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Siri: "The perennial revolution of the Progressives"

First, confusion was sown in the field of ideas. […] Then, after having sown confusion about the Faith, the foundation of everything, morality was attacked so as to render the norm null and void and give freedom of expression to every human act.

At this point, exterior elements that “held together the ecclesiastical structure of the Clergy” were attacked with whimsical confusion in innumerable cultural events: the religious habit, seminaries ... . Then, in place of Heaven, the idea of a sociological paradise on earth was introduced, of a “perennial revolution” instead of peace, and symbolic value was given to the worship of a Lord, by this time, confined to the mist.

Priestly celibacy was attacked, even by teachers, ignoring that the Church had never been able to better and lead the people there where celibacy was abolished. The latest and ongoing discovery: discussing matters that are defined, as if they were not, as if they were not from Jesus Christ Himself. Not everyone has arrived at this level, many have retreated behind the lines without realizing the consequences of the intermediate states. Others, at the same pace, have skipped everything and everyone. Nevertheless, we still have the people, who are good and whom God is evidently looking after.  

Slogans abound, while catechism is not taught; “pastoral” is continually mentioned, while sacred ministries are gradually abandoned; there is talk of the Word of God - yet it is taught as if it were all a fairy tale. There are dissertations about closeness with God, while at the same time the Most Blessed Eucharist is mocked or ridiculed. At least in practice. And all of this is progress!

[Thoughts of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri from the "Rivista Diocesana Genovese", January 1975 - Italian excerpt posted by the Cordialiter blog - tip and translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]


  1. In other word "Christoclasm"

  2. NIANTIC10:39 PM

    The great Cardinal Siri. He saw, he knew, he was not afraid, he warned the Church. Alas to no avail. How desperately we need men like him. Lord, how long?

  3. Prof. Basto10:47 PM

    Perfect analisys. Containing several different aspects. And it all keeps happening.

  4. Abysmo11:11 PM

    Prof. Basto, not only does it all keep happening, but it can be plausibly argued the precisely NOW is the post-conciliar nadir.

  5. Gratias3:56 AM

    Very good post. It will be very important to remind Catholics of what the Vatican Council 2 did to the Church this particular year. In October we will have the 50th anniversary of the start of this terrible council and it seems that it will celebrated as if it had not been an evil happening. Michael Davies next?

  6. Wuerl's dance partners4:12 AM

    Siri was a great man. I wish more bishops were like him.

  7. As that saying goes, tell a lie long enough, people will begin to believe as truth.

    All this proves is how much Satan is at work, of whom these (lack of a better word) have so deeply imbibed. This crazy stuff against the Faith doesn't just come out of nowhere. One can just imagine what scary clowns showed at their birthday parties.

    Perhaps Leo XIII's vision had more to do with the present age than when he was Pope. Well, the groundwork for the destruction of civilization began then, to be sure.

  8. P.K.T.P.10:06 AM


    Here in Canada, we have our traditional Thanksgiving in October. This year, however, I'm seriuosly considering going south in November and having mine with the Americans. There won't be much to be thankful for in October. I cringe when thinking of what symbolic gestures Benedict XVI will arrange for that time. As we all know, he loves significant dates, so there is no way he'll neglect this one.


  9. Francis11:48 AM

    Isn't it funny (sick) that modernists and neocon Churchmen celebrate events (Vatican II and in 2017 the protestant revolt) that have damaged Holy Mother Church, spread bad catechesis, jepardized souls and through cowardice, apathy and relativism have brought civilization to the brink of moral anarchy. Lord help us.

  10. "Nevertheless, we still have the people who are good and whom God is looking after." from the article above. My wife and I are blessed to be among those "people" as we just celebrated our forty-sixth wedding anniversary and we have been blessed with seven children. We never fell into the Spirit of Vatican II pit as God has protected us.

  11. A Mom1:46 PM

    Bill - Reading about families like yours makes me so happy! Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, and may God continue to Bless you and your family!

  12. If anyone thinks NOW is the nadir, he wasn't awake or alive in the 1970s.

    In my NO parish, the preaching is 100% better than the fluff I endured as a teenager in 1975.

    Is there still a mess? Yes. Are things better?

    There is no doubt, in my experience.

  13. quotquot6:33 PM

    That about sums it up. In other words, "Diabolical Disorientation",

  14. Anonymous9:41 PM

    An interesting take on celibacy. The implications of it are distinctly unfavourable to the pre-reformation, and Eastern churches.

    + Wolsey


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