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You report: Solemn High Mass in Trenton, NJ

A reader sends us this report:
The first diocesan  Solemn High Mass in Trenton since the implemention of the Novus Ordo was celebrated on Feb. 19 at the church of St. Anthony in Hamilton, New Jersey, with approximately 650 people in attendence. The celebrant was Fr. Brian Woodrow, the Deacon was Fr. Kevin Kimtis, and the Subdeacon was Fr. Todd Carter. All are diocesan priests who have been ordained in the past few years.

Fr. Brian Woodrow has been given the responsibility by Bishop David M. O'Connell to promote the Extraordinary Form throughout the Diocese. Students from the nearby Westminster Choir College came to sing the Schubert Mass in G for the occasion. Weekly High Masses will continue at St. Anthony's at 12:15 on Sundays. Other images of the mass may be viewed here.


Jim Craig said...

The best part was that they all had their backs turned on that pathetic little "table".

IM said...

Pretty!! The diocese seems to have a smiling priest dedicated to the promotion of the Tridentine Mass!

And there will be a weekly High Mass now! Awesome news and many pretty pics!

Gratias said...

Wonderful news for our Church. I think that getting Diocesan priests involved is the best way forward. It is essential for the TLM to be offered in regular parishes, giving the fitful the choice of just coming for a peek. If they stay for the entire mass they will be hooked forever. As we were. We are beginning to see Solemn Masses offered all over America's fruited plain. What a difference Summorum Pontificum makes! The most important thing is that this New Jersey Latin Mass will be offered every-Sunday.

Patrick Langan said...

Pray for Scotland and to St Andrew that Cardinal Keith Patrick O`Brien will continue to promote the E F and Solemn High Mass throughout our blessed Scotland

Deo Gratias said...

Impressive! It does my soul good to see the young priests!