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Almost 5 years after Summorum:
In Trent, the chancery hates the "Tridentine" Mass

Another reason not to call it the "Tridentine" Mass - in the Archdiocese of Trent, the chancery hates it.
The Association "Sacra Liturgia" invites to the conference "Beauty in Sacred Art and in the Liturgy," with the pontifical ceremoniary Mons. Marco Agostini, which will take place in Trent on Saturday, February 11, at 1700, in the great hall of the Major Seminary. The Feininger Choir will present some Gregorian chants. On the following day, Sunday, February 12, the Mass will be celebrated in the Seminary, at 1800.

Regarding this, this was the note of the diocesan press office:
"It is the constant and prioritary concern of our Diocesan Church the effort that the liturgical celebrations be the summit and source of Christian life, with an active participation of the faithful, and convergence of the various ministries.

"The initiative, taken by a diocesan priest, of promoting the celebration of H. Mass according to the ancient rite in the Diocesan Seminary is occasional. Although within the scope of catholicity, the initiative is personal and brings forth some perplexity; precisely for this, the choice of place intends to make clear that those to whom the celebration is destined are those persons capable of understanding it and participating in it, any form of spectacle being excluded.

"Regarding this, it is affirmed that the Council of Trent did not choose a single rite, and that Pope Benedict XVI has supported the one approved by Paul VI, but has consented that also the rite approved by Pope John XXIII, which, with successive modifications, dated from Pope Pius V, may be celebrated, in the presence of specific conditions.

"It is recalled that, also on the occasion of this celebration, as for other events, access to the Seminary church and square is not indiscriminately granted to the public."

We are often accused of wishing to promote "scandal" by mentioning the shameful shenanigans which seem to be inseparable from the celebration of the "Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite", the Mass of Paul VI. Yes, we are fully aware that there are a handful of places around the world where it is celebrated "reverently", according to variable unpublished standards - but other kinds of celebrations have been part and parcel of this Rite from the beginning, and they are in most cases considered quite legitimate. In fact, they are promoted from the highest places, and are the ordinary part of Church life everywhere worldwide.

We bring this up only because, on the very same day on which the above note was published, with "perplexity" for a single celebration in the only rite Trent knew for centuries (and for a millenium before the Council of Trent, in celebrations identical to the Traditional Mass or almost indistinguishable from it), the Archdiocese published as its main event for that same Saturday (Feb. 11) a "Rock Mass" (Messa Rock), with the participation of "Trent metal band 'High Voltage'":

Honestly, we are not the ones who cause scandal. The Archdiocesan Curia is, by publicly shaming a priest and faithful who are merely exercizing their (literally) God-given  papally-recognized rights, and limiting them - at the very same time they promote a "Metal Mass".

Shame on the Trent Curia: vergogna!!

[Tip and source: Messa in Latino]