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Bishop under fire for pictures

Alain Castet, Bishop of Luçon, in the Vendée, was in Germany on May 12 for an event. The images of him there have now become known: the pictures that have rocked a diocese...
A "dangerous" event: six new traditional Deacons

From daily "Ouest France":

Malaise in the Church following an ordination 

Bp. Castet was in Germany, for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, on May 12, where he ordained six deacons. A gesture that hurts a part of the Church in Vendée, the Fraternity being perceived as Integrist.

The photos have circulated throughout the diocese. They are found very easily on an internet website. We see in them Bp. Castet ordaining six deacons. The ceremony took place on May 12, at Wigratzbad, in Germany, at the invitation of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. Rage has been brewing in the Vendean Church since then. The Fraternity is in fact considered by some as ultra-Traditionalist.

"They are even Integrist [Fundamentalist]," said someone close to the Bishop, under anonymity.  ... "Too much, this is too much," another priest says, "it is a return to a past that the Bishop proposes to us, we turn our backs to the Vatican II Council." ...

No, they are not kidding. [Source: Le Salon Beige, whose editors add that "you may pray for him" and perhaps send him a message of support at]