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In Pictures: Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Philippines

The official blog of the Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Joseph has published photographs of the Solemn Pontifical Mass celebrated today by the Archbishop of Cebu and the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, Msgr. Jose Palma D.D. (Rorate announced this Mass a few days ago.)


Gratias said...

Thank you Bishop Palma. The Philippines are Catholic islands and the example of the chair of the bishops is most important. Hopefully other bishops will see the light and lift the prohibitions of the Mass of the Ages and obey the wishes and legislation of Pope.

Allowing the TLM is the best way to encourage the year of Faith this November. Traditional masses build a strong faith.

Crux Fidelis said...

Two SSPX Fathers attended this Latin Mass. And they genuflected and kissed the ring of Archbishop Palma at the sacristy after the Mass. Nothing really surprising with that gesture but considering the current controversies and debates between Rome and SSPX, this was really inspiring and heart-warming!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! As Head of the Catholic Church in Cebu you set a very good example for the rest to follow and obedient to the Holy Father for the Tridentine Latin Mass.
God Bless of all you!erefund

RicardoY said...

Bravo! Your Grace, you have put forward all your sheep in the Diocese
to learn his Solemn Mass and in conjunction with the Year of Faith declared by the Pope Benedict XVI. We will pray for you always! God Bless!