses.

    What's the old saying " Nero fiddled while Rome burned." or something like that.

    Very appropriate.

  10. "Dear,dear. What happened to the spirit of Charity, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Should we not be praying for them, that God, in His Mercy,will cause them to come to their senses as the prodigal son did, and will bring them back into His Sheepfold, the Church. "It is Mercy that I desire, not sacrifice," says the Lord."

    Uh-huh. Done.

    But they are still heretics and schismatics, and we can all be happy that at least some of our church leaders are beginning to understand this.

  11. Gratias7:26 AM

    I am with Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts. Hopes he introduces the Latin Mass to his new parish. From Jack's comments, it seems Rorate has eyes all over the world. Remember, modernists are being watched.

  12. Gratias7:39 AM

    One of the labors of Hercules was to clean the stables of King Augeas, which he achieved by diverting a river. There is plenty of water in The Netherlands; hopefully Bishop Mutsaerts will find a way to cleanse this parish of its Modernist filth.

  13. Jacobi9:14 PM

    "It is exceedingly rare that a community of faithful breaks away from the Catholic Church"

    Really! Well it happened after the last Reformation didn't it?

  14. Maybe they will come to their senses in the future and return... For now, just let them go. :/

  15. Pray for the parishioners.
    Pray for the bishop.
    Remind the parishioners what it means to be Catholic.
    Let those go who refuse to abide by Catholic precepts of obedience and charity.
    Forgive obstinate sinners, but do not admit them into the house of God until they cast aside their heretical and schismatic acts and repent.
    Ask God to send His holy angel Michael to protect the parish and diocese.

  16. Deo Gratias. Who needs who? Do they really thinks the Church is losing something? I'd love if the heretics inside de church here in Brazil would do the same as well!


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