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Event: Solemn Pontifical Mass on Candlemas - Miami, FL

We announced this a while ago, but now we have learned the event's full details:

On the Feast of Candlemas, February 2, 2012, His Excellency, Thomas G. Wenski, Archbishop of Miami, will celebrate a Solemn Pontifical High Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The mass is scheduled for 7:30pm at the Church of the Epiphany in South Miami, and will be preceded by the traditional blessing of the candles and a procession.

Epiphany Catholic Church [Address on Google Maps]

The Liturgy will include the distribution of candles for the Feast, as well as a procession of the clerics around the interior of the church.

The assistant clerics will include the Very Rev. Msgr. J. O'Doherty (Archdiocese of Miami), the Rev. Fr. Guy Nicholls (Birmingham Oratory), the Rev. Fr. C. Saenz (Society of Jesus) - as well as the Rev. Frs. J. Fryar, J. Nolan, and B. Austin, of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

The Florida Schola Cantorum, under the direction of Rev. Dr. Edward Schaefer will sing Wadsworth's Missa Brevis, and the Women's Schola Cantorum will sing the Gregorian Chant propers for the Mass and Terce, under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Donelson.

The Pontifical Mass will be broadcast by Live Mass [in Rorate's sidebar links], and also by iMass (app for iOS devices), starting at 1930 EST on Feb. 2 (0030 GMT +1d). The Rev. Fr. C. Goodwin FSSP will be joining Live Mass as commentator for this Liturgy.

Additional details (click for larger image):

[Source: FSSP North America]


  1. VirgoPotens8:45 PM

    Wow. Yeah, I'd say Archbishop Favalora is really, really retired.

  2. Favalora is retired but unfortunately most of his minions are not.

    But this is very good news, even though this mass will only be heard by a minutiae fraction of Miami's many Catholics (many of whom are Santeristas), it is still a symbolic gesture. (Bugnini is not rolling, but spinning in his grave!)

  3. Bob F.9:29 PM

    Great news. Archbishop Wenski seems like the kinda guy who will make things happen, the Falco type as it were.

    I once had the pleasure of dining with his excellency. As we were making small talk, he told me that he loved biking, so I starting telling him about how I enjoy triathlons, but always loose steam on the biking leg.

    He then interrupted, "Not that kind of bike. I ride a Harley."

    I got quite a kick out of that.

    John Allen has speculated that Miami could become a cardinalatial see. I would not mind seeing a red hat on his head in the future.

  4. Considering the territory, this is indeed great news.

    But what is up with the music? I can't say I am a fan of the brand new setting for the ordinary of the Mass, or having a women's schola chant the propers of the Mass. Both seem awfully odd choices for a traditional Latin pontifical High Mass.

  5. Musical and rubrical nitpicking always come up in these kinds of posts - even when the events have not even taken place...

    The building is being rebuilt from scratch. Rejoice, pray, and be helpful and positive.

    All other critical comments here will be blocked or deleted.

    Thank you.


  6. Thank you NC.
    We are all trying to build from scratch and what we most need is prayerful support for what is
    truly a historic event in the Archdiocese of Miami.
    Hopefully there will be a great turn-out of local priests and faithful and hopefully this will all lead to more and more local Catholics regularly participating in the EF of the Roman Rite as well as one day soon the establishment of a personal parish for the EF.

  7. Ok Archbishop Wenski has a lot of cleaning up to do in the Archdiocese of Miami before we start talking Cardinal. First up completely gutting that cesspool of a seminary Miami has!

  8. Peterman3:15 AM

    This is a great start. Now they need a processions all around that city and a call for fasting for reparation. I honestly believe they're lucky that city hasn't been blown off the map by a hurricane.

    It looks like the FSSP will be expanding east into Miami this is good.
    Now, if we could just get something going over here in the diocese of St Pete. A daily TLM would be a great start.

  9. Gratias7:49 AM

    Just in case you have never been to a Solemn High Mass, a very nice Easter 1941 celebration narrated by Bp Sheen is available online:

  10. Steve3:27 PM

    As noted, this Mass is being held in conjunction with a symposium celebrating the monumental organ work "L'Orgue Mystique" of Charles Tournemire. This music itself is a celebration of Gregorian Chant. Every composition is based on the Gregorian Propers of the Mass. This event is a blessing in every way!

  11. This would have been unthinkable under Favalora. Don't understate how big a step forward this is.

    But that Archdiocese is such a mess in so many other ways...I don't envy the good archbishop at all. It's the Augean stables. Someone divert a river.

  12. I pray this inspires the closet trads in Florida, especially priests and seminarians. Archbishop Wenski is REALLY going against the grain here! I'm very thankful for the work the FSSP has done in my area, and pray for welcoming to the rest of Florida.

  13. Peterman12:34 AM

    A lot of prayers are needed Scott. South of the Skyway yuo've got it made for a TLM mass every day. But Pinellas is a different story. I think I may ask Bishop Lynch if the FSSP could start a mass in Pinellas. I don't imagine it can hurt to ask, we've got the most densely populated county south of New Jersey here and a FSSP chapel here would be packed.

  14. Fr. J Nolan FSSP? There can only be one....this is the first I am hearing he will be gone- he is our assistant chaplain.


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