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Consistory announcement Friday at noon?

It is what several different Italian sources say today. The Holy Father would create 15 new Cardinals, and the consistory would be held on Saturday, February 18, the last Saturday before Ash Wednesday (or on the eve of Quinquagesima Sunday, in the immemorial Calendar of the Church of Rome).

The soon-to-be-announced event will be Benedict XVI’s fourth consistory. Cardinals created by Benedict XVI having the right to vote in the conclave will exceed, for the first time, those appointed by Wojtyla. In the November 2010 consistory, half the posts were assigned to heads of dicasteries and offices of the Roman Curia. This time there could be even more. The dicastery heads waiting to be made cardinal are: the Italians Fernando Filoni (Prefect of Propaganda Fide), Domenico Calcagno, (President of APSA), Giuseppe Bertello (President of the Governorship of the State of Vatican City), and Giuseppe Versaldi (President of the Prefect for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See but also Bishop of Alexandria); the Brazilian João Braz de Avi[z] (former Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher) [actually, the Prefect of the Congregation for Religious], the Spaniard Santos Abril y Castelló (Dean of the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore), and the new Major Penitentiary of the Holy Roman Church, the Portuguese Manuel Monteiro Castro, appointed just yesterday. Another Italian curial add to this list is Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts.

Regarding names in diocesan sees, several names are advanced - it seems likely that the practice of this Pope of avoiding creating Cardinals in sees whose emeriti are still Cardinal-electors will continue.

What about Rino Fisichella?... Remember him? The man responsible for the gravest public curial declarations of the entire pontificate, when he was head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, basically opening the doors, in an article published in L'Osservatore Romano, to abortions in a 'desperate' situation? He is now head of the Pontifical Council for the "New Evangelization", and his name is always present in the lists of possible cardinals. Here's hoping he is not rewarded for his indelible scandalous declaration.


  1. will exceed, for the first time, those appointed by Wojtyla

    Excellent news.

  2. Please God, Vincent Nichols will not be included on any such list. His elevation would be a scandal here in the UK. We cling to the faint hope that because his predecessor in Westminster is still under 80, VN will not be elevated.

  3. Vladfelzman11:14 PM

    Once Vincent Nichols' predecessor is 80, Vinny's red biretta is secure. The man could open an abortion clinic in the square in front of his cathedral and Benedict XVI would still make him a cardinal

  4. the immemorial Calendar of the Church of Rome)...

    I call it the Calendar for Real Catholics.

    There is a Calendar filled with Ordinary This and Ordinary That fit for Conservatives but who marks Salvation History with such temporal titles and which titles reveal a secular and spiritually deracinated weltanschauung?

  5. "I call it the Calendar for Real Catholics."

    Did you get the consent of your local Ordinary before writing that? You do notice you are using the name "Catholic" there, right?

  6. P.K.T.P.11:24 PM

    Let's say a little prayer that Archbishop Collins of Toronto not be elevated. He so richly deserves not to be.


  7. Dear New Catholic. As the Founder and Head of ABE Ministry, I have authorised my own self to use the name, Catholic.

  8. What about abp Leonard from Brussel, why not. bp Hounder from Chur. Hope bp-s Schneider, Aillot anf Rey and Oliveri will be transfferd to any cardinal see (for instance Cologne will be soon free - esspecialy fo bp Atanasius Schneider).

  9. No conclave speculation, please. Let us pray for His Holiness.



  10. Cardinal Schneider seconded.

  11. Gratias7:27 AM

    So many modernists were hoping Benedict XVI would be a transitory Pope. Thanks be to The Father, Son and Holy Spirit for keeping him for seven years and sharp as a tack. The appointment of Cardinals will be the Pope's main legacy. Please Holy Father, include a many Traditional Bishops that have participated in the Traditional Latin Liturgy in this Consitory. Those bi-ritual bishops are the only ones that understand that our Church has two valid rite forms. At present they number only 250 out of the 5000 bishops world wide.

    As I pray daily: dear God please grant our Pope Benedict many more years, so that Summorum Pontificum can take root among the Catholic Church. To this we can today add: may Benedict nominate many more Cardinals in future.g God has given us a great gift in this Holy successor of Peter.

  12. Michal Semin8:07 AM

    Among the new cardinals, according to my sources, will be Archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka. He is a Dominican with strong modernist leanings. He is also opposed to the traditional Latin Mass, calling it a "Baroque artifact for Baroque times". In a recent interview for a Czech tabloid "Blesk" he opined that the very existence of hell is not certain. He was approached by a Catholic journalist to verify the claim and he received a note from his office that the interview was duly authorized. Archbishop Duka also publicly supports in vitro fertilization if abortion of unwanted "extra fetuses" is avoided.

  13. J.G. Ratkaj11:32 AM

    It is highly gratifying that His Holiness continues to promote primarily italians and curials to the sacred college. A very wise policy, that is much to be hoped to continue!

  14. Michal Semin is prooved correct!

  15. DefensorFidei4:14 PM

    "Please Holy Father, include a many Traditional Bishops that have participated in the Traditional Latin Liturgy in this Consitory.""

    Not one of the twenty two new Cardinals have offered the Traditional Latin Mass publicly ever since Summorum Pontificum came into effect.

    "Those bi-ritual bishops are the only ones that understand that our Church has two valid rite forms"

    Not necessarily. Many of the "250 bishops" didn't actually celebrate a Traditional Mass, but merely attended one, or attended / presided over a traditional Vespers, or a traditional Benediction, or a traditional funeral. Most of the 250 have done so only once or twice, and very few of them do so with any regularity.

    Sorry but that's just the way it is.

  16. I admit to opening the list of new cardinals with the utmost dread - that I would find the name of Fisichella there.

    Deo gratias.



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