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Communiqué of the General House of the Society of St. Pius X - SSPX to send statement to the Holy See [Updated]

The General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X ended this Saturday, July 14, 2012, in Econe (Switzerland). Gathered near Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s tomb, the capitularies have given thanks to God for the profound unity that prevailed among them during all these workdays.

The General Chapter will soon make a common statement to Rome, which will then be made public.

The General Superior, Bishop Fellay, thanks deeply all the priests and faithfuls for their fervent prayers during this chapter.

Ecône, July 14, 2012

Communiqué de la Maison générale de la Fraternité Saint-Pie X

Le Chapitre général de la Fraternité Saint-Pie X s’est achevé ce samedi 14 juillet 2012, à Ecône (Suisse). Réunis auprès du tombeau de Mgr Marcel Lefebvre, les capitulants ont rendu grâces à Dieu de la profonde unité qui a régné entre eux au cours de ces journées de travail. 

Le Chapitre général adressera prochainement à Rome une déclaration commune qu’il rendra publique par la suite. 

Le Supérieur général, Mgr Bernard Fellay, remercie vivement tous les prêtres et les fidèles de leurs prières ferventes pour ce chapitre. 

Ecône, le 14 juillet 2012
(Sources: English; French)

[Update:] SSPX Spokesman Fr. Alain Lorans, speaking to Swiss religious news agency APIC/KIPA, says that the Superior General, Bp. Fellay, will grant an interview to the Society news agency, DICI, in the upcoming week.


  1. R. John3:38 PM

    Should be interesting.

  2. Francis3:55 PM

    I may be just being pessimistic, and I truly hope and pray that I'm wrong, but "reconciliation" between Rome and the FSSPX doesn't look imminent. Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us.

  3. Whatever Bishop Fellay has decided is Gods Will.
    I tust him and Pope Benedict XVI in this matter.

    Let us pray Gods Will ends here and we get no more "ping ponging" to and fro.

  4. Waiting with hopeful anticipation ...

  5. The fact that the statement will be made public does not seem to me to bode well.

  6. Could be just another stepping stone on the way, instead of something drastically romantic and extreme...

  7. I think both are fine, what is not fine is to omit it. So, please, anonymous, I beg you never to return to this blog again. Thanks!

  8. As for trusting both +Fellay and the Pope, we might not be presented with that luxury.

  9. "As for trusting both +Fellay and the Pope, we might not be presented with that luxury."

    I truly believe that both are very holy men who only want the salvation of souls.
    It is not a "luxury" to trust both but rather a certain knowledge.

    I believe it bodes very well for the Church that it will be made public.
    No more guessing games and souls can go on with the business of moving towards glory.

  10. R. John4:25 PM

    My guess is that the Society will make Rome an offer - something along the lines of "we will accept the canonical agreement, and we will sign the Preamble we originally agreed to - and then put the ball in Rome's court.

  11. Anonymous4:34 PM

    A public statement by the SSPX is a very bad sign.

  12. This could be a very strong ping waiting a mercyful pong from the Pope.

    Let's pray...

    1. Forgive my ignorance, but can somebody explain why a public statement by the sspx is a bad sign?

  13. Great the Chapter went well but the outcome of it is yet to be seen. Echoing Francis' sentiments, I don't think there will be a Reunion soon unless there is a call for black-and-white assurities from Rome. For all we know, the Chapter probably came to the conclusion to tell Rome, "Nah, forget it!"

  14. Miles Dei said, "This could be a very strong ping waiting a mercyful pong from the Pope."

    Unfortunately, Rome keeps hitting the ball against the net!

    1. gaius7:35 PM

      Or better yet, some players deliberately spike it directly into the floor.

  15. Dici has corrected the translation to English. Now it says "a common statement"

  16. "A public statement by the SSPX is a very bad sign."

    Why do you think this?

  17. Speculation serves no purpose. If it is reunion Praise GOD. If it is Sedevacantism so be it. Continued 'Schism is not an option any longer.

  18. Surely best to simply wait & pray at this point.

  19. "... the capitularies have given thanks to God for the profound unity that prevailed among them during all these workdays."
    And then...
    "The General Superior, Bishop Fellay, thanks deeply all the priests and faithfuls for their fervent prayers during this chapter."
    Coupled with the fact of the unity of the attendees to exclude Williamson, it would seem like the more "moderate" spirit/ideas of +Fellay prevailed. I'm taking this to be a very positive sign, and I look forward to the forthcoming statement.

  20. NIANTIC7:14 PM

    We will see what the considered opinion of the Society towards Rome is after the Chapter meeting.
    My own gut feeling is that the time is not yet ripe. The Institute of the Good Sheppard thought they had obtained an ironclad agreement. That is gone overboard since the little visitation from Rome. The Sons of the Holy Redeemer thought they would be welcomed by Rome. We know the disappointment they live with.
    Tradition is NOT accepted nor valued by Rome, regardless of a few pious statements by some officials. It is either accepting all the Modernist innovations, or nothing. There is NO WAY the Society will commit suicide. Unless the Holy Father really steps up to the plate I see no chance until, hopefully, a few decades from now. Lord have mercy.

    1. The Sons are not disappointed. Talk what you know.

    2. The Sons are happy, 100% Trad, and in union with Peter.

  21. May the SSPX's statement lead them to full recognition by the Holy See. Amen.

  22. Another bad sign is that there was no leak. If any steps in the direction of reconciliation had been made, the "rebels" would have most probably leaked the information about it, as they did with Mons. Williamson's case.

    Let's pray for all of them!

  23. The Good Shepherd Institute may have been a (timely) litmus test.

  24. Seven8:29 PM

    In the short term B16 + Muller = Status Quo

    We have access to the TLM.

    The final outcome has been entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Adherence to tradition will be rewarded.

  25. I trust +Fellay and the Holy Father. We'll see what we see. Until the statement is made, we've little to gain by speculation. Pray, wait, and see.

  26. My guess is that they will ask the Holy Father to continue the talks because with new people in position in the Roman Curia ,they must feel them out now.

  27. Jean Francois8:37 PM

    @niantic Tradition is NOT accepted nor valued by Rome,

    Just what does that statement mean?

    I see no chance until, hopefully, a few decades from now. Lord have mercy.

    The fact that there are groups like the Institute of Good Shephard, FSSP, Holy Redeemer, several Benedictine monasteries, Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrar among others is despite the various concerns still a positive thing don't you think? The Church was infected with Modernism for many years despite the best efforts of Pope St. Pius X to extinguish it. Nevertheless I don't recall any groups setting out on there own waiting for things to get better. Before, during and after Vatican II there were strong voices from both conservative and progressive sides. The progressive forces carried the day, why, because God willed it that way. But the voices of orthodoxy did not go silent and many continued the fight. The SSPX thinks that they can best fight outside the visible union with the Church. I think they are gravely mistaken. So long as they remain "outside" they and the rest of us tradition minded Catholics are marginalized.

    If things are not settled soon with the SSPX returning to full communion with Rome then I fear the worst. Pope Benedict is not going to let this issue drag on indefinitely despite the fact it may seem to ping pong right now. It seems that he has given them the opportunity to return and sort out doctrinal differences later. But if they choose not to by declaring irreconcilable differences over doctrinal issues then I believe he will impose some canonical punishment against them.

  28. LadyMarchmain8:47 PM

    1987, Not necessarily as the chapter was apparently unified re Williamson. this may mean the end of leaks.

    May God's holy will be done!


    The garden, the garden, everything the garden
    Where born we live to die with pardon.

    Holy Water
    Is the blood
    Streaming through our stems
    Since bud.

    When full bloomed
    The world despises.

    Penanced petals
    Prepped to fall
    Garden requiem
    Does call

    Other souls
    In soil, His seed
    To the gardened
    Blossomed breed.

    Incensing all
    With perfumed prayer
    As gardener trims
    And prunes with care.

    For winter comes
    And colors fade
    But scent can't die...
    It leaves as bade.

    While once bloomed plant
    Withers no sound
    A mulch for soil
    And seeds in ground.

    'Till back with scent
    On harvest day
    Together forever

    ...Everlasting bouquet.

  30. I think it is high time somebody put together a collection of the best of Long-Skirts.

    I can't for the life of me imagine why it hasn't been done long since.

  31. I think this is good news. Making a clear, thoughtful public statement will push the issue. If something is wrong with SSPX's position or (more likely) if nothing is wrong with it, it will be available for everyone (especially the priests, faithful, benefactors and friends of the Society) to know where it stands.

    The words of the Archangel seem to apply in this case: "It is good to guard the secret of a king, but glorious to reveal the works of God" (Tobit 12:11).