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Divine Jesus, Faithful Friend
Regarding the arrest and release on bail of Archbishop-elect of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, for DUI after having dinner with friends and his mother and while driving the latter to her home in San Diego, and his sincere apology, we have this to say: have you prayed for your bishop today? 

If you think your bishop, and the bishops of your region or country, are unseemly, then they are in great need of your prayers and sacrifices. If you think they are good and well-intentioned, then they need even more prayers and sacrifices, so they may persevere in their own personal purification, and in that of their particular Church.

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  1. The folks at Holy Card Heaven are some fine good people.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    My heart sank when I saw this news. But shows he is human. Its not like he has been charged for unnatural crimes like so many other priest have
    Hail Mary....

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    You can choose prayers from here:

    Prayer For the Bishop

    (+Bishop Vincent Waters, bishop of Raleigh NC)

    O Jesus, Prince of Pastors,
    Shepherd and Bishop of our souls,
    give our bishop Michael Burbidge
    all those virtues, which he needs for his sanctification!

    May he watch over himself and the entire flock, with which the Holy Spirit has entrusted him!

    Fill his heart with Thine own Spirit!
    Give him faith, charity, wisdom and strenght!

    Send him faithful co-laborers in the great work of saving and guiding souls!

    Make him a shepherd after Thine own heart,
    living only for his holy office,
    fearing nobody but Thee,
    and hoping for nothing but Thee,
    in order that when Thou shalt come, to judge shepherds and flocks, he may obtain the unfading reward of eternal life!

  4. 2Like the Mayor of my own city who refuses to have one, Archbishops and Cardinal should always have a driver.

    God bless the very human Savior, the Lionhearted!

  5. Yes pray for him. I do not think it a serious matter at all. It is not a criminal matter and I wonder if the bishop even knew he was over the limit. Yes perhaps he should have got a taxi or asked someone to drive him and his mother home.
    Of itself not a matter. many of our countries have a patchy and inconsistent legak system. Kill and unborn baby and in my country the governemnt pays for it. Shoot a person who knocks on your door by mistake and plead self defence. Kill many people and get twenty years.
    But have a drink and well its the worst crime of all. Just big load of hype.

  6. Bp. Cordileone is a great man who made a mistake. Like all the rest of us who have erred, he will do penance and learn from his mistake. By the grace of God his tenure in San Francisco will be a successful one. He is a true friend of Tradition. We have fond memories of his 2007 Pontifical Mass in Connecticut, a few photos of which are here:

  7. Minimally Catholic12:25 PM

    I haven't read any details of this particular case, but just so you know, DUI setups are a common tactic of the left. They hire a private investigator to monitor a person, and anytime they see him enjoying a dinner gathering, they will follow them home and call 911 to report a drunk driver.

    Here is an article of a public employees union going after a city councilman with this same tactic:

    The left isn't seeking to oppose their enemies, they destroy them.

  8. NIANTIC12:33 PM

    Eventhough I was shocked and sad to read the story I have to remember that we all have had our times that we were not behaving as the pure white driven snow. Perhaps many of us have been lucky and were not caught.
    This matter is not a negative reflection on the Church and is not in need of crying out for retribution from Heaven.
    May the Archbishop's future be smooth and richly blessed!

  9. One really has to love comments that begin by words such as, "I've been a lifelong Conservative, but...", or "I'm very patriotic, but...", or still, "I consider myself a traditional Catholic, however..." Trolling has now come back full circle to this kind of tripe?...

  10. Drunk driving is serious, but nowadays if you rinse with mouth wash they'll want to arrest you. Things have gotten ridiculous to the point that you can't even enjoy a drink or two with dinner. Keeping in mind of all the enemies the archbishop has made recently. Let's definitely keep the good archbishop and all of the clergy in our rosaries.

  11. Anyone who thinks that a BAC of 0.08 (CA law) or even 0.1 is drunkenness knows nothing about drinking. Anyone who is unaware that a certain measurable percentage of people drive better drunk than sober knows nothing about people and, if it's possible, even less about driving.

    I am by no means persuaded that the archbishop is the paragon of the Faith that others hereabouts think he is, but in this matter he needs to be cut several kilometers of slack.

  12. Tradical1:17 PM

    After I got past my gut reaction.

    I'm wondering: What is the big deal? One glass of wine can in some cases put you over the limit.

    Perhaps Priests shouldn't drive after Mass...

    NC, good reminder on praying for our local ordinaries - many thanks.

  13. dominic19551:29 PM

    While unfortunate and a source of bad press, a DUI charge is not the heinous crime it is made out to be sometimes. Without knowing the specific details, he was probably physically just fine even though he tested over the limit. The limit is a number put there because they have to have some sort of "objective" standard, that amount might make a skinny 16 yr. old girl pass out but leave a grown man pretty much unafffected. It doesn't at all mean he was blinkered or actually in a truly unsafe condition to drive.

    I would second the use of a driver for local ordinaries just in order to keep the law off their backs in any and all driving situations. A professional driver or designated chancery man gives a good guarantee that the bishop is beyond reproach and beyond being subjected to any silly of cop tricks like speed traps.

  14. Marsaili1:34 PM

    Thank you to Rorate Caeli for asking for prayers for the bishop-elect. It is an excellent idea. We should try to pray every day for all of our priests and bishops, even those for whom we don't like, or are liberal.

    I must confess that if I were in charge of a place like San Francisco, it would probably drive me to drink. A lot. But the bishop-elect will have to have a sober mind to deal with the great challenges he faces there.

  15. Henry1:52 PM

    I don't know anything about DUI setups by the left (though I can readily imagine this) but who can imagine the malignant forces Satan might use to attack a strong and faithful archbishop who might be able to clean up the cesspool in San Francisco?

  16. Timotheas2:10 PM

    It doesn't take much to qualify for a DUI. This is a non-story except to those who want to vilify a bishop who doesn't dance to everything Progressive.

  17. Hilltop2:30 PM

    A Priest Secretary should be driving His Eminence. Period.
    He is in the cross-hairs of so many "communities" in the City of Saint Francis. He is beset on all sides.

  18. Interesting that this happened just after it was announced he was given the helm of the very pro-homosexual San Francisco archdiocese.

    Way too much of a coincidence.

    It would be interesting to see what the actual DUI level was ... how much over the limit he actually was. From all appearances, he had a simple dinner with friends and family, and was driving his mother home, it certainly does not see like he was plastered.

    Either way, whether it is the lavender mafia targeting him (I would not at all be surprised if this was their doing) ... or the demon who like a lion prowls the world particularly for the princes of the Church, this lesson serves two purposes:

    1. Our faithful clergy and bishops need to know their enemies absolutely hate them ... not in some innocent sibling-rivalry kind of way but with the most malicious desire to destroy them. As such, being vigilant beyond what would normally be demanded, and that would include having one less wine glass at dinner if that is what it takes.

    2. As others have noted, we need to pray much more than would be normally expected - seriously, Padre Pio prayed 15 rosaries or so a day, let's try for one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening. 1 for reparation, 1 for the needs of the Church, 1 for God's glory.

    In 2012, Tradition has come SO close - viz normalization of relations with the SSPX and the Vatican, a good bishop put in charge of San Francisco - and yet the demon continues to confound.
    Its a clear sign that 20 million rosaries was effective but not the end. We need a new rosary crusade for 20 million more. Such is the sorry state of sin and such a lack of good sacrifice throughout the world that great graces require heroic spiritual efforts, apparently.

    Our Blessed Lady, crush the demon who persecutes this bishop, and cast his minions out of the bishop's life. Strengthen him, protect him, deliver him and grant him victory, and do Thou, we humbly pray, crush that demon's head once and for all.

  19. Whenever he speaks out against immoral and unnatural lifestyles in San Francisco the enemies of the Church will use this DUI against him.

  20. apstemp4:42 PM

    DUI checkpoints are commonly revenue traps. Many people don't know this, but the latitude given to Police in bringing a charge of DUI is so wide as to be abusive. Additionally, DUI driving while under the influence, is different than DWI, Driving while intoxicated. The officer may have simply used his "discretion" in arresting the bishop after he admitted to a couple glasses of wine. That is all they need to press charges, and pressing charges is exactly the point of such checkpoints.

    These checkpoints must be done away with, and the damage to peoples reputation must stop.

  21. PseudoInebrio5:06 PM

    What's the difference in this regard between him and most people? He got caught. If I got caught every time I was "drunk" driving, I'd be serving a life term.

    Today's draconian "drunk" driving laws are most lamentable. The truth is that most can drive quite safely with a blood alcohol level of up to .15. If they can't, they shouldn't be licensed at all.

    In fact, I think the driving test should include a stage where you drink a couple of vodkas and then get tested behind the wheel. If you can't handle it, no license.

  22. Sorry, didn't notice "no anonomous" at end of reply instructions. This does not reflect his moral character. It is unfortunate but I wonder if he was set up. I know how he feels, believe me.

  23. This most certainly will be a humbling experience for the bishop, which can bring about more grace. Although I don't know all the details surrounding the incident, maybe it was his wake-up call. No one was injured or killed. Slow reactions at the wheel puts others on the road at risk.

    I agree that it should be our wake-up call too. Pray for our priests and bishops!

  24. EllaM5:08 AM

    apstemp said...

    DUI checkpoints are commonly revenue traps...These checkpoints must be done away with.

    I'm sorry you think checkpoints should be done away with. They do save lives, as many people are not able to recognize when they've reached their limit and cannot drive safely.

    I will continue to pray for the Archbishop - he is walking into a very confused diocese.

  25. Here in the U.K., where the legal blood-alcohol level is ridiculously low, it is quite simply too risky to drive after a drink, though many people still risk it. I therefore prefer to drink whenever I want to, and use a driver or take a taxi.

    Meanwhile, every day I see driving which suggests the roads are crammed with half wits, people in a tearing hurry, people who are worried / tired / distracted, people who are on prescription medicine, etc., etc., until I wonder how many perfectly "safe" drivers there are on the roads.

    The police catch a few bad drivers now and then, but this scarcely begins to address the real problem.

    I've seen too many people, including Catholic clergy, who drive crazily without any artificial stimulus.

    All drunken driving is always wrong. But, from what I've seen, so is a lot of sober driving. Draconian drink-drive laws are not the answer.

    Meanwhile, use a driver, bishop !

  26. Anonymous12:52 PM

    For the Anon who tried to post on comment on seeking a priest and suicide, please email me: or comment again with your email and we'll keep it unpublished.


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