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Photos of FSSP Minor Order Ordinations & Mass

A couple of weeks ago we reported the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) seminarians would be ordained to the minor orders of Exorcist and Acolyte by His Excellency Archbishop Pendergast of Ottawa. Another five seminarians were ordained Porter and Lector. We are now pleased to provide a couple of wonderful photos of the ordinations and Mass.

The ordinations occurred this past Sunday, November 13, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The minor orders are of a very ancient origin in the Church. There are four minor orders and three major orders, the last of which is the priesthood. Thus, the minor orders mark important steps in one's formation and progress towards the sacred priesthood. Each minor order brings with it certain duties proper to it that enable the cleric to participate more closely in the sacred liturgy.

Porter: Porters receive custodial power over the church, which is entrusted to their care along with everything that lies within. They summon Christians to prayer and guard God’s temple against intruders. The porter is so to live that his conduct and behavior will be as so many little bells calling, inviting and impelling men to know God and serve Him with love.

Lector: Lectors are given the power to read the Lessons in the church, to catechize children and the uneducated, and to bless bread and new fruits. This act of blessing is prefigured in the ministry of lower-ranking Levites and gives the lector priestly dominion over the elements that will become the matter for the Eucharistic Sacrifice. The lector should possess all the virtues in an eminent degree so that he may indeed be a guide and a model of the spiritual life to those who see and hear him.

Exorcist: Exorcists receive the power to expel demons from the possessed in the name of the Church. This is referred to as a ‘bound power’ since Church law has for centuries reserved the solemn public exorcism of the possessed to the diocesan bishop or to a priest delegated by him. Exorcists are exhorted, however, to pray more fervently for the delivery of all souls who may find themselves oppressed by evil influences, and do so with priestly efficacy. In the ancient Church, exorcists purified the priests hands with water in preparation for the Sacrifice, and were responsible for making way among the faithful for the communicants to approach for Holy Communion.

Acolyte: Acolytes are given the power to carry the candles at Holy Mass and present the water and wine to the priest for offering at the Holy Sacrifice. They thereby gain a nearer proximity to the Blessed Sacrament, closely collaborating with the ministry of the subdeacon. Acolytes are to attain to holiness of life so as to imitate their divine Savior who is “the light of the world.”

Please remember these fine young men and all the holy priests of the FSSP in your prayers.

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  1. I was there for Minor Orders. It was beautiful! At the reception the Abp. walked around and talked to pretty much everyone.
    The seminary is busting at the seams. The class that received exorcist/acolyte had 18 in it in the first year, and still has 11. That's incredible, since usually 3 or 4 would be left. Only five received the exorcist/acolyte that day, though.

  2. Whoops, I got the classes confused. Only five were ordained porter/lector, and one decided to wait. The whole exorcist/acolyte was ordained. Sorry.

  3. Is Bishop Bruskewitz now an Archbishop?

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    That's not Bruskewitz, it's His Excellency Archbishop Pendergrast of Ottawa.

  5. Clinton R.7:54 PM

    Lord Jesus, bless these faithful men who You have chosen to continue the work of the Apostles. May each day, You strengthen them against the lion that roams the earth. May Our Blessed Mother pray for them. May St. Peter, St. Paul and the angels, martyrs and saints pray for them.

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Anon, please adhere to our policy and use a name the next time you post. The instructions are above the comment box. Thanks

  7. capebretoner10:56 PM

    Archbishop Pendergrast is a shining light for the Church in Canada!

  8. Gratias7:44 AM

    A good financial investment is the Seminary of our Lady of Guadalupe. Tax free and they are always very grateful. Each FSSP priest will offer thousands of Extraordinary (true) masses in his lifetime. Deo Gratias Fraternitas.

  9. Fortiter Pugnem said...

    "The seminary is busting at the seams."

    This is so beautiful to see, more and more young men called to the Roman Catholic Priesthood.
    No matter whether or not Bishop Fellay can have the SSPX Order "regularized" now - whatever is God's will - or later, there will be more and more truly Traditional Roman Catholic Priests for Holy Mother Church! Sometimes I think Our Lord and His Blessed Mother have let much time go by so that once the SSPX IS "regularized" the Pope, now, or in the future will have an Army of Holy Priests to back him from MANY Orders along with the ever growing and burgeoning SSPX. So much HOPE!!!


    The power of the cassock
    Is to lure
    Like fishermen
    To nets secure.

    The power of the cassock
    Ebony shine
    A hull of hues
    On deck Divine.

    The power of the cassock
    Anchors the man
    Dead to the world
    In his sea-span.

    The power of the cassock
    Weighted strength
    Before the mast
    It's linen length.

    The power of the cassock
    Sails your soul
    To greater depths
    From shallow shoal.

    The power of the cassock
    Captains' pure.
    The fishermen
    Our land-locked cure.

    Viva Cristo REY!!!!

  10. Gorgeous. It's too bad no priest in my area offers the traditional Mass. I would love to discern a vocation with a traditional order, but I doubt they would even consider a candidate who can only attend the novus ordo.

  11. Anonymous8:36 PM

    RSG, I don't think the FSSP would have any problem taking someone who only attends the NO Mass because they have no other option. That's why they exist, to end this crisis!

    If you really want to talk to someone, email me and I'll introduce you to someone.

    P.S. You can watch a daily FSSP Mass at 9 am online every day.

  12. RSG,
    Don't worry! You would be shocked at the number of seminarians who barely attend the TLM who apply. Last year, a friend of a friend went to a TLM for the first time. He walked out and said "I want to be a priest like that." He was at OLGS that fall. (He only went for one year, though). Some of them show up and have never even heard Latin before. You are not alone. God Bless! My prayers are with you!

  13. Cunctator7:22 PM

    1) Mgr. Prendergast (not Pendergrast);
    2) Puto episcopum Mgr. Bruskewitz esse (source: FSSP).


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