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Plenary indulgence reminder: Fridays in Lent

8 §1. A plenary indulgence is granted to the Christian faithful who:


2° in any Friday in the season of Lent piously recite the prayer En ego, o bone et dulcissime Iesu, before an image of the Crucified Jesus Christ after communion; ...
(Reference: Enchiridion Indulgentiarum, 4th edition, al. concessiones.)

. . .

The En ego is quite well known - it is published in Breviaries and Missals, as well as in all missals for the use of the lay faithful, usually in the section dedicated to thanksgiving after Mass:

En ego, o bone et dulcissime Iesu, ante conspectum tuum genibus me provolvo, ac maximo animi ardore te oro atque obtestor, ut meum in cor vividos fidei, spei et caritatis sensus, atque veram peccatorum meorum paenitentiam, eaque emendandi firmissimam voluntatem velis imprimere; dum magno animi affectu et dolore tua quinque vulnera mecum ipse considero, ac mente contemplor, illud prae oculis habens, quod iam in ore ponebat tuo David Propheta de te, o bone Iesu: «Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos; dinumeraverunt omnia ossa mea». (Behold, o good and most sweet Jesus, I fall upon my knees before Thee, and with most fervent desire beg and beseech Thee that Thou wouldst impress upon my heart a lively sense of faith, hope and charity, true repentance for my sins, and a firm resolve to make amends. And with deep affection and grief, I reflect upon Thy five wounds, having before my eyes that which Thy prophet David spoke about Thee, o good Jesus: "They have pierced my hands and feet, they have counted all my bones.")


  1. Does it have to be an image of the Jesus Crucified or it can be a crucifix also?

  2. Anyone have a good and detail link on what is exactly "attachment to sin" that we supposedly shouldn't have to gain a plenary indulgence?

  3. Dear Marko,

    No, it can be any portrayal, and a crucifix is the supreme portrayal of the Crucified Lord.


  4. Andrew K12:29 PM

    I was under the understanding that the En Ego was always "available" for a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions, etc)?...

    Is it really just applicable to Lenten Fridays after Communion?

    Maybe I'm a dumbdumb

  5. No, in other circumstances the recitation of the En ego allows for the granting of a partial indulgence (see 8, §2, 2°).

  6. Brian4:14 PM

    What a beatiful prayer. I am embarrassed to say that I had never heard of it before. Thank you, New Catholic.


  7. Postmodern Catholic11:54 PM

    Are usual conditions are required i.e. confession, communion?

  8. Andrew K12:16 AM

    Oh man, here I was thinking the En ego was plenary.

    I *am* a dumbdumb!

    Thank you! I love this blog.

  9. Jonathan7:49 PM

    @Andrew K:

    The Baronius Press missal does indeed state that the En ego has a plenary indulgence attached, with no mention of Lenten-time restrictions. I assume this is an error on the publisher's part. Perhaps the prayer previously had a plenary indulgence attached at all times of the year?

  10. Yes, that was the case. It is a rare case in which, at least for plenary indulgences, the 2002 regimen is more restrictive than pre-Indulgentiarum Doctrina concessions.

  11. Andrew K9:33 PM

    Ohhh... ok! That makes sense. I have the Angelus Press missal, and I think they use (roughly) the same texts. Which would explain it.

    Silly Vatican.

    Thanks. :)

  12. Catholic Tim10:35 PM

    Did I just wake up in a Time Warp !

    Please a little help here...

    I just attended a pre-Lenten/RCIA retreat in ArchDiocese of Detroit parish and

    I was amazed to hear the DRE say Catholics are only obliged to fast on Ash Weds and Good Fridays during Lent !!!

    I am 48 years old and have NEVER
    heard such a thing. Not once in my life have I ever heard a priest announce that we fast two days during Lent.

    When I asked for clarification.
    She was equally dumbfounded that I
    have been fasting in such a manner ... she said she NEVER heard of any one fasting in such a manner.

    So much for the Lenten hymn...

    "These 40 days of Lent O Lord with you we fast and pray, teach us to discipline our wills and follow Lord your way.."

    Please, someone comment...
    did we or did we not fast on the
    days of the week and Saturdays of Lent.

    Apparently, the rules are changed
    but I never got the note.

    I just cant fathom Lent without
    fasting I MEAN WHATS THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL oops stop shouting

    some may say, oh just continue your personal practice but it isn't the same as when the Church obliged/mandated the practice

  13. Yes, that is the case, Catholic Tim, as defined by the current Code of Canon Law, Can. 1251. Naturally, one can do more, though a blog or an internet forum are not the place to discuss its merits, but rather one's confessor or spiritual director. An important point to remember in any event is that, although fasting and abstinence requirements used to be more rigorous, there was always great variety of observance in different nations, due to different kinds of indults.

  14. Catholic Tim9:36 PM

    Thank you New Catholic,

    I'll observe the new and stated norms
    so as to be in conformity and unity with a spirit of humble submission to the Church's wisdom.

    Thanks !


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