Rorate Caeli

Plenary indulgence reminder: Portiuncula

On August 2, the "Portiuncula indulgence": under the usual conditions, recite the Credo and the Pater in any Minor Basilica (33, § 2, c), Cathedral (33, § 3, e), or Parish Church (33, § 5, b). (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum, 4th edition, al. concessiones.)

According to the usual allowance concerning indulgences linked to specific days, local Ordinaries may define if the indulgence is equally applicable on another day, or on the preceding, or (usually the case) on the following Sunday (Enchiridion, Normae, n.15)


Padraig Eoghain said...

What about in a traditionalist chapel or sanctuary?

Gratias said...

Have visited the tiny chapel of Portiuncula near Assisi under which St. Francis slept. A great experience. It is now surrounded by a huge basilica, part of which is seen in the photo. Portiuncula means little, I think. We live in Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, which is now also huge. Del Gratias.

AssisiLover said...

hard to find the TLM anywhere in Assisi unless you bring your own cards and Missal and priest! Unfortunate. You should check the stats on the number of seminarians for the Diocese of Assisi- pretty dire- also check out the Benedictine Fathers in the upper city- recite the entire office in Italian as far as I could tell- even the Salve! If Benedictines dont sing...they...Thank God for the indulgence, though!

Whats Up! said...

New Catholic, or anyone,

Can I satisfy this Plenary Indulgence at a parish other than the one I live in?

Also I went to what I thought was Mass at a different parish and it was a Communion service [I didn't know it would be this]
Would this count?