Rorate Caeli

The Traditional Latin Mass -- in Afghanistan

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (forty-sixth posting of souls)

The photo above usually would be very newsworthy: a priest, one of the 15 that say a weekly or monthly Traditional Latin Mass for the souls of our Purgatorial Society, saying a Requiem Mass for the souls enrolled in the Society.

What makes this not only newsworthy, but extraordinary, is that this Traditional Latin Mass is being said in Afghanistan.

The following is from the priest in the photo, Rev. Father David Smith RAChD [Royal Army Chaplains' Department]:

"Here are a couple of pictures that were taken of me offering the Forma-Extraordinaria in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. As you can see, it's a very homely little chapel that we share with all denominations.

"When I go out to visit the troops on the ground, I usually have to set up a temporary altar, often outdoors. But wherever the Mass is offered, it brings countless blessings and graces to the whole Church, including the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

"I offer the EF almost every day, always with a memento for the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society Holy Souls. On Fridays, where permitted, I offer the daily Requiem Mass for the intentions of the Rorate Purgatorial Society.

"Please ask your readers to remember all our troops serving in Afghanistan in their prayers. I've also attached a picture of me with some of my soldiers, taken during a pastoral visit to their remote location.

"They are busy opening some welfare parcels sent in by well-wishers back home in the UK. It makes such a difference to morale when this happens."

God bless you Father, and the work you do for the troops on the ground, and the Suffering in Purgatory. And God bless all of the Society's priests saying TLMs for the enrolled souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 16 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity fo the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Steve Jobs, California, USA
Audrey May Gill, NSW, Australia
Pattie Margaret Flannery, NSW, Australia
Diane Kathleen Parsons, NSW, Australia
Betty-Anne Parsons, NSW, Australia
Brian Edward Abbot, NSW, Australia
Charles Skinner, NSW, Australia
Magaret Mary Skinner, NSW, Australia
Allan Hilton Webster, NSW, Australia
Neville John Garner, NSW, Australia
Olive May Campbell, NSW, Australia
Kevin Garland, NSW, Australia
Alex Loudon
Dan Wheldon, England
Sister Ann Patrice Durr, BVM, Iowa, USA
Given Grace Cebanico, Philippines
Victor Pedrola, OK, USA
Salvatore Licitra, Italy
Teresa Rego, British Columbia, Canada
Sheila Maurier, British Columbia, Canada
Esther Steel, London, England
Sarah Steel, London, England
Richard Steel, London, England
Charles John Steel. Southend, England
Charles Steel, Leigh, England
Florence Hettie Steel. Leigh, England
Florence Roberts Leigh, England
Reginald Roberts, Leigh, England
Greta Lofts, Leigh. England
Charles John Crowfoot Steel, Leigh, England
Mary Doris Emily Steel, Leigh. England
Philip John Steel, Leigh, England
Rita Bates, Florida, USA
Allan Bates, Florida, USA
Sherie Wilson, New York, USA
Mary Kay Redman, Nebraska, USA
Kortney Blythe Gordon, Virginia, USA
Christiane Hegar, Germany
Bruce Bewick, Ontario, Canada
The Goebbels family, Germany
Ricardo Cerros, Jr., CA, USA
Cindy Hiew and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Frederick John Lingam (RIP) and family, Sabah Malaysia
Annie Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Augustine Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Christopher Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Christina Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Henrietta Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Caroline Fred Lingam and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Nimmi Kaur and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Ophelia Domingo and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Marcella Cyril Justin and family, Sabah, Malaysia.
Amalia Kasun and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Patricia Vain and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Charlene Cyril and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Felicity Sitabal Singh and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Cynthia Migiu and family, Sabah, Malaysia,
Benedict William Demus and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Conrad Mojuntin and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Yvonne Sipain and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Yiseltta Lim and family, Sabah, Malaysia
Joaquim Sapinho, Alcobaça, Portugal
Rosa Carlos, Águeda, Portugal
Francisco Santos, Águeda, Portugal
Ricardo Carrere, Montevideo, Uruguay
Leticia Lagmay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Joey Vento, Pennsylvannia, USA
Matthew Denice, Massachusetts, USA
Mike Flanagan, Maryland, USA
Gene Faller, California, USA
Floy Samonte Barangan, Metro Manila, USA
Jack Layton, Ontario, Canada
Asuncion Regidor Galis, Sorsogon, Philippines
Stephen Pitcairn, Maryland, USA
Jack Lord, Hawaii, USA
Ruslana Korshunova, Kazakhstan, Russia
Bobby Reyes, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eleanor Farr Martinez, California, USA
Ramon Oswalds Valera, Abra, Philippines
Ramon Obusan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Gabriel Bilog, Metro Manila, Philippines
Yap Kein Ye, Alberta, Canada
Barbara Olson, Washington DC, USA
Todd Morgan Beamer, New Jersey, USA
Rick Rescorla, New York, USA
Cliff Robertson, New York, USA
Al Castillo, Metro Manila, Philippines
Juana Roberts, Louisiana, USA
Natividad Lete Arias, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Cruz Tandoc, Mountain Province, Philippines
Meredith Kercher, England, UK
Grace Patricia Kelly, Pennsylvania, USA
Philip Matthew Hannan, Louisiana, USA
Audrey Kathleen Ruston, Vaud, Switzerland
Emilio Pucci, Florence, Italy
Fausto Sarli, Naples, Italy
Vincent Willem van Gogh, Zundert, Netherlands
Madeleine Vionnet, Paris, France
Hazel DeLuna Mehr, Metro Manila, Philippines
Marty Hurley, Louisiana, USA
Jesse D. Reed, Pennsylvania, USA
Jesse Reed, Louisiana, USA
Darnel Stewart, Louisiana, USA
George Hankton III, Louisiana, USA
Steve Thomas, Louisiana, USA
Steven Paul Jobs, California, USA
Joachim Smet, Illinois, USA
Robert James White, NSW, Australia
Irene Ada White, NSW, Australia
John Edwin Guiren, NSW, Australia
Irene Guiren, NSW, Australia
William Eric Oliver, NSW, Australia
Cavell Oliver, NSW, Australia
Peter Anthony Hardy, NSW, Australia
James William Larney, NSW, Australia
Winifred Florence Pitt, NSW, Australia
Reginald Allen Smith, NSW, Australia
Mario Jude Fernandez, NSW, Australia
Raymond Anthony Campbell, NSW, Australia
James Henry Cassel, NSW, Australia
Kenneth James Cassel, NSW, Australia
Fr. Robert Bedard, Ontario, Canada
Francis Joseph Charles Friend-Pereira, Calcutta, India
Hazel Teresa Friend-Pereira, Beckenham, England
John Mary Friend-Pereira, Sligo, Ireland
Francis Friend-Pereira, Sligo, Ireland
Gavin Bell Rogerson, Surrey, England
Dorothy Rogerson, Surrey, England
Theodore L. von Heiland, Colorado, USA
Sister Elizabeth Timothy Mary Sullivan, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sister Mary Clare Blunk, RSM, Illinois, USA
Spencer Duncan, Kansas, USA
Robert Reeves , La. USA
Matt Mills, Texas, USA
Jonas Kelsall, USA
Workman, USA
Brian Bell, USA
Alexander Bennett, USA
Darrek Benson, USA
Aaron Carson Vaughn, USA
John Brown, USA
Jon Tumilson, USA
Kevin Houstin, Mass, USA
Bryon Nichols, USA
John Douangdara, USA
Tommy Ratzlaff, USA
Dan Zerbe, USA
Matt Mason, USA
Kraig Vickers, USA
Lucille Rinehamer, Penna, USA
Robbie F Carpenter Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Clarence Edward Norton, Mississippi, USA
Ora J Wiggington Norton, Mississippi, USA
"Charlie" Antonino J Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
"Sarah" Rosaria Fertitta Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Joseph Washington Cummins, Jr, Mississippi, USA
Lillie Mae Caldwell Cummins, Mississippi, USA
Lucius Carpenter, Mississippi, USA
"Sally" Sarah Minyard Carpenter, Mississippi, USA
Sam P Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Lewis V Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Charles J Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Lenora Adams Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
John Portera, Mississippi, USA
Rose Marascalco Portera, Mississippi, USA
Antonina "Dona" Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Mary Marascalco Portera, Mississippi, USA
Mary Marascalco Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Mary (di Vicenzo) Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Sam Portera, Mississippi, USA
Frances Concetta Fonte, Mississippi, USA
Lena Carpenter Tingle, Mississippi, USA
Murray Tingle, Mississippi, USA
Letha Wiggington Graves, Mississippi, USA
Ryan David Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Adam Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Anne Marascalco, Arizona, USA
Kenneth Frank Marascalco, Mississippi, USA
Agustin Antonio Cifuentes Valllejo, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Eimar Vallejo Jimenez, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Javier Pulido, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Jasmine Peterson, Saba, Netherlands-Antilles
Jim Maddox, Tennessee, USA
Trent Cummins, Mississippi, USA
Herman Cummins, Sr, Mississippi, USA
Joseph Testa, Mississippi, USA
Angeles Muñoz, Madrid, Spain
Roberto A. Barretto Sr., Manila, Philippines
Ida F. Barretto, Manila, Philippines
Elias B. Fermin, Manila, Philippines
Angela B. Fermin, Manila, Philippines
Eduardo Barretto, Manila, Philippines
Matilde Muezo de Barretto, Manila, Philippines
Ernesto Bautista, Manila, Philippines
Amado Bautista, Manila, Philippines
Enrique Bautista, Manila, Philippines
Feliza Bautista, Manila, Philippines
Gloria Murillo, Manila, Philippines
Conchita Murillo, Manila, Philippines
Tetang Murillo, Manila, Philippines
Salud Murillo, Manila, Philippines
Antonio Palou Sr., Manila, Philippines
Amalia Palou, Manila, Philippines
Antonio Palou Jr., Ormoc City, Philippines
Eduardo Barretto Jr., Manila, Philippines
Apolonia Barretto, Manila, Philippines
Fred Bevan, California, USA
Helen Siota, Manila, Philippines
Tomasing Siota, Manila, Philippines
Luis Siota, Manila, Philippines
Corito Kaimo, Manila, Philippines
Ernesto Barretto, Laguna, Philippines
Tomas Barretto, Laguna, Philippines
Ramon Barretto, Laguna, Philippines
Lorenzo Barretto, Laguna, Philippines
Deceased children of Eduardo Barretto Jr., Laguna, Philippines
Mary Fermin, Manila, Philippines
Pat Fermin Miranda, Manila, Philippines
Medardo Miranda, Manila, Philippines
The Barretto family, Manila, Philippines
The Fermin family, Manila, Philippines
The Bautista family, Manila, Philippines
Joey Tanedo, Manila, Philippines
Arnie and Dianne Kroeskamp, British Columbia, Canada
May Bagasao, Manila, Philippines
Conrado and Tess Alava, Manila, Philippines
Benjamin Grino, Manila, Philippines
Braulio de Villa, Manila, Philippines
Ermelo Gonzalez, Manila, Philippines
Moises and Avelina Gala, Manila, Philippines
Amparito de Villa, Manila, Philippines
Antonio and Nieves Samia, Manila, Philippines
Edmundo Kaimo, Manila, Philippines
Justin Bataclan and Mama Yap, Manila, Philippines
Leon Lopez, Manila, Philippines
Corazon Musni, Manila, Philippines
Herminia and Anselmo Claudio, Manila, Philippines
Benjamin Aguas, Manila, Philippines
Pauline and Greg Navarro, Manila, Philippines
Doreen and Wili Fernandez, Manila, Philippines
Dennis Fernandes, British Columbia, Canada
Joy Galos, Manila, Philippines
Manang, Manila, Philippines
Emigdio Tanjuatco, Manila, Philippines
Margaret Cunha, British Columbia, Canada
Josiah B. Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Sarah M. Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Herman Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Katherine Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Boyd Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Paul Moore, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Lena Stillinger, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Ina Stillinger, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Joseph Stillinger, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Sarah Stillinger, Villisca, Iowa, USA
Dona Jones, Villisca, Iowa
Harry Whipple, Villisca, Iowa
Columkille Sullivan, CFX, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Claude Krachek, CFX, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Aubin Hart, CFX, Brooklyn, NY USA
John Edward Larkin, CFX, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Venard Maziek, CFX, Louisville, KY, USA
John Bardo, CFX, Baltimore, MD, USA
John Casey, CFX, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Peter Kelly, CFX, Brooklyn, NY USA
Fr, Louis Bamundo, Orlando, FL, USA
Fr, Robert Garguillo, Miami, FL, USA
Patrick Meaney, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Anne Meaney, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Charles Korth, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Julia Korth, Brooklyn, NY
John McGrath, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Msgr. Fred Helduser, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Rev. Wayne Price, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Millie Basile, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Joe Fitzpatrick, Brooklyn, NY USA
Mary Fitzpatrick, Brooklyn, NY USA
James McElroy, Springfield, NJ USA
Gertrude McQuade, Brooklyn, NY USA
Gertrude Donohue, Brooklyn, NY USA
Denis Donohue, Brooklyn, NY USA
Joseph McGinn, Breezy Point, NY USA
Eleanor M. Clarke, Brooklyn, NY USA
Marion Clarke McManus, Brooklyn, NY USA
John J. McManus, Brooklyn, NY USA
Agnes Seery, Brooklyn, NY USA
John F. Seery, Brooklyn, NY USA
Margaret Myer, Boynton Beach, FL USA
Harold Myer, Bethpage, NY, USA
Christine Myer, Bethpage, NY USA
Keith McElwain, Brooklyn, NY USA
Sidney Cohen, South Palm Beach, FL USA
Josef Shulmyr, South Palm Beach, FL USA
Esperanza R. Winternitz, British Columbia, Canada
Anton Merlin, Vancouver, Canada
Randy Lehnus, Illinois, USA
Nicholas Thelen, WI, USA
Ida Carotenuto, Vancouver, Canada
Ida Bianco, Vancouver, Canada,
Josephina Dente, Buenos Ares, Argentine
Luigi Cavallo, Vancouver, Canada
Marcello Motta, Turin, Italy
Albert Basile, WI, USA
Anthony Wilde, WI, USA
Richard Wilde, WI, USA
Gillian Hartz, Hampshire, UK
The Galetka family, Czech Republic
The Soukup family, Czech Republic
The Katona family, Slovakia
The Cibula family, Slovakia
The Janovcik family, Slovakia
The Gajdos family, Slovakia
Robert P. Fohl, Pennsylvania, USA
Brother Charles O'Conner, OFM Cap, Pennsylvania, USA
Cameron, South Carolina, USA
Adelfa Luminarias, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Remedios Chavez, Batangas, Philippines
Isidro Labrador Jr., Iloilo, Philippines
Rufino Santiago, Marikina City, Philippines
Fely Gregori, Marikina City, Philippines
J Conrad Castro, Marikina City, Philippines
Hazel de Luna Mehr, Quezon City, Philippines
Florencio Cordova, Quezon City, Philippines
Urbano Laihee Sr., Philippines
Manuel Laihee, Philippines
Lai Sing Sang, Philippines
Francisco Laihee, Philippines
Lucia Laihee, Philippines
Froilan Laihee, Philippines
Helen Laihee, Philippines
Francesca Laihee, Philippines
Wilson Laihee, Philippines
Lolong Laihee, Philippines
Endeng Laihee, Philippines
Ruben Laihee, Philippines
Jesus Laihee, Philippines
Pepe Laihee, Philippines
Francesca Angel, Philippines
Andres Galendez, Philippines
Bonifacia Galendez, Philippines
Felix Galendez, Philippines
Mariano Galendez, Philippines
Dominador Rosal Sr., Philippines
Nana, Philippines
Jane Escalona, Philippines
Vi Aberilla, Philippines
Gregorio Cervantes Sr., Philippines
Veronica Cervantes, Philippines
Tata Garet Cervantes, Philippines
Mama Eldie Cervantes, Philippines
All Souls Belonging To Our Family Trees
All Forgotten Souls in Purgatory
All Souls Of Aborted Babies
Edwin Lewis, Alberta, Canada
Cid Hemétrio de Morais, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Maria José Varella Coelho, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mariá Coessens, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Marinette Morais, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP, Rome, Italy
Terry Lawler, WI, USA
Susan Sciarra, WI, USA

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