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Appeal from FSSP Australia Ezechiel House Novitiate

His Eminence Cardinal George Pell of Sydney Australia is speaking at a fundraising dinner for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) on Saturday, November 19, 2011. Cardinal Pell is helping the FSSP to raise funds to build the Fraternity's Ezechiel House Novitiate in Sydney. Ezechiel House has trained the FSSP first year seminarians from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and sometimes Nigeria so far. However, they won't be able to accept any more candidates until the house is complete, due to safety reasons.

The FSSP priest in charge of the building is Fr Laurence Gresser who was horribly injured in a fire last year. During his recovery he has been able to oversee the building, but was unable to do much fundraising. So Cardinal Pell has generously offered to promote the cause.

Fr Phil Wolfe (American) has just visited Ezechiel House and seen the wonderful quality of the work. He asks for your prayers for the success of the fundraising dinner. They need another $250,000 to complete the seminary.

For more information about the dinner or to help financially, please click here. If you run a Catholic blog, and want to help this great cause, please link to this as well.

Ezechiel House is producing a DVD for the dinner which will show the Novitiate and featuring many of the FSSP priests stationed in Australia including Fr Duncan Wong, Fr John Rizzo and Fr Define, who are remembered very fondly from their time in US apostolates. Fr Wong is the Director of Ezechiel House and has done a magnificent job in forming men in a half built house. He will try to make the DVD available after the dinner.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful and deserving of our prayers and what we are able to give. It's great things like this which people should be donating to, not all these silly Save A Lawn From Mowing nonsense groups.

Prayers for the FSSP.


SPWangaratta said...

Thanks for promoting this initiative.

Anonymous said...

The Fundraising Dinner was a grand success! God bless the FSSP!
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