Rorate Caeli

Six years of Pontificate and the Sacred Liturgy:
So this is it?

The evangelization of Latin America was made with the traditional rites of one Church: the Latin Church. One Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, or very slight variations of it. We must start with this note because so much today is justified with the need for "inculturation"... But what "inculturation" is necessary in Latin America when each of the countries in the vast region was evangelized with all kinds of instruments (catechisms in native languages, the holy examples and martyrdom of thousands of priests and religious, the careful evangelization of the new arrivals - those coming from Catholic Europe or those enslaved and brought by force from Africa), but with only one liturgy?

November 20, 2011:
An "Afro Mass" in the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in the city of Canguçu, 
Archdiocese of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul (southern Brazil)

Therefore, all post-Conciliar "inculturated rites" in Latin America are purely false, artifices made up and foistered upon unsuspecting spectators by evil agents whose purpose is to desensitize those who once were firmly Catholic. 

Some "conservative" Catholics try to justify these egregious abuses in the name of "inculturation", as if Latin America had not been evangelized before any place north of the Rio Grande. It is a condescending and disrespectful view, that demeans those living in these areas of ancient and deep Spanish and Portuguese Catholic heritage.

No: their Mass was the Traditional Latin Mass. It was the Mass of Saint Juan Diego, of Saint Rose of Lima, of Saint Martin de Porres, of Saint Friar Galvao.

This is the real state of the "Reform of the Reform" of the "Ordinary Form" after six years of Pontificate: very little change. No cardinalatial letters, no speeches, no non-binding documents, no non-binding "personal preferences of the celebrant" (such as the "Benedictine arrangement" or non-binding communion on the tongue), and no new (or new-new) translations will change things for the vast majority of Catholics worldwide because they cannot change the essence of the New Mass, a liturgy for the worship of man, as beautifully explained by Don Pietro Leone in his special series The Roman Rite: Old and New.

In six years, the change that actually improved the lives of countless Catholics had just one name: Summorum Pontificum. If only those in Rome took note of this!