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You report: Happy news from the... Society of Jesus!

A reader sends us the following report and images:

Fr. William V. Blazek, S.J., newly ordained for the Jesuit Chicago-Detroit province, celebrated his first Solemn High Mass (Traditional Mass) on June 24 (Nativity of St. John the Baptist) at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton, MA.  Serving as deacon was Fr. Charles J. Higgins of the Archdiocese of Boston and pastor of Mary Immaculate of Lourdes.  Serving as sub-deacon was Fr. John Rizzo, FSSP, visiting from his assignment in Australia.

The music for the Mass included Mozart's Missa Brevis in C KV 220 ("Spatzenmesse") and full Gregorian chant propers.
The parish of Mary Immaculate has been blessed with then Deacon Blazek's service since last fall and now Fr. Blazek's service until he embarks for a longer-term assignment in the coming fall. The Traditional Mass is celebrated daily at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, including a Solemn High Mass every Sunday at 10:30am.

More images here.


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Matthew said...


"Dr. (now Father) Blazek...served as an Infantry Officer in the First Gulf War and is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School."

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

Saint Mary's in Washington, D.C. was blessed with getting to know then-scholastic Blazek for a couple years while he was at Georgetown.

This is one of the best things to happen to the Society of Jesus in many years. Congratulations to Father Blazek, SJ!

Mike said...

I went to grade school with Fr. John Rizzo. Wonderful news!

God bless them all!

Ora et Labora said...

This is very good news!!!

It is about time, since most Jesuits have long ago abandoned Our Lord and His Church, which is a tragedy.

Let us pray this newly ordained Jesuit priest is able to stay faithful like true Jesuits were in the past... I am talking of one of my favorites St. Francis Xavier.

Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

Long-Skirts said...

Fr. William V. Blazek, S.J., newly ordained for the Jesuit Chicago-Detroit province, celebrated his first Solemn High Mass (Traditional Mass)...

...ahhhhhhhhhh the Priest and the PEARL!


Once there was a father
Who loved his little girl
He held her hand and walked to Mass
So she could see the Pearl.

“My darling there is silver,
My darling there is gold
But the greatest price is sacrifice
The world keeps that untold.

The world can give you silver,
With gold it can entice
Diamond, topaz, rubies
But none can match Pearl’s price.

Sacrifice gave birth to you
Sacrifice it fed
Sacrifice it guided you
Sacrifice it bled.

For every drop of blood He shed
Gave us the faith to trust
And made us rich in sacrifice
To give you Bread not crust.

And for awhile sometimes we stray
Believing not in Creeds
But when things don’t sustain our souls
Then turn to Pearl that bleeds.”

Failing father said he wished
“For every time…a penny,”
He heard the daily words so rich
“…be shed for you and many.”

The little girl she cried
Raining on his bed a flood
But father saw her sacrifice
“Your tears are crystal blood.”

Once there was a father
Who loved his little girl
He held her hand for his last Mass
But left her with…the Pearl.

ghp95134 said...

@Matthew: "Dr. (now Father) Blazek...served as an Infantry Officer in the First Gulf War and is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School."


Guy Power
Ranger Class 14-80

ghp95134 said...

Further to my last ... I wonder if Fr. Blazek wears his Ranger Tab on his biretta and the left shoulder of his cassock? [only joking ... kinda-sorta.]


Prof. Basto said...

This is one of the best things to happen to the Society of Jesus in many years. Congratulations to Father Blazek, SJ!

Absolutely! Agreed 100%!

Thorin said...

Thanks for posting this excellent news.

Gaius said...

One of the best yet. Wow, and as always, tjank you.

BroHenry said...

Bravo to Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Parish! Dual Form Territorial Parishes; The hope of the future.

Peterman said...

"Dr. (now Father) Blazek...served as an Infantry Officer in the First Gulf War and is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School."

Wow, now that's an OLD SCHOOL Jesuit. Traditional, can kick butt and take names but instead does it with the cross. May God provide more Jesuits like this.

Gratias said...

Deo Gratias for Fr. Blazek S.J., and for Long-Skirts.

Sixupman said...

Fr. Rizzo is remembered fondly from when he was at SSPX Preston (UK).
His treatment at Post Falls, by SSPX clergy of a particular persuasion, was diabolical. It was on Google ans made my stomach churn.

Christopher Gillibrand said...

It must be another Society of Jesus- surely not the modern Jesuits!

NIANTIC said...

This is just fantastic news Congratulations to Fr.Blazek. May he inspire many of his brethren to embrace the Traditional Mass.

poeta said...

A few more like him and the Jesuits won't die out after all!

David said...

I am surprised that the Jesuit top brass has allowed this.

Anonymous said...

I know two other Jesuits who celebrate the X-form, and hear from them about other young men now in formation with the Jesuits who also desire greater exposure to traditional liturgy. I would not hesitate to recommend the SJ to a bright young man of traditional sensibilities.


verification test: gesiuism

Sixupman said...

There is a Jesuit church in Preston (UK) where the TLM was Celebrated, come a new PP (equivalent) it was stopped.

Also daily NOMs used the Communion Rail, that was stopped and queues established.

Thankfully, two of the traditional minded clergy were still allowed to hear well participated Confessions.

Aussie said...

The Brisbane, Queensland, Australia TLM has been celebrated by Fr. Greg Jordan SJ aka "The Legend" for quite a while now.

I like the sound of this guy.

GQ Rep said...

Even though this new Jesuit priest is a great guy and tremendously brave to swim against the radical liberal tide which has destroyed the Jesuit Order world wide, notice that he's an older man....probably in early 60's. None of the Jesuit new priests were young-in the classical sense of a newly ordained- that is 24-26 years of age.
My late great- uncle was a Jesuit priest. Born in Tokyo in 1903, he and his family (nobility in Japan), visited the USA often. In 1925, he decided to enter the Jesuit Order after graduating from Georgetown University. He was ordained for what I think was(is) the Jesuit New York Province in 1936. He taught in Jesuit highschools until 1951 when he was called to work at the Jesuit curia in Rome, helping in their department dealing with foreign missions, planning new houses, etc. He also worked at the Vatican as an advisor to what was then known as the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (we're too politically correct/ecumenical to use that term now).
He came home form Rome in 1962 and taught at a Jesuit Novitiate. He hated the reforms that started coming in after 1965, and personally disliked Pedro Arrupe who he had known in Japan and knew him as a radical.
Of course, my great-uncle was right about Arrupe. Membership dropped from 36,101 in 1965 to about 26,000 by the time Arrupe was thru. Of course today, it's about 16,800.
But my great-uncle also personally hated the Novus Ordo although he was obedient and used it and celebrated it in public. IN private, he secretly said the Tridentine Latin Mass...and was reprimanded by his superior in 1976 for doing so as his privte Mass.
He retired from active ministry in 1989 and died in 2002.
I didn't know him that well, but whenever I did see/talk to him when I was a kid, I was impressed by his holiness and love of Catholic tradition.
Fifteen years ago, before he died,he gave my Dad his video library (reels that had been converted to VHS and which I made to DVD) of his time in Rome. There's coverage of life in the Jesuit Curia (1951-62) and many.many shots of film coverage of Pope Pius XII and ceremonies at the Vatican.....including a clip of the very last time Pius XII left the Vatican for Castel Gandolfo (1958) where he died shortly afterward. The Pope looked terrible in the clip. I was shocked. Yet he still smiled and waved to the people as the papal car drove slowly thru Piazza St. Peter's and out of Rome. (It was Paul VI who initiated the Papal helicopter to Castel Gandolfo...before that Popes drove thru Rome and down to Castel Gandolfo to the cheers of the people.
But what was especially interesting were the hundreds of shots of St. Peter's Square, and the thousands of friars, monks, and nuns in habits that you could see back then....including dozens of Jesuit seminarians crossing St. Peters during Marian Year 1954. The variety of nuns habits (probaly mostly Italian Orders of sisters), was staggering...impressive and beautiful. One or two had rather ridiculous looking headgear if you wanted to drive a car...but most of these garbs should never have been changed or given up!
None of the clips have sound of course...but it presents a wonderful picture of the awesome Order the Jesuits used to be, and Rome was before Vatican II. There's even a lengthy clip of the Jesuit community in Rome, and another in Milan in Chapel and in refectory eating Sunday meals.

Personally, I think the Jesuits are finished as an Order. There are barely 2,000 Jesuit priests left in the USA and barely 100 brothers. Only about 200 seminarians (close to 4,000 USA Jesuit seminarians before Vatican II and over 12,000 world wide!)

This one priest deserves a lot of credit, and prayers for his bravery. His Order is probably in it's last years, but he is one of their stars!

Adfero said...

I remember meeting him and thinking, a Jesuit!? There is hope ...

Kevin McConnell said...

Just today I was speaking with 2 retired Jesuits who are real Catholics; each can say the TLM with one hand tied behind his back (so to speak!).

One offers the TLM twice monthly under the invitation of his bishop and the grudging acquiescence of the Jesuit Provincial.

The other did so monthly in his NO parish, immediately upon the implementation of Summorum Pontificum, until he recently retired and is now not healthy enough.

Both are brilliant writers, speakers, Latin experts, have been on EWTN, etc, and you may even recognize their names. I don't believe Jesuit seminaries can produce priests like this today. This holy, older man is an anamoly.

Both of the two men I know are famous inside the order (or perhaps infamous) for their traditionalism and also well known and respected in Catholic circles outside the order by folks who are Jesuit-watchers. Two great, holy priests of the old school, both ordained before V-2.

Their firm conviction is that the nuttiness has gone on too long and penetrated too deeply and the Jesuits will never be salvaged as a religious order. It's over, beyond repair. If anyone knows, they do.

Angry Jason said...

I wonder if this blatantly disobedient act towards blessed Vatican II was reported swiftly to his superior? :)

Joanne Disma Zelenka said...

To Romulus: May I ask you for some more information about "Jesuits who celebrate the X-form"? I would be very grateful if you could send me a private message to joanne [dot] disma [dot] zelenka [at] gmail [dot] com, so it will be possible to write more personally. Thanks in advance.