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Live event: Watch FSSP Traditional Ordinations, May 19

From our friends at, under the responsibility of Fr. James Fryar, FSSP, a rare opportunity for most people these days: watch a full traditional ceremony of priestly ordinations - May 19, 2012, live from Nebraska.

In a few weeks will broadcast its second remote event. Please put it on your calendar, tell your friends, spread the word!

The Priestly Ordinations for Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary will broadcast LIVE from the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, Nebraska, on Saturday May 19th 2012 at 10:00 AM Central Time, (11:00 AM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific [1500 GMT/UTC, 1700 Central European Summer Time]), on and iMass. The Priestly Ordinations will be administered by His Excellency Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln Nebraska.

The following candidates will be ordained priests for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter:

Rev. Mr. Gregory Eichman FSSP
Rev. Mr. Karl Marsolle FSSP
Rev. Mr. Brian McDonnell FSSP
Rev. Mr. Kevin O'Neil FSSP
Rev. Mr. Kenneth Walker FSSP

Commentary will be given during the broadcast by Rev. Fr. Calvin Goodwin FSSP. This is an opportunity for many people who have never seen an Ordination (nor may likely ever attend one), to be able to view and unite their hearts to this Holy Sacrament and view this breathtaking ceremony from their homes or mobile devices. 


  1. delighted to see two names that speak of Irish heritage among the candidates ... even more delighted to see five men answering God's call whatever their ethnic background!
    Perhaps folk could diary the event to keep these men in their prayers even if they are unable to commit to watching the ordination live?

  2. Francis11:43 AM

    Deo Gratias!!! May God continue to Bless the FSSP with vocations and many Holy priests.

  3. Elizabeth11:54 AM

    Wow, what a blessing. A perfect example of a good use of technology! I won't miss it, that's for sure. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Peterman12:02 PM

    We're such a proud race father Levi, I saw those two Irish names and it made me happy as well.

  5. Dee Dee12:50 PM

    Thank you for the post New Catholic!

  6. Will EWTN carry this event?


    "I am happy to learn that the adherents to your non-Catholic sect (SSPX) are very few in number in the Diocese of Lincoln." (see

  8. I doubt EWTN will televise this. I have noticed that they have not televised a single Latin Mass since 2009 or 2010. Does the "new" management at EWTN forbids it to be shown? Are they hostile to it? Can someone in the know enlighten us, please?

    I think EWTN is missing a great chance to evangelize and bring back the patrimony of the Church by omitting the Latin Mass. For this I am very disappointed and withold my donation somewhat.

  9. Francis4:25 PM

    Unfortunately with Mother Angelica having been ill these last few years EWTN has gone down the road of neo-Catholicism and neo-Conservatism with the new people (mostly protestant converts) running the network. Sadly most of these people loath the TLM and traditional Catholicism.

  10. Matthew Rose4:36 PM


    You might have a look at EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong by Christopher Ferrera. I have not read it myself, but it seems relevant.

  11. Bethany4:37 PM

    God bless the Fraternity!

  12. @Drew: Yes, they televised the consecration of the FSSP's chapel in Spring 2010.

  13. NIANTIC4:53 PM

    Wonderful to see another number of new Traditional Priests being ordained. Holy Church needs them and I pray for many, many more vocations of men totally committed and attached to the Traditional True Mass and Sacraments. Deo Gratias!

  14. Henry4:54 PM

    In response to e-mail and phone inquiries, EWTN has consistently denied having an anti-TLM policy now. Though they candidly admit that the reason they do not televise the ad orientem, largely Latin OF Masses from Mother Angelica's Shrine in Hanceville (SL) is solely because of the bishops policy against televised ad orientem Masses.

    My personal opinion is that EWTN's paying customers prefer the Novus Ordo, and complained when it was pre-empted for quarterly TLMs. Money talks. I understand it can cost $600/minute for a remote live satellite uplink, so a 3-hour pontifical Mass can cost in the 6-figure range. The Paulus Institute paid the full bill for televising the April 2010 TLM at the National Shrine in Washington. But in comparison a webcast is very inexpensive, so I suspect this will be the norm henceforth.

  15. Anonymous5:17 PM

    It cost $20k for that live event that the Paulus Institute coordinated. Not six figures.

  16. Henry6:33 PM

    Thanks, Adfero, that's good to know--that as satellite uploads go, a Mass is a pretty cheap feed. Especially for the next time a generous trad tries to talk turkey about subscribing a TLM on EWTN. I'm pretty sure it's mainly a financial matter, and who will give what it takes.

  17. A. M. D. G.6:48 PM

    ....Though they candidly admit that the reason they do not televise the ad orientem, largely Latin OF Masses from Mother Angelica's Shrine in Hanceville (SL) is solely because of the bishops policy against televised ad orientem Masses....

    Call me crazy, but this sounds, well, crazy!

  18. Francis,

    There is no prohibition on ex-protestant holding such positions.

    EWTN is not hostile to the TLM! They brodcast many TLM's celebrated at the Shrine of the Most Blessed sacrament in Alabama where Mother Angelica lives.

    I think You are being rash in your judgement.

  19. Henry7:46 PM

    Actually, A.M.D.G., that part is true--that EWTN does not televise the daily conventual Mass from the Shrine in Hanceville because of the bishop's policy prohibiting televising the Novus Ordo ad orientem, which is the only way it's celebrated in the Shrine.

    The local bishop first decreed that the NO Mass could not be celebrated ad orientem anywhere in the Diocese of Birmingham. However, upon appeal to Rome--Mother Angelica had a powerful supporter who now has a still higher position--he was advised he lacked the authority to do this. But it turned out that he could still prohibit it's being televised in such a way that would "confuse the faithful" (his alleged reason at the time). And although Mother Angelica had designed the Shrine precisely as a showcase for televised liturgy, she said, ok, we'll not televise the Mass at all from the Shrine, if we can't do it right. And no one has budged since then.

    Now, whereas many of the Poor Clare nuns (and some EWTN friars) love the TLM, whether the business suits who run the network are not prejudice against it, is a matter of opinion. At least, I don't know the actual truth about this.

  20. I look forward to seeing this live, in person, but this is a great opportunity for those who want to travel and can't. One of the Deacons to be ordained was a Transitional Deacon at the parish I attend, and he was excellent. If he is any example of the rest of the Priests-to-be, God willing, the Holy Mother Church is getting a great crop of new priests!

  21. What explanation has this bishop/s ever given on non-televising the Latin Mass? Is it "downright indecent" - to quote then Cardinal Ratzinger on bishops' excuses on opposing the Mass?

    A similar sitation exists in Canada: we have yet to see one televised Latin Mass from either Salt and Light, or from the CCCB's daily televised Mass.

    Conclusion: the Pope is not being obeyed; bring on the SSPX and others to carry forward the Pope's wishes.

  22. Henry9:05 PM

    To clarify, Barona, it is not the Tridentine Mass that (so far as I know) the Bishop of Birmingham prohibits being televised from Mother Angelica's Shrine. Indeed, a Tridentine Mass there was televised live on 9/14/2007--the day of implementation of Summorum Pontificum--and then on a roughly quarterly basis (4 per year) until late 2010.

    It as the ad orientem and greatly Latinate Novus Ordo, which is celebrated daily at the Shrine in such a way (communion on the tongue, kneeling at the altar rail, Gregorian chant, etc.) that pilgrims often indicate afterwards that they think they have attended an "old Latin Mass".

    The original bishop (now retired) who laid down this prohibition circa 2000--under considerable pressure from bishops outside his diocese (allegedly, Cardinal Mahony and the USCCB) said that seeing the Mass celebrated on EWTN this way might "confuse the faithful". At any rate, his successor the current bishop, though apparently fairly friendly to the TLM, which the original bishop now celebrates himself, has not lifted the ban.

  23. Francis9:36 PM

    Nicholas, I think you misread my comment. I didn't say ex-protestants were prohibited from holding such positions. I said these are the people WHO ARE holding alot of these positions at EWTN. Which IMO is one reason the TLM isn't being broadcast or celebrated as much as it should be in Birmingham Alabama and on the network.


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