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Catholic Relief Services or Abortion Relief Services?
Will the Bishops act?

From Shaun Kenney (Red State), after revealing clear ties of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) own official charity, and American chapter of Caritas Internationalis, Catholic Relief Services, with abortion-promoting and abortion-providing organizations (tip: The Curt Jester, in our sidebar):

[A] pattern of aiding some very un-Catholic activities at Catholic Relief Services is beginning to emerge.

– Catholic Relief Services is a dues-paying member of the CORE Group, which is highly committed to spreading birth control to poor people in third world countries;
– and Catholic Relief Services is a dues-paying member and on the Executive Committee of MEDiCAM, an organization dedicated to expanding “safe abortions” in Cambodia.

When faithful Catholics put money in the second collection on Sunday morning for Catholic Relief Services believing the money is going to help the poor, why then is Catholic Relief Services giving CORE Group and MEDiCAM the money to help exterminate the poor?  Why is CRS giving any organization supporting the abortion its money, its name, and its leadership?

Mr. Kenney laudably calls his readers to voice their concern to CRS, but he is missing the point. The faithful may complain as loudly as they wish to CRS, but ultimately THE BISHOPS OF THE UNITED STATES ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for CRS, and they are the ones who must be pressured to immediately intervene and completely overhaul CRS, which has clearly become dedicated to the culture of death, even in a nation so deeply affected by murder in the 20th century, Cambodia. It is the utmost cruelty and immorality to grant even a single dollar to promote a "Catholic"-financed culture of death in the nation that suffered so much under the Khmer Rouge.

And, to make things worse, CRS uses lame excuses to separate the money it gives to these organizations from the use they make of it, as if the resources provided by CRS were not completely fungible in the revenue of each explictly pro-death organization. Even if the revenue sources are "separated", it naturally follows that the receiving organization will reallocate resources from one area in which it does not need the resources provided by a Catholic grant to another area that the Catholic charity is not willing to finance directly - though that is not even an excuse in the Cambodian case, in which CRS has membership in the death-promoting organization's executive committee.

So what will you do, most Reverend Pastors of America?