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FSSP gets Notre-Dame Basilica in Fribourg

The Swiss Catholic news agency APIC reported yesterday that Bishop Charles Morerod OP of the Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg has decided to entrust the pastoral care of the Basilica of Our Lady (Basilique de Notre-Dame) in Fribourg to the FSSP, starting September 2012. 

According to the APIC report, the Traditional Latin Masses now celebrated by the FSSP in the church of the College Saint-Michel and other parts of the city of Fribourg, and their pastoral activities in that city, will all be transferred to the Basilica.

[NC] The central administration of the FSSP is in Fribourg, home of the recently-restored Basilica: congratulations to their wonderful priests, and to their new priests being ordained today in Wigratzbad.

Photo source: Eglise catholique dans le canton de Fribourg


  1. Gratias3:25 AM

    Merci vielmals!

    Quelle belle nouvelle!

    The Fibourg Basilica will become a great center of Traditional Catholicism.

    This may also help SSPX overcome their difficulties to choose.

  2. Peterman3:35 AM

    This is good news and I will attend the TLM when I return to Fribourg. The folks at Saint Michel college are very nice. We wandered in off the street and they gave us the key to St Peter Canisius's crypt and told us to return it to the office after we had prayed. Very kind Catholic people in a very beautiful little Catholic town.

  3. This is a master stroke by the Bishop whom I hear is an excellently formed Bishop I might add. He has made the heart of his diocese the center of the re-Evangelization.

  4. Good. We need this everywhere in westerndom to restore Christendom.
    For the FSSP to succeed on a larger scale we have to pray the God moves the bishops who are in control. May He inspire them with a deep desire for Sacred liturgical Tradition.

  5. Gloria in excelsis Deo

  6. Alsaticus11:11 AM

    The basic point is Bp Morerod.

    Good bishops provide progress of the faith and a better communion inside.


  7. Great they got one more parish to work out of. I didn't like the idea all of the other Traditionalist activities would be transferred to the new site. This makes an inconvenience for the Faithful to have been attending same. It really doesn't make that much of a gain if the Mass is being offered in several places and then suddenly consolidated in one just because the FSSP shows up. The goal is to have the Tridentine Mass more widely available.

    LeonG said, "Good. We need this everywhere in Westerndom to restore Christendom. For the FSSP to succeed on a larger scale we have to pray the God moves the bishops who are in control. May He inspire them with a deep desire for Sacred liturgical Tradition."

    We need to pray even harder for the SSPX to get back in the Church. The Society has their own facilities and greater network.

    I wonder about the FSSP. We know they can set up shop only according to a local bishop, (and still trying to get them here in Los Angeles) but it seems they're not attacked or derided like the SSPX. Why? Is it because the FSSP is a GMO'd offspring of Vatican II? Do they live and preach Sacred Tradition or just go around saying the Tridentine Mass? That isn't the same thing as what the SSPX stands for. I'm not trying to be negative of the FSSP, but, IMO, they are not an alternative to the SSPX. Additionally, the Society has come out against the HHS mandates for instance along with other things, whereas I've heard nothing pertinent from the FSSP. Any takers on that?

  8. George12:01 PM

    At above link, listen and decide if they are traditional enough for you...

  9. Additionally, the Society has come out against the HHS mandates for instance along with other things, whereas I've heard nothing pertinent from the FSSP.

    Then I take it that you haven't tuned in to the daily FSSP TLM webcast at and heard the sermons this past week. The FSSP does indeed live, teach, and preach Sacred Tradition. It's "not just the Mass."

  10. Matt my understanding is that Fribourg is a small town. Moving the TLM's scatted all over town into the Basilica won't cause too much hassle to the faithful.

    Now, if the TLM's and apostolates to be moved include those outside the town of Fribourg itself then that might be a problem, but I don't think this is going to be the situation.

  11. John H12:38 PM

    Deo gratias. And it is good to remember there are good bishops out there!

    I do wonder about the "consolidation" issue, but whether or not it is relevant will depend on the locations of the other masses and their faithful. They may have been close.

    TO answer Matt, the really good thing about the FSSP and the reason why they are not surrounded by a dark cloud like the SSPX is not, as you seem to imply, any lack of authenticity on the part of the FSSP, but, on the contrary, that they simply go about the business of traditional Catholic parish life, as they all did before VII. It is actually a very post VII attitude to be "controversial" and "political" the way the SSPX has become over the years, and I hope they will be able to be reintegrated into the Church and go about Catholic life without all the bruhaha everyday.

  12. The Fraternity of Saint Peter is God's gift to serious people. Whoever speaks evil of it is either ignorant or malicious - or both.


  13. Johannes1:23 PM

    I believe that the bishop is also a good personal friend of Fr. Bisig.

  14. Gregory2:32 PM

    Matt, Augustinus is correct. Fribourg is quite small, but hitherto, the FSSP has been celebrating Mass in several different churches depending on the day of the week (Sundays and holy days of obligation at S. Michel, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Saint Jean in the lower city, etc.) One of the days the Mass was in Bulle, a 30 minute drive from the city. This change will make things easier on everyone, and the church is very beautiful and centrally located a stone's throw from the Cathedral. In any case, the Traditional Mass is not becoming LESS available in Fribourg as a result of Bishop. Morerod's actions.

  15. Francis3:25 PM

    Deo Gratias. A very beautiful church also, which will be even more so when they remove that Kramner table.

  16. Francis3:28 PM

    Of course I meant Cranmer table, not Kramner table.

  17. Joseph5:04 PM


    Not only does the FSSP speak out against the mandate, but so have countless diocesan and religious priests. Despite what you may think, the SSPX isn't the 'remnant'. God bless this fine bishop and God bless the FSSP for their humble service.

  18. Clement7:41 PM

    The 'consolidation' will only be for the weekday Masses in the city of Fribourg. The Diocese itself has, and will maintain, two fulltime chaplaincies , in Lausanne and Fribourg, as well three other additional Sunday Mass locations: Neuchatel, Bulle and Geneva. All these are served by the FSSP.

  19. One really important matter in all this is the fact, that it is Basilica of Our Lady. This is another true sign. Thus, I would like to suggest, that we must redouble our efforts and prayers to God through Mary also for the cause of FSSPX (their canonical recognition). The novena asked by +Felay started today. Some famous blogger-priests not from the Society, also joined it. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

  20. A child of God9:11 PM

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus". . .This is a blessed sign from Divine Providence through the docile cooperation of H.E. Bishop Charles Morerod, OP.

    When the moment willed by the Holy Trinity realizes the cooperative docility of the Sovereign Pontiff and H.E. Bishop Fellay with the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, such triumphs of tradition will be echoed forth out of the desolation of destruction.

    May the Vicar of Christ experience no inspirational delay - because his faithful children hesitated to pray! "Let us not stop praying; Confidence produces miracles." (St. Therese of the Child Jesus)

  21. Ora et Labora12:35 PM

    Thanks be to God for this news!!!

    Now check this out:

    Even the secular world notices the evil and the ugly and how the Vatican refuses to remove such disgusting sculpture.

  22. Do they live and preach Sacred Tradition or just go around saying the Tridentine Mass?

    "Yes" to both.

  23. Peterman2:01 AM

    I agree New Catholic. I have been critical of the Church structure which leaves the FSSP priests at the whim of a perhaps not 100% traditional bishop. One great example is a very good priest from Toronto who was to assume his own Church only to be shut down. A diocese in the US now is lucky enough to have him.

    Also, the fact that they haven't gotten their own Bishop to represent their interests. However, as we've come to see, some TLM, any TLM in a diocese even if 9pm on a Monday night is a beautiful thing.

  24. I sometimes go to Holy Mass said/sung by priests from the FSSP. I also chant with some at Mass when the need arises. They mostly say The Latin Mass but can be asked by the local Bishop to assist at NO Masses which some do. There are priests in the FSSP who have given sermons advocating the imperative necessity of The Latin Mass and Traditional Sacraments.
    It is not the brief of the FSSP to criticise The Vatican Councils although I have spoken with some who have their own private opinions about some of its aftermath.


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