Rorate Caeli

Historic Masses in Mexico and Dominican Republic

1. From Mexico: as previously announced, His Eminence Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, Emeritus Archbishop of Guadalajara, offered Solemn Mass and confirmed some of the faithful according to the old rite in the Nuestra Señora del Pilar church in Guadalajara on June 27, 2012.

The following pictures come from a photogallery in the Facebook page of FSSP in Mexico via Catholicvs and Secretum Meum Mihi

2. On the same day the Dominican Republic witnessed what is said to be its first (canonically-regular) Solemn Mass according to the Traditional Latin rites since the post-Conciliar liturgical reform took effect. The Mass was offered by Fr. Rhone Lillard FSSP in Sto. Domingo. 

This Mass took place at the end of the mission trip of the FSSP St. John Bosco Youth Group (Lincoln, NE) to the Dominican Republic. (This mission trip was announced earlier by Rorate: On a Mission -- For Souls.) H/t to Catholicvus for the photo. 

At present, there is an SSPX priory in the Dominican Republic, but no regular TLM's under diocesan administration. 


Gratias said...

Latin America is where most Catholics are has almost no Diocesan traditional Latin masses. The FSSP apostolate is a foot in the door. The Bishop of Guadalajara sends a huge message. As his ancestors said:

Viva Cristo Rey y Santa Maria de Guadalupe!

Supertradmum said...

It is lovely to see the women in mantillas. I am always surprised when I go to TLMs in London that myself and one other lady usually have mantillas or other head coverings. Why many trad women in England do not cover their heads is odd to me.

Phil_NL said...


I find that perfectly understandable; headcoverings had become the domain of muslims. 100 to 1 a catholic woman doesn't even get the chance to explain the differences to any non-traddie, and I can very well imagine that is too much to pay for a practice that, under current canon law, is optional.

porys said...

Are there any chances that TLM will be celebrated regularly on Hispaniola?

Maricruz said...

I have been at the Templo del Pilar at traditional mass daily while I was in Guadalajara. I met the priests and their Superior Fr. Berg. I will always remember those days as some of the most important of my life since we don´t have yet traditional mass in Costa Rica.
I travelled a month ago just to be at the Solemn Traditional Mass at the Cathedral.
Everyone I met there were just lovely. God be blessed.
Thanks for sharing.

Gratias said...

Maricruz que Dios te bendiga. If possible give us more details of the Iglesia del Pilar and the FSSP apostolare there. You are an unique contact given your strategic location.

Dymphna said...

Too bad there dont appear to be any Dominicans there. It looks like thete are only mission trippers.

Maricruz said...

Gratias, of course.
I only spent few day there but for what I saw it is wonderful. I wish may parrish had the things the priests offer there and the fraternity among them.
The day I met them was on a small celebration of the Solemn Mass after it. There I met Fr Berg.
There were families with children, young girls and many young men who served at the altar all them so happy and colaborative.
Close to the priests is Una Voce Mexico and Edgar Fernández it´s president.
I attended a class on saturday morning talking about the teology of liturgy and the old mass. There were many women and some men but young people two.
I felt most welcome and came back so grateful to find them.
Now I´m only expecting to find the way to bring them to my country as I asked Fr Berg and he accepted to celebrate the mass at a parrish leaded by a priest friend of mine at the Alajuela Diocesis.