Rorate Caeli

The New Patriarch of Venice

As predicted earlier, the Pope today appointed Bishop Francesco Moraglia of La Spezia-Sarzana-Brugnato, Italy, as Patriarch of Venice.


Tancred said...

Don't forget, he's a Siri man.

Louis E. said...

With two cardinals ordained priests by Siri and a third about to be elevated,this Patriarch would make four as of the 2013/4 consistory.
And I see Guido Marini was Siri's trainbearer as a deacon...does any other cardinal of Siri's era have a similar legacy in the College?

Also appointed today was a new Vicegerent of the Diocese of Rome,the Carmelite Filippo Iannone,who had previously run a diocese on his own.It's a bit unusual to move from being an ordinary to being a number three (behind the Pope and Vicar General) but so (these days) is his Doctorate in utroque iure.

GQ Rep said...

Are these people all good traditionalists in whom we should rejoice for the Church, or are they more of the same as have been appointed over the last several months....liberals and in some cases even radicals.

I don't know much about Tagle in the Phillipines, but nothing I have read about the man has been good with regards to Catholic tradition. And I know there have been others of the same stripe recently appointed to the Curia and elsewhere.