Rorate Caeli

Little Actions, Big Help for Poor Souls

Below, please find the sixtieth posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

While we give you specific prayers to say for the souls and the priests who are praying for them, there's other ways you can help the souls as well. For example, I would hope that most traditional Catholics have been properly enrolled in the Brown Scapular.

With that enrollment and adherence to the daily Little Office or Rosary, comes the Sabbatine Privilege. Remember that merely wearing the Scapular grants partial indulgences, that can be applied to the souls.

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Sandra Stewart, London, England
Priscila C. Calderon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Daniel O'Connell, Pennsylvania, USA
Richard Garger ,Pennsylvania USA
Frances Garger, Pennsylvania USA
Joseph Garger, Pennsylvania USA
Aloisia Sarka, Pennsylvania USA
Ferdinand Sarka, Pennsylvania USA
James O'Mara, Pennsylvania USA
Francis O'Mara, Pennsylvania USA
Florian Garger, Pennsylvania USA
Mary Garger, Pennsylvania USA
Joseph Joyce, Pennsylvania USA
Mable Joyce, Pennsylvania USA
Anna O'Connell, Pennsylvania USA
James O'Connell,Pennsylvania USA
John O'Mara, Pennsylvania USA
Ellen O'Mara, Pennsylvania USA
Jimmy Moran, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Fr. Victor Martinez, Dominican Republic
Elizabeth Galambosy , Ontario Canada
Anna Rethy, Ontario Canada
Anna Sandor-Nagy , Tevel, Hungary
George Zaduban, Ontario, Canada
Yitzhak Shamir, Israel
Kenton Van Pelt, Ontario, Canada
John Wilson, Ohio, USA
Genevieve Wilson, Ohio, USA
Judy Wilson, Ohio, USA
George Drocoapolus, Ohio, USA
Virginia Drocoapolus, Ohio, USA
Debbie Griffin, Ohio, USA
Marvin Smith, Ohio, USA
George Fabian, Ohio, USA
Joyce Fabian, Ohio, USA
Joanna Gatten, Michigan, USA
The O Toole family, Dublin, Ireland
The Flanagan Family , Dublin, Ireland
The O Connor Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Tuite Family
The Henderson Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Ebbs Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Melon Family, Dublin, Ireland
The McNulty Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Baker Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Wood Family, Dublin, Ireland
Dievers Family, Dublin, Ireland
Whiston Family, Dublin, Ireland
The French Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Bordier Family, Dublin, Ireland
The Keeley Family, Dublin, Ireland
Mister Johnson, Dublin, Ireland
Shane Flynn, Dublin, Ireland
Eamon Conway, Dublin, Ireland
Willy French, Dublin, Ireland
Gerard French, Dublin, Ireland
Harry French, Dublin, Ireland
The four babes french, Dublin, Ireland
Madge French, Dublin, Ireland
lIL French, Dublin, Ireland
herbert Mulvey, Dublin, Ireland
Bert and Desmond Mulvey, Dublin, Ireland
Joseph McNulty, Dublin, Ireland
The Missie McHughes, Dublin, Ireland
Jerry and Tormey, Dublin, Ireland
Leo Macken, Dublin, Ireland
LOuis Dunne, Dublin, Ireland
Fr John, Dublin, Ireland
Fr Gill, Dublin, Ireland
Miss Oralia Tijerina
Robstown, Texas USA
George Benjamin Harris Family, Cato Mississippi
James A. Patrick Family, Nashville, TN
Fred and Leota Stevens, Aurora, NE
Robert Patrick, Lake Providence, LA
Popeye Patrick, Lake Providence, LA
Red Patrick, Baton Rouge, LA
Jack Gehrs, Orlando, FL
Mr. Noel F. D'Oliveiro, Perak, Malaysia
Mr. Paul Goh, Perak, Malaysia
Mrs. Anne Goh, Perak, Malaysia
Mr. David Teh, Perak, Malaysia
Don Perry, Georgia, USA
Mario Sison Sebastian, Metro Manila, Philippines
Roberto Sison Sebastian, Metro Manila, Philippines
Allen W. Thompson, MD, USA
Joseph Ngo Bui, Viet Nam
Maria Tuyet Bui, Viet Nam
Maria Thuy Bui, Viet Nam
Joseh Hung Bui, Viet Nam
Joseph Cuong Bui, Viet Nam
Maria Dao Tran, Viet Nam
Thomas Chung Tran, Viet Nam
Maria Cuu Tran, Viet Nam
Maria Lan Tran, Viet Nam
Donal O'Sullivan
Kathleen O'Sullivan
Piers O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
The O'Sullivan Family
Arthur Chick
Pamela Chick
The Chick Family
Maude Cram
Stephen Cram
Dorothy Tilling
The Cram Family
Joyce Plummer
Eric Davies
Heather Anscombe
Heather Champion
Roger Harbut
George MacKenzie
Barbara Blake
John Lynne
Geoffrey Robinson
Eric Darlington
Anne Rapley
James Swarbrick
Moira Swarbrick
Winifred Wolfe
Maria Rosario Santiago, Metro Manila, Philippines
Freddy Harsono Kosasih, Bandung, Indonesia
Johnny Iskandar Isa, Surabaya, Indonesia
Petrus Isyandra - Tjoa Boen Sian, Kroya, Indonesia
Mellie Liauw, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Irianto, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Daniel Uteh, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Yakobus Hendra Bunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Henk Widjaja Husada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fr. Joseph Hardjono, Bogor, Indonesia
Kamilus Kamil Taufik Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Joseph Borromeus Soemarmo SK, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Soenarti, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ratna, Garut, Indonesia
Pekarnasih, Garut, Indonesia
Agustinus Gunawan Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Setyadarma, Garut, Indonesia
Lina Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Luigino Tomaso De Conti, British Columbia, Canada
Peter Joseph Ellickson, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Hall, British Columbia, Canada
Ida Antonia Salvestro, British Columbia, Canada
Francesco Scigliano, British Columbia, Canada
Olga Zecchel, British Columbia, Canada
Mikail Scarlat, Romania
Richard L. Berry, Arizona, USA
Sally Ride, California, USA
JoAnn, Illinois, USA
Patricia Louise Zimmer, Kansas, USA
Dane Matthew Vogel, Missouri, USA
Ignatius Vain, Sabah, Malaysia
Ida Jinggui, Sabah, Malaysia
Ignatius Kuilis, Sabah, Malaysia
Sebastian Tunggolou, Sabah, Malaysia
Mary Magdalena Nohili, Sabah, Malaysia
James Tunggolou, Sabah, Malaysia
Helen Tunggolou, Sabah, Malaysia
Catherina Bungkilan, Sabah, Malaysia
Ignatius F. Mojingol, Sabah, Malaysia
Angela F. Mojingol, Sabah, Malaysia
Regina Majakui, Sabah, Malaysia
Helen Lajaip, Sabah, Malaysia
Paulus Peon Lajaip, Sabah, Malaysia
Similin Molukun, Sabah, Malaysia
Catherine Lojumbung, Sabah, Malaysia
Christopher Kuilis, Sabah, Malaysia
Clarence Vain, Sabah, Malaysia
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Colorado, USA
Matthew McQuinn, Colorado, USA
Gordon Cowden, Colorado, USA
Alex Sullivan, Colorado, USA
Micayla Medek, Colorado, USA
John Larimer, Illinois, USA
Jesse Childress, Colorado, USA
Jessica Ghawi, Colorado, USA
Alexander J. Boik, Colorado, USA
Jonathan T. Blunk, Colorado, USA
Rebecca Ann Wingo, Colorado, USA
Alexander C. Teves, Colorado, USA
Dario Cocco, British Columbia, Canada
Gina D'Angelo, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Di Campli, British Columbia, Canada
Domenico Gulluni, British Columbia, Canada
Eric G. McAuley, British Columbia, Canada
Gertrude Omstead, British Columbia, Canada
John Puratich, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth Wilhelmina Tierney, British Columbia, Canada
Jean Maria Verbong, British Columbia, Canada
Hildegard Weis-Boeckle, British Columbia, Canada
Celso Marciano Manaog, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr. Michael Jordan, SOLT, Texas, USA
Eliseo Tipudan, Davao Oriental, Philippines
Robert Miller, California, USA
Andrew Moore, California, USA
Louis Allen Domino, Ohio, USA
Carlos C. Yu, Metro Manila, Philippines
Natividad Perez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Primitivo Aguas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rodolfo Almazan, Sr., Metro Manila, Philippines
Angie Alexander, Texas, USA
The Masson Family, Virginia, USA
Enrico Morabito, British Columbia, Canada
Beatrice Gouy, Berlin, Germany
Marisa Schneider, Italy
Family Schneider, Italy
Family Corcoran, London, England
Marc Catsaras, Paris, France
Fred Werth, California, USA
Alice Werth, California, USA
Jacques Duhamel, Tours, France
Family Duhamel, Tours, France
Family Kerrest, Landevennec, France
Archbishop Paul Coussa, emeritus of Baghdad of the Armenians, Iraq
Archbishop Pier Luigi Mazzoni, emeritus of Gaeta, Italy
Bishop Rene Joseph Rakotopndrabe, emeritus of Toamasina, Madagascar 79.
Bishop Jose Sotero Valero Ruz, emeritus of Guanare, Venezuela
Bishop Jeronimo Tomas Abreu Herrera, emeritus of Mao-Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic
Michael Polvere, Massachusetts, USA
Ghada Naami ,Quebec ,Canada
Sunui Fili Apolo, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Samoa Godinet, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Ikenasio Vaigafa, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Mr. George Alpha, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Curtis Alpha, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Leonard Guillory, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Horace Sons, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Terry Kelly, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Shelly Kelly, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Donald Dauzat, Louisiana, USA
Mrs. Anita Juneau, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Francis Vinning, Louisiana, USA
Mario Sison Sebastian, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adrian Van Tilburg
Margriet Van Tilburg
Katrien Ruigrok
John Ruigrok
Elizabeth Ruigrok
Truus de Groot
Betsie de Groot
Marquerite Lannoy
Anita Speight No one prays for this person.
George Speight No one prays for this person
Bruno Raulli no one prays for this person
Lida van Vliet
Ria Flaton
Father Ryan
Father Ter Horst
Father Tim
Archbishop Little
Tonette Astorga, Metro Manila, Philippines
Clemens Steffen, British Columbia, Canada
Leonard, Dorothy, and Michael Wilson
Edwin and Florence Austin
Henry Morland and Jane Wilson
Wesley and Irene Nicholson
Joseph and Hazel Hall
Glenn, Ethel and Douglas Rinker - California, U.S.A.
Bill, Ruth, and Greg Wilson - Oregon, U.S.A.
Laura Clouston
Laura Wilson
Edwin and Russell Austin , California, U.S.A.
Charlie Roberts
LLoyd Kobi
Stewart and Joyce Crocker
James Weber, Illinois, USA
Karl & Grace Weber, Illinois, USA
Robert Donovan, Iowa, USA
Marian & Henry Wetmore, Kansas, USA
Jean Wetmore, Minnesota, USA
John William Robinson, Kentucky, USA
Heather Exner, Ontario, Canada
Salvador Rivas, Texas, USA
Vicente Rivas Sr, Texas, USA
Francisco Flores, Chihuahua, México
Guadalupe Pairis, Texas, USA
Soledad Garcia, Chihuahua, México
Francis Adkins, Ohio, USA
Bernice Smith, Kentucky, USA
Herman Silverstein, Kentucky
Nancy Adkins, Kentucky
Timothy Silverstein, Kentucky, USA
Raúl Hernandez, Texas, USA
Eugene Emerson, New México, USA
Maria del Rosario Flores, Chihuahua, México
Ramona Flores, Chihuahua, México
Vicente Rivas, Texas, USA
Eduardo Rivas, Texas, USA
Susana Rivas, Chihuahua, México
Carolina Rivas, Texas, México
Emma Rivas, Texas, USA
Francisca Flores, Chihuahua, México
Silvia Morales, Chihuahua, México
Elías Ponce, Chihuahua, México
Julian Gomez, Chihuahua, México
Maria Rivas, DF, México
Jesús Eduardo Rivas, Chihuahua, México
Joseph Kelly, Texas, USA
Barbara Castro Garcia, Cordoba, Spain
Chiara Corbella, Rome, Italy
Luis Wijangco Limgenco, Metro Manila, Philippines
Melecio Antepuesto Sr., Mindanao, Philippines
Feliza Paragas. Mindanao, Philippines
Alfredo Paragas Sr. Mindanao, Philippines
Panfila Lopez Visayas, Philippines
Modesta Antepuesto. Visayas, Philippines
Jesus Paragas. Mindanao, Philippines
Jesus Limosnero, Mindanao, Philippines
Jean Eileen Dunphy, IL, USA
Charles Dunphy, IL, USA
Sukunya Dunphy, IL, USA
James & Florence Keegan, IL, USA
James & Ramona Dunphy, IL, USA
Fr. Gordon Mahoney, IL, USA
Brian Barnes, IL, USA
Betty Schwan, IL, USA
Norma Dunphy, CA, USA
Jeanne Gaudron, France
Charles Gaudron, France
Robert Gaudron, France
Genevieve Gaudron, France
Alice Kerrest, France
Joseph Kerrest, France
Jean Kerrest, France
Jeanne Kerrest, France
Rozenn Kerrest, France
Yann Kerrest, France
Pere Emmanuel Baron, China
Auguste Cuvru, France
Dominica Cuvru, France
Jeannine Solinski, France
Jean Solinski, France
Mireille Solinski, France
George Stevenson, NY, USA
Helen Stevenson, NY, USA
Robert Stevenson, CA, USA
Heidi Voget, Georgia, USA
Evelyne Carpentier, France
Esther Cruz, Texas, USA
Anna Marie Royer, Texas, USA
Riccardo Cernivani, Trieste, Italy
Orsola Cernivani, Trieste, Italy
Rodolfo Cernivani, Trieste, Italy
Licia Cernivani, Trieste, Italy
Roberto Barbali, Trieste, Italy
Fulvio Visich, Trieste, Italy
Cardinal Rodolfo Ignacio Quezada Toruno, archbishop emeritus of Guatemala, Guatemala
Cardinal Eugenio de Araujo Sales, archbishop emeritus of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bishop Luiz Gonzaga Bergonzini, emeritus of Guarulhos, Brazil
Archbishop Raymond Eid, emeritus of Damascus of the Maronites, Syria
Bishop Ireneo Garcia Alonso, emeritus of Albacete, Spain
Bishop Jouzas Tunaitis, former auxiliary of Vilnius, Lithuania
Bishop Albino Mamede Cleto, emeritus of Coimbra, Portugal
Bishop Angelo Cuniberti I.M.C., former apostolic vicar of Florencia, Colombia
Bishop Sergio Goretti emeritus of Assisi - Nocera Umbra - Gualdo Tadino, Italy
Bishop Anthony Ekezia Ilonu, emeritus of Okigwe, Nigeria
Archbishop Joviano de Lima Junior S.S.S. of Riberao Preto, Brazil
Archbishop Alcides Mendoza Castro, emeritus of Cuzco, Peru
Bishop Mogale Paul Nkhumishe, emeritus of Polokwane, South Africa
Archbishop Aloysio Jose Leal Penna S.J., emeritus of Botucatu, Brazil
Bishop Gilbert Blaize Rego, emeritus of Simla and Chandigarh, India
Bishop Rudolf Schmid, former auxiliary of Augsburg, Germany
Archbishop Albert Joseph Tsiahoana, emeritus of Antsiranana, Madagascar
Patricia Columbo, Georgia, USA
Barbara Sokol, Ohio, USA
Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, London, United Kingdom
Sequerah Family, Singapore
Padasen Family, Singapore
Ng Family, Singapore
Lim Family, Singapore
Goh Family, Singapore
Van Der Straten Family, Singapore
Leong Family, Singapore
Carmen Romero, Texas, USA
Sheila Ann Steel,Norfolk,England
Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Guillory, Sr. Louisiana, USA
Mr. Elmore Guillory Jr. Louisiana, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Lambert, Louisiana, USA
Mr.and Mrs. Leonard Bordelon, Louisiana, USA
Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Sons Sr., Louisiana, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Bordelon, Louisiana, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vinning, Louisiana, USA
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Roy,Louisiana, USA
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Susi, LOuisiana, USA
Most. Rev. Charles Greco, Louisiana, USA
Rt. Rev. Marcel Anderson, Louisiana, USA
Mrs. Debra Burke, Louisiana, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mayeaux, Louisiana, USA
Mrs. Mae Tate, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Earl Roy, Louisiana, USA
Paul Wijangco Limgenco, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eula Mae Dies, Port Arthur, Texas USA
Paul C Shaffer Family NY USA
John Shaffer Family PA USA
James D Shaffer Family PA USA
Robert Collins Family NY USA
William Collins Family VA USA
James Collions Family PA USA
Lorna O'Donnell CT USA
Msgr. Eugene Clarke NY USA
Fr. Anthony Dandry NJ USA
Francis Collins Family PA USA
Rocco Bafundo family NY USA
Francis Grueller Family AZ USA
William French Family NJ USA
Donald Shaffer Family NY USA
Hugh Stormer Family TX USA
Stan Pawlikowski Family NY USA
Marian Thalman NY USA
Bud Thalman Family NY USA
Charles E Shaffer Family NY USA
Art KIng FAmily TX USA
Louis Zedar FAmily NY USA
Bishop Fulton Sheen NY USA
Fr John O'Brien NY USA
Mary Lacy NY USA
Miss Piscatelli NY USA
Mr Lochern NY USA
Sister Wiliam Mary NY USA
Blaize Shaffer NY USA
Gary Johnson Sr NY USA
Gary Johnson Jr NY USA
The Blosser family, Iowa, USA
Stephen Starr, NC, USA
Thomas Blosser, AL, USA
Wendy Holcomb Blosser, AL, USA
The Schaeffer family, Vaud, Switzerland
The Schaeffer family, MN, USA
The Runner family, MI, USA
Fr. Paul Berg, MI, USA
The Bell family, OH, USA
Jennifer Bell, IN, USA
Andreas Lim Ming An, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Timothy Gill Family, Kansas, USA
Helen & Paul Aniskovich, Connecticut, USA
Rae & Mike Richitelli, Connecticut, USA
Pasquale Bonanni, MD, USA
Forrest Jones, MD, USA
Izabel de Alcantara Lopes, SP, Brazil
Franz Funken, Essen, Germany
The McClure Family, Virginia, USA
Patricia Applegarth, Ky., USA
Barbara Cox Hitter, Ky., USA
Allison Wilk, Michigan, USA
Lillian Krawczynski, Michigan, USA
Sigmund Krawczynski, Michigan, USA
Bro. George Murphy, SJ, Louisiana, USA
Michael Smigelski, Michigan, USA
Anna Smigelski, Michigan, USA
Boleslaus Karendal, Michigan, USA
Karolina Karendal, Michigan, USA
Walter Nowaczewski, Sr., Michigan, USA
Praxedes Nowaczewski, Michigan, USA
Leonard Nowaczewski, Michigan, USA
Harry Nowaczewski, Michigan, USA
Bernice Stefanski, Michigan, USA
Bro. Michael Moore, SJ, Louisiana, USA
Fr. Christopher Lockhard, SJ, Louisiana, USA
Al Stefanski, Michigan, USA
William Hickey, Illinois, USA
Mary Hickey, Illinois, USA
Sr. Adele P, D.C., Missouri, USA
Barbara J Dierkes, Illinois, USA
Vincent Dierkes, Illinois, USA
Robert J Parker, Sr, Illinois, USA
Susan Parker, Illinois, USA
Fr Anthony B Talir, Missouri, USA
Jennie J Streiler, Missouri, USA
Katherine Helen Mattern, Arizona, USA
Martin E Pendergast, Arizona, USA
Anna M Buttgereit, Illinois, USA
Evelyn E Soden, Missouri, USA
Robert Soden, Missouri, USA
Theodosia C Duskey, Illinois, USA
Fr Charles Breslin, Arizona, USA
Fr Kevin Horrigan, Missouri, USA
Msgr Gerard N Glynn, Missouri, USA
Myra K Smythe, Missouri, USA
Veronica C Stock, Missouri, USA
Juanita Stock, Missouri, USA
Jean F Vonder Haar, Missouri, USA
Maria Quinlan, Kansas, USA
Charles Robert Edwards, Missouri, USA
Margaret Catherine Hilliard, Arizona, USA
Francis M Hilliard, Arizona, USA
Marie Loretta Edwards, Missouri, USA
Mary Catherine Bone, Missouir, USA
Monica Paul, Missouri, USA
Vincent Paul, Missouri, USA
Kernen Paul, Missouri, USA
Leroy Paul, Missouri, USA
James Hilliard, Michigan, USA
Virginia Gates, Illinois, USA
Lee Zimmer, Missouri, USA
John Richardson, JR, Illinois, USA
Fr David Adams, Michigan, USA
Bernice Rothlesberger, Michigan, USA
Eric Patterson, Kansas, USA
Fr William Federer, Missouri, USA
Msgr Joseph Deutschmann, Missouri, USA
Richard J Howson, Michigan, USA
Lynn Rothlesberger, Michigan, USA
Bruce Rothlesberger, California, USA
Emmanuel Mercado, Metro Manila, Philippines
The Langan Family, Fife, Scotland
James Roesslein, Missouri, USA
James Thompson, Missouri, USA
Allan Amann, Missouri, USA
Weldon Spittler, Missouri, USA
Corrine Spittler, Missouri, USA
Janelle Darmody, Missouri, USA
Ferdinand Bast, Missouri, USA
Clementine Bast, Missouri, USA
Raymond Bast, Missouri, USA
Richard Bast, Missouri, USA
Dorothy Wende, Missouri, USA
Carl Amann, Missouri, USA
Mary Amann, Missouri, USA
Arnold Amann, Missouri, USA
Rose Bock, Illinois, USA
Clarence Amann, Missouri, USA
Linda Amann, Missouri, USA
Les Miller, Illinois, USA
Catherine Slemer, Illinois, USA
Luiz de Alcantara,Brazil
Michael Charles McGuire, Louisiana, USA
Louis Ishmael Bartels, Louisiana, USA
Esther Planchard Bartels, Louisiana, USA
Mary Sercovich Planchard, Louisiana, USA
Stanley Anthony Planchard, Louisiana, USA
Fortunada (Jenny) Rodosta Bartels, Louisiana, USA
Joseph Charles Bartels I, Louisiana, USA
Theophile Constantine Chryssoverges, Louisiana, USA
Dominick Rumore, Louisiana, USA
Mary Rodosta Rumore, Louisiana, USA
Frances Rumore Tusa, Louisiana, USA
Rose Palestina Candebat, Louisiana, USA
Prudence Howard Sercovich, Louisiana, USA
Anthony Sercovich, Louisiana, USA
Donald Charles McGuire, Louisiana, USA
Timothy Keene McGuire, Louisiana, USA
Rosalie Barcia Rodosta, Louisiana, USA
Sam Rodosta, Louisiana, USA
Lucille Sercovich Cochran, Louisiana, USA
Katherine Sercovich Mistretta, Louisiana, USA
James Arena, Louisiana, USA
Dewey Thorning, Louisiana, USA
Jose Crespo, Louisiana, USA
Margaret Bartels, Louisiana, USA
Kyle David Chryssoverges, Louisiana, USA
S. Wisnieski, Texas, USA


Marla said...

I am not clear on what is expected of me. I wear the brown scapular and have been properly enrolled. How is it that I can use this devotion for souls?

Already with each daily rosary I do pray for souls so would I have to do something different?

Would I have to give up my intentions already in place for particular people? Or is this in addition to?

I don't always grasp things quickly so please forgive so many questions.


Adfero said...

Maria, no need to apologize. Many people think too much about these things, and should rather put them in the hands of Our Lady.

When you put on your scapular or take it off, usually only before and after showering, swimming, etc., maybe say "Blessed Mother, for the indulgences I gain by wearing your scapular, I offer them all for the poor souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

Then don't worry about it. She will do the rest.

Marla said...

I can do that. Thank you.

A question. What about our Morning Offering prayers where we pray that we hope to gain "all the indulgences"? Can they be shared too? I always pray as though they can.

I don't know about the names of the deceased that I pray for being made public but I will pray and think about it. It is a wonderful apostolate that you have to pray for the deceased. And yes, I promise to pray for you and yours. What a pleasure that will be.

Is it okay to ask the souls in Purgatory to pray for the living? One more question. Can they pray for each other? I always wondered about that.

Adfero said...

I wish there were more people like you Maria!

Yes, you can offer up any and all indulgences for the souls. And yes, you can and should ask them to pray for you and your intentions, as they they are very grateful for what you do for them.

I would recommend you read the book Hungry Souls. I think you will get a lot out of it.

Bea said...

Thank you for doing this
I have sent a list to you on the address that is given.
I wear the scapular, am enrolled and only take it off to bathe. I have always simply kissed it when I put it on and take it off. I didn't know there were prayers attached to them. I hope I remember to say the prayer you showed Maria. If I don't remember and simply kiss it, is that all right? I say the rosary daily anyway does that count or do I have to say an extra one? I try to say 3 rosaries daily (the 15 mysteries) but rarely succeed in doing so. I have copied and emailed myself the prayer we are to say so I can print it out and not forget to say it.
Thanks again for this wonderful chance to help the poor souls.

Adfero said...

Thanks Bea! The reused to be a 500-day indulgence for each time you kissed it. Paul VI did away with it.

backtothefuture said...

A great way to help the souls in purgatory is the Saint Gertrude prayer. I say it at the end of every decade of the rosary, and encourage you guys to do it too.

Adfero said...

Yes, tradition says 1,000 souls are released each time the prayer is said.

Anonymous said...

What if the last name is unknown? Might seem odd but there are quite a few deceased on my prayer list that I can only put a first name to. Or no name at all because I can only remember a face.

Some are not Catholic but I don't leave them out when I pray. Are their names permitted and if so, do I designate that they are not Catholic?

Adfero said...

Anon, please use a name when commenting next time.

Per your question, submit as much if their name as you can. God knows who they are. You don't have to mention if they're Catnolic or not, it doesn't matter.

New Catholic said...

Backtothefuture: all indulgences for specific periods of time (days, etc) were made partial indulgences by Indulgentiarum Doctrina, and those related to objects specifically abolished when not included in the Enchiridion, by the same document. This information is widely available everywhere, and this is not an "answers" website.

Hootiecootie said...

I love the poor souls. I will do my very best. There is someone in Purgatory suffering for the same sins we too are guilty of.

May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.

Marla said...

I'm sorry. Anonymous = Marla.

I was embarrassed because I still had so many questions. I was too ashamed to use my name.

Adfero said...

Maria, a desire to learn is nothing to be embarrassed about. God!

anabel said...

Dear Athanasius,

I had enrolled a whole list of people awhile ago, but I do not see their names on the list. Is this a running list? Should I resend?

thank you!

anabel said...

Dear Athanasius,

I submitted several names awhile ago but do not see them on the list. Is this a running list or just recent additions?

Should I resend my names?

thank you!

Adfero said...

You only need to enroll the souls ONCE, that's it.

We only show the current week's enrolled souls. We have enrolled tens of thousands of souls so it would be impossible to have a continual list.

But rest assured, once enrolled, they stay enrolled perpetually.

Marla said...

I have another question if that is okay. This topic is probably buried by now.

I keep wondering about this. Souls are in Purgatory for their unpaid atonement for their sins. If our prayers relieve them of their due punishment, then how is their debt then paid since it must be paid to "the last mite". Surely that debt would then be paid by another or maybe added to the debts of the world? I know we offer our own sufferings for souls and that covers their debt. But how does this work when it is prayer without the penance? Is the prayer a penance because it is an act of mercy? If so it seems too easy a penance though I understand that most penances on earth are easy compared to the flames of Purgatory.

Can someone help me understand? Thank you for your time.

Adfero said...

Marla, this is something you should consult a spiritual director about. What I will say is, don't over think it. God wants us to want to help others, and that goes for the poor souls. He's not going to make it overly difficult for us to do so.