Rorate Caeli

Fr. John Hunwicke

As announced previously, John Hunwicke was ordained to the Catholic priesthood on June 27 and celebrated his first Mass as a Catholic priest on June 28, using the pre-Conciliar rites.

Photos of the First Mass
Photos of Ordination


Jack O' Malley said...

Missa Vera! Sacerdos Verus! Axios estin. Deus laudetur.

Why so long delayed? The Church is richer for his priesthood. Angeli cantant in coelis. Ad multos annos, Pater Hunwicke.

Supertradmum said...

Lovely photos, as I was there but am horrible at taking photos and usually do not in Church. The Mass was lovely. We are so fortunate to have Father in our fold.

As to why do long delayed, I do not think people understand the poverty and upset in a family of a priest when he joins the Ordinariate. In fact, the entire group needs money, so those who can should help.