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For the record: With a grain of salt

[Update: Read Côme de Prévigny's special op-ed: The basis for future relations of the SSPX with Rome.]
[Second Update: No "no" announcement after all, says disappointed Liberal reporter.]
[Third Update, July 16, 2000 GMT, from the Spanish SSPX website: Father Juan María de Montagut, Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X in Spain and Portugal, will send a fax tomorrow [Monday] to the director of Religión Digital, Señor José Manuel Vidal, demanding him to retify the information dated July 14 and titled "Lefebvrians will announce tomorrow that they say 'no' to Rome", in which he disclosed the supposed intent of Father Montagut of publicly announcing an official response of the Society regarding a possible agreement with the Holy See. Madrid, July 15, 2012.]

Spanish ultra-"progressive" religious news correspondent José Manuel Vidal reports the following tonight from Madrid:

Lefebvrians will announce tomorrow [Sunday] that they say "no" to Rome
They thank the Vatican for the rapprochement and for the possibility of dialogue that was offered to them

José Manuel Vidal, July 14, 2012, at 2102 [9:02 PM, CEST, 7:02 GMT]

(José Manuel Vidal).- There will be no return to Rome. The Superior of the Lefebvrians for Spain and Portugal, [Fr.] Juan María Montagut, will inform the faithful, after the 11 AM Mass, that the hierarchy of the SSPX, assembled in Écône, has decided to say "no" to the Vatican.

The followers of [Abp.] Marcel Lefebvre do not return to the Roman fold. Mainly because they are not willing to accept the Second Vatican Council in all its farthermost points.

The Vatican, by way of the [then] Prefect for the Doctrinal of the Faith, Cardinal Levada, had asked from them "the full acceptance of the Council". And the Lefebvrians are not willing to return under this condition. They believe that accepting the Council would imply accepting its errors that, according to them, are particularly centered in the chapters on "religious liberty, ecumenism, and conciliarism" [? - Collegiality?...]

The decision of their hierarchy has been well received among the followers of the Lefebvrians, who did not look kindly upon a return to Rome conditional on the acceptance of the Council, to which they impute a good part of the problems of the current Church. Yet, they do thank Rome for the rapprochement and for the possibility afforded to them of being able to present their doctrinal viewpoints.

Tomorrow, the territorial superiors of the SSPX will read the communiqué in which they will put forward the reasons and the circumstances of their refusal to return to Rome and reintegrate the Catholic Church.

We are posting this for the record of events. Since this has not been confirmed or presented by official sources, and considering its source (a journalist in the most extreme liberal edge of the Church in Spain), we ask you to consider it with a grain of salt while we await for actual documents, and to be reserved in your comments.

[Source, in Spanish: Religión Digital; tip: Chris Gillibrand]