Rorate Caeli

Audio and video suggestions - Summer edition

On Midsummer Day 1944, Allied troops fought in Normandy and Soviet forces continued their unstoppable westward march. In Vienna, with death, misery and unspeakable crime all around a Reich that was about to crumble, Hans Knappertsbusch conducted the Philharmonic - including an inspiring performance of one of the most well-loved sets ever composed, the Brandenburg Concertos (here a recording of the 3zo, III-Allegro)

Six years later, Robert Bresson would direct his version of Georges Bernanos's most famous novel, Diary of a Country Priest (Journal d'un curé de campagne), released in 1951 - and fully available online (with English subtitles):


What about you: what are your audio and video suggestions for this summer (winter, for our readers in the Southern Hemisphere) - concerts, presentations, motion pictures that can delight and improve our Catholic life?

[We will have a book suggestions thread next week.]