Rorate Caeli

Two cardinals at Nellie Gray's Requiem Mass

Miss Nellie Jane Gray, founder and president of the March For Life in the U.S., drew two American cardinals to her traditional Latin Requiem High Mass:  Sean Cardinal O'Malley of Boston and Donald Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, D.C.

This writer was privileged to attend and sing Gregorian chant pieces with other men from the parish in the choir loft.  A quartet of professional singers sang Father Tomás Luis de Victoria's Missa Pro Defunctis.  Men from the parish were servers and MC.  Other priests were in choir with the cardinals and distributed communion wearing black stoles.  All clergy (including guests) in the sanctuary wore birettas.

Cardinal O'Malley was expected ahead of time.  He was a longtime friend of Miss Gray's, recalling how together they planned the first March in 1974.

Cardinal Wuerl was a major surprise.  As far as I am aware (please correct me if I am wrong, Pittsburgh TLM'ers), this was quite possibly the first public traditional Latin Mass he has attended since his seminary days in the 1960s.  Thank you, Nellie!

In addition to the cardinals and priests, the Sisters of Life were present; there were a handful of priests and brothers in the pews; Tradition, Family and Property had members attend in red sashes; and the Knights of Columbus assisted in formal attire.

LifeSiteNews has other photos of the Requiem, from Saint Mary Mother of God church in Washington, D.C. on Friday, 24 August 2012.  The Missa Cantata was offered by the pastor of the parish, Reverend Father Alfred J. Harris.