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Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer (Transalpine Redemptorists) recognized as Institute of Diocesan Right

Read their official statement here:

On this festive solemnity of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God body and soul into Heaven our spiritual joy and fraternal rejoicing is great indeed:

Beneath Her mantle and on this occasion of Her solemn feast, today, 15 August, 2012, our community, The Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, has been granted canonical recognition as a Clerical Institute of Diocesan Right by His Lordship the Right Reverend Dom Hugh Gilbert, O.S.B., Bishop of Aberdeen.

We invite you to rejoice with us on this solemn feast of Our Lady through Whose Perpetual Succour, we have received a great favour from Our Lord. 

We also announce the community’s public profession of vows that will take place in Our Lady’s Chapel (at the head of the pier) Stronsay, on 22 August, feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 18.15 (6.15 p.m.). 

The profession will be celebrated by His Lordship, the Right Reverend Dom Hugh Gilbert, O.S.B., Bishop of Aberdeen.  [Source]


porys said...


Jim said...

Deo gratias!

Patrick Langan said...

Great news I would very much enjoyed being present on such a blessed occasion however I will be on an island , oil platform a bit further north than Orkney. Deo Gratias

A Sinner said...

I think it is reasonable to expect a midnight fast for Masses taking place before noon, but then a three hour fast for those after.

In practice, few "Masses before noon" would be any later than 9 AM, so this would amount merely to saying, "Have breakfast after Mass rather than before if you go to a morning Mass" which is not too hard to expect of people.

Joseph Shaw said...

Hi 'sinner' you've put your comment on the wrong post!

NIANTIC said...

This is wonderful news indeed. Justice has finally been done by the new Bishop. May God bless him and the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer!

Jason C. said...

Great news. By all accounts the new bishop is an excellent man.

Dymphna said...

Bless their hearts. How long did they have to wait; five years?

Whats Up! said...

This is graet news!

What does it mean, practically, I wonder?
Can they now open other chapels in the diocese of Aberdeen and will the FSSR now expand internationally?

Crouchback said...

Hi Pat . .which platform . ?? . .I might be on the Maersk GPIII . .another traddy north sea tiger . . who' have thunk it . . .???

Attende said...

As well as being good news - this seems like a very significant story to me and I would be interested to read some commentary on it.
Perhaps I am wrong but it had appeared that under UE societies could only be set up under the direct auspices of Ecclesia Dei whereas here it seems like ED has been consulted for an approval but it is the diocese that is the most significant actor. Is this good news for other groups in that the conventional way of starting a new foundation within a diocesan structure seems to be more possible for traditional communities?
Secondly there had been a lot of speculation (or wishful thinking) that the SSPX might become an overarching body for traditional groups. That must be over - and I would say a good thing too that traditional groups can flower as part of the mainstream diocesan structure rather than only in a traditionally-styled 'ordinariate'.
Finally many have sneered at this group - calling them orphans etc - they have not entertained such taunts but have patiently waited and it seems to me they are all the more admirable.

Hidden One said...

Now they have it. May there be no further complaining from the world's traditionalists.

Joseph said...

Thankfully, the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer lived up to their name and displayed more patience and humility than their detractors on the internet. God bless them and God bless their holy bishop.


It is not necessary for any priest, religious order, etc. to seek the permission of the Vatican to use the 1962 Missal. And, thankfully, there does not appear to be any plans to put everyone who adheres to the 1962 Missal under the thumb of the SSPX, in the unlikely event they choose to accept a just offer from Rome.

P.K.T.P. said...

Hidden One:

What they have is a bullet in the head. An institute of diocesan right could have been granted in a month and gives them zero protection from the local bishops. Let this be a warning to Bishop Fellay. Accept a personal prelature, Monseigneur, and this will also be your future: a veto for the local bishops for all your future apostolates.

Just try to imagine how many monks in the Sons would have accept this deal in 2008!


Martyjo said...


What you warn Bishop Fellay about is a red herring. The negotiations between the SSPX and Rome was for a Personal Prelature (more precisely a military ordinariate, as Bishop Fellay called it). Hence, the SSPX would not have come under the jurisdiction of the Diocesan Bishops, as all other "reconciling" groups have. It is, therefore, scaremongering to suggest that Bishop Fellay was/is in the process of selling out the SSPX to Modernism. It is an absolutely unfounded and unsustainable accusation, the mere product of fertile imaginations, usually schismatic and sedevacantist ones!

As for the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, I'm afraid I cannot share the joy and optimism of the others here on this blog.

The Sons have effectively handed themselves over to the power and will of the Bishop. They can no longer dare to speak out against the many errors of Vatican II and the effect these are having on the faith of the people. The Tridentine Mass is only one part of the restoration. The spirit of Modernism is still very powerful in the Church and there are still many dangers to the Faith, as can be clearly seen at parish level. I doubt very much that the Sons will ever address these serious issues again in public, and that means souls could be lost. Sorry, but it is simply too easy to reconcile for the Mass and pretend that all else will fall into place at some future date. As Catholics, we have a duty to stand up and be counted in this battle against liberalism and Modernism, not compromise the good fight for "good standing." It must be all or nothing.

P.K.T.P. said...


You haven't been watching the blogs, have you? What is on the table is a personal prelature, not an M.O., as the Society is not a group of soldiers. Fellay has even admitted that he is prepared to accept Canon 297, which PRECISELy gives the local bishops a veto over future Society apostolates.

The idea for the Sons had been to achieve an abbacy or prelature nullius probably with discontinuous territory (Scotland & N.Z.). This would have given them protection from the local bishops under the Pope. The justification would have been that they have a unique charism: they are missionary-monks offering Mass in both Western and Eastern Traditional Liturgies.

Abbacies nullius exist. There remain ten of them. It could have been done. Instead, they now have no more autonomy in Scotland than has any other new religious order. Fr. Michael Mary's capituation is complete.

Meanwhile, Internet fools celebrate a deal because they do not know what it really entails. A mere clerical institute could have been granted in a month and would have been rejected by most of the monks on Papa Stronsay in 2008. But after four years of waiting, they are prepared to take anything they can get. They should have WAITED in union with the S.S.P.X.

Bishop Fellay: look and see! The TAC has been absorbed into NewChurch and NewMass. The I.B.P. has been betrayed. The Sons are now just a religious order in the Orkeys. Will you now follow suit in a personal prelature? There must be no personal prelature or Archbishop Lefebvre's work is destroyed. It must be an international diocese or nothing, and there must be unity in the Faith first. Don't forget who you're under. Cardinal Müller. He has now completed Levada's neutralilsation of the Sons. You're next.


P.K.T.P. said...

Once upon a time, there was a contest between three groups to see which of them could commit suicide slowest. The TAC slit its own throat even before it could emerge from the egg. It took the Institute of the Good Shepherd four or five months to fasten a noose around its neck and pull the lever to open the trap door. But the Sons of the Holy Redeemer won the contest. Their superior lashed himself to a garrotte. It took four long years to get strangled. The first executioner, Levada, got tired and had to be replaced.

Dear Bishop Fellay: your turn!


Fr Jackson said...

Here is the text that describes the congregation’s use of the traditional liturgy:

“a) In conformity with the proper vocation of the Congregation, which led to its foundation, in the Roman Rite the members of the Congregation habitually use the liturgical books in use in 1962: Missal, Breviary, Ritual and Pontifical. Applying the provision of Article 3 of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI, the entire Congregation[1] of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer permanently[2] celebrate according to the liturgical books in use in 1962.
b) To the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” belongs the approval of the Constitutions, the resolution of questions pertaining to the extraordinary form of the Roman Liturgy and other questions which the Holy See reserves to itself.

[1] “totum Institutum” Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, 2007, Article 3
[2] “Permanenter” ibid.

Attende said...

I'm sorry PKTP but seriously, there is scarcely any religious society in post-Tridentine times that doesn't start out under a diocesan auspice - sure a lot of them have trouble with the bishop at some point but it's not meant to be easy. Your idea that every trad order - for that matter any new order - should demand to be fully autonomous and able to enter any diocese is so counter any tradition of catholicism that you can barely be serious. So the ideal - I presume that's what you mean - would have been for the Sons to be an abbacy nullius?? - really? a category which barely exists and totally inappropriate as they are not essentially monastic - the idea that such a small order should be a prelature on their own even more ridiculous. Are you so angry that they have reconciled and you can't call them orphans any more that you can't see the big picture and rejoice for them even briefly? They are now established - and any other bishop would also be free to ask them to set up a foundation in his diocese - which by the way is the completely normal procedure pre- and post- VII - especially pre when bishops were very fond of kicking orders out of their territory if the occasion arose. So hooray for the redeemers I say - they have shown humility, they have stayed put, they are settled and even is they never move off Stronsay who is to say that that won't be a great blessing far beyond the boundaries of their small home.

P.K.T.P. said...

Dear Fr. Jackson:

I note from your quotation (what is the reference: to the statutes) that, from henceforth, the Sons will use the 1962 Mass. I also note that the adverb 'exclusively' appears nowhere in this passage. Of course, we all know what that means: all the priests of the institute are also free to use the New Mass.

Their website makes it clear that they had included Eastern monks. I take it that this is no longer the case.


Martyjo said...


Your reasoning is really too fantastic to be taken seriously.

It seems you're the one who hasn't been watching the Internet. Never mind the blogs, I'm talking about the SSPX websites where interviews have been conducted with Bishop Fellay in which His Excellency has clearly stated that he may be looking at something akin to a military ordinariate. As for the question of Canon 297, he explained that this was still a matter for debate but at worst would mean that the SSPX would have to seek approval from diocesan Bishops only in cases where a new apostolate was being setup. Hence, even a PP would leave the SSPX virtually untouched in its present state. Where difficulties arose with, say, a less than co-operative Bishop, the matter, as Bishop Fellay clearly said, would be taken to Rome for arbitration. It would be Bishop versus Bishop at a Roman inquiry, which would surely disuade the most hostile from playing games. But there is also the positive side, i.e., Bishops requesting the SSPX to set up Apostolates in their dioceses. As Bishop Fellay said, it ain't going to be easy, but then life never is. You seem to want the Pope and the hierarchy to submit completely to the demands of the SSPX. It simply will not happen like that, EVER! Research your Church history for similar examples and you'll see that it takes time and effort to restore all things in Christ during and after a crisis.

At any rate, the question is really academic now. The Pope seems to have changed direction and everything is back at square one. My understanding is that the Pope himself overruled the doctrinal preamble agreement that was prepared by writing a note on it to say that the SSPX has to accept the entire Council. This was around the time HH brought Archbishop Muller on board as Prefect of the CDF, so something caused the Pope to do a U-turn. Who knows, maybe it was the clear hostility towards him from certain noisy little clusters of rebels within the ranks of the SSPX that made him think twice. Some of the stuff coming from these schismatic and sedevacantist idiots was pretty horrendous stuff, and the absolutely disgraceful revolt against Bishop Fellay in the public domain was equally chilling. My sincere hope is that Bishop Fellay will now seriously address this matter of rebels within the ranks by imitating Archbishop Lefebvre's 1983 example. London is a particular hotbed for these types at the moment. We really need to see a complete clearout down there ASAP.

As for the Redemptoriasts on Papa Stronsay, I agree that they have now given themselves over to the diocesan Bishops without any safguards whatsoever. I reckon they are now effectively neutralised in the fight for the restoration of the entire Faith. It's like they just placed a big gag over their mouths in return for being declared "in good standing." How sad. There is still a great crisis in the Church and I'm afraid the Holy Father himself remains a big part of the root cause. Our Lord is still with His Church, though, and not just with the SSPX!

P.K.T.P. said...


No, you are totally wrong on your first point. Bishop Fellay has long ago stopped mentioning 'something akin to a military ordinariate'. It is true that a deal on the canonical structure remains negotiable, and I have long said so. Thank God that it is not a done deal. But what is being offered is a p.p. and Bishop Fellay has openly admitted this. He has also readily admitted that he would be prepared to accept this even without an exemption from Canon 297. These quotations are recent and have been reported right here on this blog. When asked about this, he said that life was not perfect or without difficulties. He also said that this must be accepted because it's the law of the Church. Where have you been? The moderator, N.C., can back me up on this. Must I hunt down the thread? It is true that he mentioned a semi-M.O. type structure in the past (esp. in 2008). He also mentioned the Campos Apostolic Admin. structure as "the Rolls Royce solution" in 2004. Recently, however, Rome is pushing only the inflexible and unworkable p.p.

Your next point is risible. The only thing which had made the S.S.P.X successful was its ability to expand where needed into the territory of new dioceses. Without that, it would be worthless. THAT'S THE POINT. In fact, had it not enjoyed that freedom under a claim of supplied jurisdiction since 1975, there would be no F.S.S.P., no I.C.R., no Campos precedent, no S.P. That freedom is the sine qua non. If local Bolshevik bishops have a veto over new apostolates, this will kill vocations, and the S.S.P.X is currently expanding at a very slow rate to begin with these days.

The incoming Anglicans have this exemption from the local bishops for three entire countries. They can now open new apostolates in the U.S.A. in 176 diocese, and there are only a handfull of them--a tiny handfull, in the case of Australia.

On the business of arbitration, you must be kidding. Under U.E., there is the same sort of process of arbitration for petitioners for Latin Masses. Guess what the P.C.E.D. has done about it: almost nothing. That's why there has been NEGATIVE GROWTH in France & the U.S.A. since June of 2008, and almost no growth anywhere else, save Poland. There are 500 outstanding petitions in France and no action. You trust Müller and company to oversee that? Under 'collegiality', they will always give the local bishops the last say. That is precisely why Bishop Gilbert of Aberdeen has been given the last say over the Sons. Wake up! It's called collegiality. It means a disempowering of the papal office.

In your next point, it is you who don't know your history. You don't know the extensive history of special exemptions to episcopal power, which I have outlined in detail in previous posts. Abbacies nullius were the most obvious case, and they have an extensive history over several centuries. They even included a priory nullius for chivalric orders in Spain. Even a Vatican II document, No. 10, §3, "Presbyterorum Ordinis" recommends the establishment of "personal dioceses", which is precisely why this structure was institued in §2 of Canon 372 in the 1983 Code and actually implemented in 2002 for the Priestly Union of St. John-Mary Vianney in Brazil. It is you who don't know your facts. The Campos structure is the precedent we need. We have not just a canonical solution embedded in the Code but even a precedent for using it!

Marsaili said...

Let the naysayers wallow in their usual doom and gloom over the issue of the Redemptorists having been granted canonical status.

I, for one, am very happy for them, and those of us who have been following their story since they reconciled have maintained faith that this would happen eventually. Though it took awhile, they were rewarded for their patience, fortitude, charity, and above all...for their trust that Our Lord and His Catholic Church would not abandon them.

Matt said...

Yes, very happy for the Sons of The Most Holy Redeemer! It's beautiful their time has come.

As the Sons trusted in the Lord with our Mother Mary, so too do we wait and pray for the same happy outcome for the SSPX with Rome.

Jan said...

Congratulations to the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer. I think it is wonderful news for them and for the Church. I'm praying that the SSPX will soon be reconciled as well.