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Lionheart: After several decades, a worthy bishop for the city of Saint Francis
Plus: great Carmelite news

The Pope moved today Salvatore Cordileone, former auxiliary of San Diego and up to now Bp. of Oakland, to the other side of the Bay - he is the new Archbishop of San Francisco.

Archbishop Cordileone, who will face  the gruesome task of trying to fix one of the most problematic dioceses in all of North America, head Metropolis of a province that extends from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, has celebrated or been present at Traditional Masses several times after his consecration.


Update and comment on the new Carmelite foundation in the American West: Once a news item is made public, it is quite hard to remove this publicity, particularly for a website that is as well visited (thank you) as ours, several hours after it has been posted: it just cannot be put back in the box. So, while we remove the image and item posted here due to the request of at least two priests, we must warn them that removing it now is irrelevant, and only makes it appear as something secretive and mysterious, which it should not be. Discretion is fine, but once a news item is made public by social networks (for instance, a Facebook account), it is not proper to ask us to remove it - which, it bears repetition, we do solely due to the request by at least two respectable priests. This kind of removal will not be repeated in the future, unless in cases of true urgency, which does not seem to be the present case.

We also ask our readers who send news items regarding religious orders to please verify, before sending them to us, if the information can actually be made public. In any future event, please be warned that we will consider any information sent as fit for possible publication, unless the actual message states otherwise.


  1. "Linionhart" - indeed, the good bishop is headed straight into the lion's den.

  2. So lets see what he does about the Homosexual sacrileges committed by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the acts of Sodomy committed on church property and other sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

  3. NIANTIC12:34 PM

    Given the state of the Church in San Francisco I am greatly pleased with the assignment of Archbishop Cordileone. He sure has his work cut out for him and I hope and pray he will have the fortitude and be fearless, and God's help, to begin the cleanup process. This is a solid appointment and more than welcome. Deo gratias!

  4. R. John12:49 PM

    Now those are some nuns!

  5. Kathleen1:41 PM

    May Our Sweet Lord Jesus draw him ever closer, making him holier and wiser, and braver, and bless him with the heart of a lion!

  6. Cuthbert1:44 PM

    Welcome good news.

  7. David L2:01 PM

    I am privileged to live 20 minutes from the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and my oldest son serves Holy Mass there on a weekly basis. It is my family of eight's second home after our Fraternity praish. It is unique in that the Vicar General of the diocese is in residence and offers the old Mass every day. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places to attend Holy Mass in the United States.

  8. Mons. Lefebvre used to say "one seminary, one carmel" and he considered extremely important to have many and good vocations to the priesthood those institutions that he used to call "oasis of prayer".

  9. The Wyoming Carmelite Monks also use the Carmelite Rite, as I gather from their website:

    I think they are O. Carm., so NC's statement about the Valparaiso OCDs would still be correct.

    Great coffee, too-I get a CARE package (you should pardon the expression, in light of current news, but it was one we used back in day, in the late Republic) of ity from them every month.

  10. Gratias3:51 PM

    Bishop Cordileone has offered Pontifical Mass many times. He is a great appointment for he is familiar with both Latin Rites. Hope this is a Cardinal seat.

  11. I see they have 12 new priests ordained this year, most of them are late vocations but this is still wonderful news:

    Congratulations to Fr Blazek, more hope for tradition to return to the Church!

  12. I'm so happy to read this! I live in the Diocese of Oakland and was presented to Bishop Cordileone during RCIA. I think he will be excellent in this new role.

  13. I sent this story to the Catholic Voice, the Catholic paper for the Diocese of Oakland, as events were happening, on the 24th. The monastery is actually located on Pinehurst Rd in Canyon, CA

    Today, the feast of the Martyrs of Compeigne, the Valparaiso, Nebraska Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is making a new foundation at Canyon, CA in the Diocese of Oakland. Mother Agnes, together with Sisters Perpetua, Mary Rose, Miriam Therese and Lucia will be flying out of Lincoln, Nebraska at around 11AM and arriving at the Livermore airport a few hours later.. They will be in Canyon about a month preparing for the arrival of a second contingent of five nuns, mostly novices, on August 24th. Once this monastery is underway Mother Agnes, the novice mistress of Valparasio, will return to the mother house. Until they are enclosed once again, and elect a superior, they will continue to be under obedience to Mother Teresa, the prioress of Valparaiso. After that, they will be an independent monastery.

    Evidently this project has been in the works for a few years, for the Valparaiso monastery owns property on Pinehurst Canyon on which they hope with the help of God to build a monastery. For the present they have a three bedroom home and a barn which has been converted into a lodge. For now the chapel, the refectory, library, etc will be in the lodge and the house will provide space for cells. Presumably the rural setting will permit them to raise a few cows and chickens as they do in Valparaiso.

    With the entrance of a postulant this last July 13th the Valparaiso convent was at the bursting point with thirty-eight religious. A Carmelite convent is only supposed to have twenty-one nuns unless they are planning a foundation. Obviously, with the exodus of only ten religious, Valparaiso is planning yet another foundation in the not too distant future.

    Valparaiso traces its own origins to the Carmel of Cristo Rey in San Franciso. Originally Cristo Rey had made a foundation in Las Vegas, but the sprawl of the city drove the nuns to seek another location in the late 1990's. This turned out to be Valpraiso, Nebraska, where the local Catholic population welcomed them with open arms. One farmer gave them land on which to build a beautiful monastery. Their present convent in Nebraska was only finished and dedicated in December of 2001, yet they have already made two foundations within eleven years, the first being to Elysburg, PA in 2009.

    Bob and Susan Masek, the caretakers at Valpraiso, report that that they are constantly having to drive into Omaha to pick up young women at the airport who want to visit to take a look. The interest is unending.

    And here is the astonishing part- the Mass and all the offices are in Latin! - as they will be in Canyon. Before being directed to this monastery by the Miles Christi Fathers, my daughter had no interest whatever in the Latin liturgy. In fact, when a friend of mine invited us to go with him to St. John Cantius to a Latin Mass some years ago, she had absolutely no interest in coming with us. In fact, she was put off by the Latin liturgy on her first visit to Valpraiso and spent a good part of her discernment year looking at the Poor Clares in Lemont, Illinois. However, she had no understanding of their spirituality while from her reading of St. Therese she had some understanding of the Carmelites. She decided to take another look at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and then wrote to Mother Teresa asking to enter.
    Personally, I am convinced that all these women are thirsting not for Latin, but for authenticity, and Valparasio is as authentic as it gets, with full habit, a life of prayer and penance, together with very great joy. I honestly think that St. Teresa of Avila could step into this house and find herself right at home, living the life she lived in the sixteenth century. The thinking seems to be, if this way of life has made so many saints in the past, perhaps it will make a saint of me.

  14. Not just "Lionheart," but "Saviour Lionheart"! God bless this great holy priest, great bishop, and good man. He has been a blessing wherever he has gone. May he be so to the city of St. Francis, and may his path not stop there! Evviva Domine nostri Jesu! Evviva Maria! Evviva Archivescovo Salvatore Cordileone!

  15. Another important aspect of this appointment: the Archdiocesan seminary forms priests for much of the western US. If the only thing his Excellency accomplishes is cleaning out the Augean stables at St. Patrick's, he'll have done the Church a great good.

  16. I have been to 2 solemn Masses from the Throne, a Sung Mass, a low Mass with Confirmations all celebrated by him, and a few solemn Masses he attended in choro. All of those in just a year's time too! Certainly a friend of the EF.

  17. What San Francisco needs is a TLM supporter to fight the great evils there.

    What a blessing! And, thanks for the eye candy on the other posts as well. More photos of TLMs are always appreciated.

  18. Deo Gratias!!!

    A great man and a great bishop. He was here in Los Angeles the other weekend and gave a tremendous talk.

    Our prayers are certainly with him as he undertakes a most neglected bishopric! JMJ

  19. Matthew Rose10:54 PM

    I hope Bp. Cordileone wastes no time suppressing Most Holy Redeemer Parish, or else giving it entirely over to Fr. William Young, and having only the Traditional Mass offered there, and giving generous funds to renovate it into a properly Catholic Church.

    By the way, Bp. Cordileone also recently wrote on the inappropriateness of kneeling for Holy Communion. So I hold my breath.

  20. Sôphrosunico11:38 PM

    This premature elation (yet again) is yet another sign of today's desperation. Remember the appointment of Abp. Gomez in Los Angeles? Opus Dei. Supposedly conservative. Yet he's done absolutely nothing for traditional Catholicism in Los Angeles. It remains as much of a wasteland as ever.

    Let's wait and see if Cordileone is for real. In the meantime let's take a look at Oakland. Did he clean house there? I don't recall hearing about Oakland being a bastion of traditionalism.

  21. Matthew Rose, you apparently only follow negative storylines. That thing with kneeling for communion was clarified.

    Every Mass I have been to with the good bishop, everyone knelt for communion, and that includes a Novus Ordo. People react with shrill over something placed on the website while he was in India. When someone bothered to contact him, he acknowledged the mistake and sought to correct the diocesan instruction. As he himself not unfrequently gives communion to kneelers, he is very unlikely to be opposed now, is he?

    To Sôphrosunico, he was in Oakland only a short time, but one of the first things he did was move to clean house. Maybe not as rapidly and foolishly as some here might like, but he drew the line in the sand with certain schools, caused protests at a liberal parish when he reined it in, and promoted the training of more priests for the EF (not to mention celebrating it numerous times himself, and not just for special events)

  22. Warren3:33 AM

    Pray for the new Archbishop!

  23. GQ Rep3:09 PM

    This is awesome news about the Carmlite nuns from Valparaiso, Nebraska. I've seen their convent. It's magnificent. Like all the cloisters of nuns are all thru Italy and Spain...

    This one single Carmel is helping to restore the entire Order in the USA. There'a about 50 Carmels of cloistered nuns in the USA....around 30 still wear the traditional habit, and have at least some of the old disiplines of OCD cloisters. Another 15 or so are nutjob liberal radical femminists..habitless Carmelite nuns who preach dissent and have bizarre liturgies. Most of these houses are populated with tiny communities of aged, unhappy nuns in their 70's. The good thing is that one of the worst ofthese Indianapolis closed about 4 years ago. Afew merged into one house (Beacon, NY) which itself is dwindling down to closure too. Then there is the rad femminist house in Baltimore with about 15 aged nuns.

    On the bright side, there are now 3 houses born from the Carmel in Valparaiso, Neb. They use the Tridentine Latin Mass and all the traditions. They're repopulated closed liberal Carmels with traditional nuns again (Elysburg Pa).
    There is also 1 Carmel affiliated to the SSPX in the USA, and 1 independant Carmel which uses the old Mass.

    On the male side, we have the Carmel in Wyoming which has close to or over 20 monks now (using the Tridentine Latin Mass). In addition there sre 2 Carmelite hermitages for men which, although they don;t do the Tridentine Mass, are still fantastic houses which I hope grow.

    Great blessings coming from this Carmel in Valparaiso, and all others who adopt traditions like it. The few liberal houses will be gone in afe years...or repopulated by Traditional nuns.

    As for Cordeleone...I don;t expect much from him. He might cave into pressure from his new environment and the priests,nuns etc, who destroyed the Archdiocese.

    Let's hope now...and let's pray for him to succeed in bringing back Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Mass to San Francisco.

  24. Matthew Rose12:25 AM

    Yes, Joshua, I am all doom-and-gloom.

    The fact is, offering the TLM and assisting at it, inviting a traditional Carmel, etc. is great. But the TLM appears to be essentially cordoned off at one parish in the diocese (a Mass offered by the same priest in San Jose was recently discontinued) by his terming the resident ICRSS priest the "Episcopal Delegate for the 1962 Liturgy" or some other bureaucratic nonsense.

    Tradition is not offering enough Masses from the Throne in order to sufficiently populate the internet with eye candy. It is consistent liturgy, dogma, and discipline. Has he curtailed heresies and heretics? Does he insist upon even "traditional" elements in the Novus Ordo? Has he done anything to the Cathedral to make it look Catholic?

    I will pray that his reign across the bay proves fruitful.

  25. Please - update those TLMs in wikkimissa.

  26. I concur with the good bishop Lefebvre on the need for a Carmel in every Diocese! I pray that become the case!

    Here in Dallas we are blessed with a rather observant Discalced Carmelite order. They have been very supportive of the TLM community here, although they do not normally have TLM anymore since the FSSP have gotten their own parish. They do still have TLM every first Fri/Sat and other special occasions, and all Masses are Ad Orientem - they had the chapel designed so that was the only option!

    Still, I will pray that they move to an all-Traditional Sacrament system, as these wonderful nuns in Nebraska do.

  27. Celine5:57 PM

    Thank you for this blog. It showed the wide range of responses and i am impressed you permitted the variation in responses.

  28. Elizabeth6:57 PM

    You are so right - makes one wonder in a negative way as to WHY why the request for removal was made.

  29. The Carmelite monastery of Jesus, Mary and Joseph will be enclosed on September 21st, thanks be to God.

  30. Fernanda11:34 PM

    Elizabeth, they requested to remove because Jesus said: Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!


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