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Developments in the City of Rome

Messa in Latino reports the following news:

1) The Opus Dei-run Minor Basilica of Sant' Eugenio inaugurated its weekly Mass according to the 1962 Missal on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011. This Mass will be celebrated at 4:00 P.M. until the fourth Sunday of Advent (December 18). The final schedule will be announced by January. The Basilica's Traditional Latin Masses used to be held every third Saturday of the month. (Read the original article on MiL.)

To our knowledge this is the first-ever publicly-accessible every-Sunday TLM to be inaugurated in any church or oratory under the care of Opus Dei.

2) Beginning on December 6 (the feast of St. Nicholas of Bari) the Pontifical Athanaeum Regina Apostolorum (run by the Legionaries of Christ) will have Mass according to the 1962 Missal every Tuesday at 1:00 P.M. This will make Regina Apostolorum the sole Pontifical University in Rome currently with a regularly-scheduled and publicly-announced TLM. (Source.)

It should be noted that there used to be a regularly-scheduled daily Traditional Latin Mass in the Rectory of the Pontifical University of St. Anthony (the "Antonianum" of the Order of Friars Minor). This Mass was established sometime after Summorum Pontificum and was "suppressed" according to Messa in Latino sometime in the middle of 2009. (It is still listed on some un-updated Internet lists of TLM's in Rome, but no longer on either MiL's list or on WikkiMissa's page for Latium.)

Prior to this, an every-Wednesday Mass according to the pre-Conciliar Dominican Rite was established in the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (the famed "Angelicum") in 2005, with the professor of Church history Fr. Paul-Bernard Hodel OP as the celebrant; this ceased to be offered after some time. (You can read about this Mass here.)

Hopefully, the Mass at the Regina Apostolorum will fare better, and will endure for far longer.


  1. Brick by brick, tradition slowly returns.

  2. I would like to hope that other houses of Opus Dei will also follow their primary Church and will also begin to celebrate the Mass of Ages, the one that its founder always celebrated.

  3. For a regularly updated and as far as possibly complete list of traditional Masses in Italy, see

  4. Gratias10:12 PM

    If the Opus Dei starts offering the forma extraordinaria Mass generally, this could be a turning point for tradition. Seems that obedience to the Pope should include offering the EF. Once they get a taste of the ancient Mass there will be no way back for many numeraries.

    I think that this Mass is scheduled monthly, not every-Sunday.

    Nevertheless this is a great step because the Opus Dei is a worldwide organization. We really need to make the Latin Mass available in Latin America, and The Work has a strong presence there.

  5. I recently attended a daily mass in the chapel of the headquarters of Opus Dei (where St. Josemaria's mortal remains are entombed). The daily mass was a Latin Novus Ordo with only the readings and homily in Italian. The altar also had a Benedictine arrangment with candles and a large altar crucifix. The way the chapel is set up over the tomb makes it impossible to have mass ad orientem.

  6. Peterman10:51 PM

    What is "the work" without the TLM? Hopefully they're coming to realize this.

  7. For the second week in a row aided by the new translation, I assisted at a "conservative/moderate" Dallas, Texas, Novus Ordo Mass.

    Despite hopeful messages posted last week on various conservative blogs — some posters said that they had shed tears of joy in regard to the new translation — I encountered the same banal Novus Ordo liturgy that I have experienced for decades.

    The "conservative/moderate" presider made several jokes...Marty Haugen liturgical music...Sanctuary filled with laymen (women, actually)...perhaps 40 percent of communicants walked directly from the EMs to the parking lot...much chatter...same old Novus Ordo experience.

    Yes, we're just two weeks into the new translation, but I don't belive that the new translation will do much to improve the Novus Ordo.

    At home, I watched my FSSP video of the Traditional Roman Mass.

    There simply isn't any comparison between the "two forms" of the Roman Rite.

    I pray that Opus Dei offers the Traditional Roman Mass regularly.

    To repeat Gratias' comment, "if the Opus Dei starts offering the forma extraordinaria Mass generally, this could be a turning point for tradition."

    Forget the new translation. Forget the possibility of a hybrid Mass.

    Please, please Opus Dei, offer the Traditional Roman Mass regularly.


  8. Great news!

    I have long respected Opus Dei's stringent conservative strictures. The melding of this with with the TLM could be a match made in heaven!

  9. Alsaticus12:09 AM

    Very good news.

    It is symbolic but goes in the right way.

    The decision of the university bears more consequences with the variety of people that are visiting it. But this still timid gesture from the Opus Dei is good to be underlined.

  10. For the second week in a row aided by the new translation, I assisted at a "conservative/moderate" Dallas, Texas, Novus Ordo Mass.
    Despite hopeful messages posted last week on various conservative blogs — some posters said that they had shed tears of joy in regard to the new translation — I encountered the same banal Novus Ordo liturgy that I have experienced for decades.

    REALLY?? Not even two weeks into the new translation, and that parish STILL hasn't been miraculously transformed? Isn't positive change always something that happens instantaneously and with no effort or struggle or suffering???

  11. Let those with ears to hear, hear.

    So we have been told. Let us believe it.

    Yes, at my NO parish, there are still gigantic problems--bad music, lay people all over the place, 20 people splitting right after Communion, etc.--but the young priest, a very intelligent, pious man, preached on Confession, mentioned mortal sin, hit all the right notes--and the language of the liturgy is seriously better.

    Thanksgiving to God often calls down more graces...

  12. That's big news about the Legionaries too. They always used to discourage the TLM.

  13. "REALLY?? Not even two weeks into the new translation, and that parish STILL hasn't been miraculously transformed?"

    I KNOW!! Not even two weeks into the new translation and the concocted Eucharistic Prayers, Communion in the hand, EMs, Lectionary, altar girls, etc., remain miraculousy in place.

    But I guess that I shouldn't get worked up as Pope Benedict XVI made clear the following:

    Not good...

    "The use of the old Missal presupposes a certain degree of liturgical formation and some knowledge of the Latin language; neither of these is found very often.

    "Already from these concrete presuppositions, it is clearly seen that the new Missal will certainly remain the ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, not only on account of the juridical norms, but also because of the actual situation of the communities of the faithful."

    Lots of Novus Ordo...TLM's not very often.

    Oh, well.


  14. Nice to see Opus Dei finally getting on the EF track. I was surprised they didn't come out in favor of it given that St. Josemaria only celebrated the old rite.
    But then, given the punches they took with the Da Vinci Code, I suspect they don't wish to be in the limelight so soon.

  15. Frank I4:44 AM

    To Those Who Love the TLM:

    How interesting that the Legion of Christ is holding the EF Mass at its university in Rome!

    Do yourselves a favor and steer clear of the Legion of Christ. This congregation was founded by the Rev. Marcial Maciel, a pedarast who also fathered children with at least two separate women. In addition to buggering his own seminarians (most of whom were children and young boys), Maciel's own biological children have charged that he sexually abused them too.

    Throughout its history, the Legion has been completely hostile to the TLM, even going as far to forbide its priests from celebrating the ancient liturgy. It is entirely reasonable to be suspicious of this Johnny-come-lately appreciation for the EF by the Legion. Most likely it is just another one of the Legion's marketing initiatives.

    For more information about the Legion and its lay branch, Regnum Christi, one can read here:

  16. "Most likely it is just another one of the Legion's marketing initiatives...."

    Very well expressed. In fact, this is the problem with many of the initiatives for The Latin Mass - marketing strategies. One has to remark too that the odd hours do nothing to help it become significant. Moreover, initiatives such as these frequently disappear some time later as has occurred with Latin Masses elsewhere.

  17. Van Knacular10:24 PM

    "Most likely it is just another one of the Legion's marketing initiatives...." And don't worry, i'll bet Rome to a pebble that this is exactly behind The Works new found fondness of the Ex-Form.

  18. Listen to what the Vatican has to say about the Legion of Christ, not what "Frank I said" has so say. It's slightly more reliable as to how one should be involved... For example instead of insinuating that because it was founded by a man who did horrible things that the whole movement is condemned and doomed to fail, the Holy Father has said in this past year that even though there were problems, the Legion is important and even that the Church needs its vigor and enthusiasm. The Legion never discouraged the TLM, it has always simply followed the example of Rome. The Legion began training priests in the TLM after Summorum Pontificum...however it hasn't exactly been on their priority list...

  19. Yes, listen to what "The Vatican" says because those in the Curia never steer us wrong. I was in Regnum Christ (Legion's lay movement) for over ten years. When Maciel finally died, the current leadership informed us that he was a 'saint', that false accusers, including, apparently the Pope, had exiled him and eventually he would be rehabilitated. The Legion still has those same leaders and they are liars just like their founder. I also remember the outright disdain they had for the Latin Mass. Now their seminarians keep popping in to our local Masses. Their numbers have fallen so now they are trolling even among traditionalists! Use the links given above by Frank - they reveal the truth about this pernicious group.

  20. Barbara, its amazing that you say that because I have also been in Regnum Christi for more than ten years after converting from atheism (because of a Legionary) who showed me Aquinas. Not only that, but I was a novice that can testify that I have not met one man in the order who is not striving to build the Church and love Christ to the best of his ability. Many of them are living saints (make all the O that's what they said about Maciel jokes you want), the fact is that somehow duping people to act a certain way, in this case worked. And the men are perservering. 49 men will be ordained deacons this year in Rome. For you to paint everyone with a black brush like this is not only imprudent, I might also say it is wrong--you seem to believe you are omniscient. Take another look at Regnum Christi when you get a chance. You know as well as I that the LC policy is to follow the example of the Pope to the utmost he celebrates the Tridentine mass (now there is great reason to believe so especially after SP) then they will. There are a couple people that just seem bitter that ecclesial movements are starting to implement would think they would be happy and not bitter. These groups are doing it for the salvation of souls...not for the spreading of the traditional appears many people don't understand the difference. One is a means to an end....others have the liturgy as the end in itself. Get your head on straight please so you don't give traditionalists a bad name. Thanks.


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